Eon (Illustration) Entry: Mark David


Lovely hair Mark!:thumbsup:

        One can tell this guy spends a lot of time in front of the mirror every day!

Hmm…I wonder if astronauts use some kind of antigravity hair gel

And splendid Duck on the side there.:slight_smile:
I wander is that the fuel meter in front of him by the way?
He cold need more stuff on his dash board on a journey like this
Glove compartment, cup holders, cigarette lighter, passenger ejection button to name a few.

 Keep the good stuff coming Mark.:thumbsup:


It´s coming along cool!!good job!:smiley:

I´ve been watching to your site and it´s wonderful! (specially love your UFO:thumbsup: )


Thanks Steve. Now I somehow have to finish this. Things are going to get a bit more complicated…

Thanks for that. The spaceship is getting there. I mean, it might not be air-tight or anything like that but at least it’s got handles

Thank you Sabrina. I’m glad you like the hair. So maybe I shouldn’t worry about the back of my own hair-do then either. That could save me quite a bit of time - time which could be spent in front of the computer… Ah, I’m starting to see why geeks develop an image problem.

Cheers John. I’m glad you like the spaceship

Thank you Kari. Your point about the logo not fitting with the style is an excellent one and I appreciate it a lot. I think you are right. I like the idea of a duck but I’m now thinking something more stylised. Might even do a little 3D duck for the emblem. Thanks for dropping by this thread

Thanks Gunilla. I’m glad you like the hair too. I’ll have to see if the style takes off as a new fashion. If it does, remember you saw it here first

Cheers, Per. It was the first time I’ve tried doing hair in Photoshop and I was happy that it was much less painful and also much faster than I thought it would be. I’m glad you like the duck. Garde posted what I think is a good point about the duck so the duck is staying but also getting a bit of a style change. I like your idea about some more stuff inside the space ship too

Many thanks. I swear that photo of the UFO is real, but the thing is so blurred and distant that whether it’s a real leaf, a real hat, or a real flying saucer is something I’ll never know. I suppose the odds of it being a flying saucer are not very good.


I was originally going to do one spaceship. But that would have seen me finish this entry about a week ago. Can’t have that. So I’m starting to think big. No, not just big. I’m thinking huge. I’m thinking hundreds of spaceships. Whole clouds of the things clamouring to get to the Stone.

I thought it was a wonderful idea. Exciting. Lifting the game. You know. And I couldn’t wait to tell the engineers. But when I broke the news to them, well I won’t mix my words here. It got ugly.

At first they just yelled things and waved their arms about a whole lot. Well that could describe any moment around here. But I knew it was serious when one of them threw a vanilla slice at me. They started shouting things about their work agreement and their original brief to create a single spaceship. I saw a bit of a workplace ‘issue’ arising so I held my position and countered with what I thought was a very reasonable argument, that the brief was to create the finest piece of imagery possible within the timeframe. And that meant nothing less than hundreds of spaceships. ‘Have you even read the book?’ I screamed over the din.

I won’t describe what happened next, at least until the assessors have come to put a price on the damage to my studio but I can at least show you something at this stage.

It’s a start on the next spaceship. Bristling with antennae and featuring not only the leather steering wheel but also a fox tail, this baby’s going to be the envy of every interplanetary rev-head. Notice that business class has doubled in capacity with two - count them - luxury window positions.

So things have quietened down a bit around here. To be honest, most of the engineers have gone missing. I’m sure that’s a temporary thing. They’ll be back. But while they’re away I’m turning my attention to the next vital part of this image.

It’s time for Patricia.


:smiley: LMAO…wait a moment, I first have to wipe off the tears from laughing…better now…

Well, sad to hear that your engineers are away, they are just unrelieable guys…
I would ask them to rethink the lower part of the design, at first sight the ship looks like a part of a bathroom interior…but a nice one…like a whirlpool:)
but I like this funky foxtail or the tail of whatever creature…
we’ll see if you get your armada of ships, but of course I’m looking forward now to discover your Patricia…I’m sure she will blow us away:bounce:



Ahaha, love the ship and your description of its creation almost even more - this is truly one of my favourite threads, thanks :thumbsup:

For the ship - may I suggest a couple of velvet dices to go with the foxtail? And also perhaps a Wounderbaum , so the pilot wont be disturbed by the smell from the second class passengers?

I’m now waiting eagerly for Patricia.




Hahah. I am loving that last spaceship. It makes me think that it looks like the ultimate snow sled, a super high tech bobsled. It just needs some blades in addition to the hot-tub and fuzzy dice. :slight_smile:


Mark your thread always brings a big smile to my face, do those ships generate some kind of Gamma radiation that seeps through my monitor and cause me believe that maybe, just maybe, there truly is a second reality. I hope so, brilliant.


haha…! go mark go! what a classic. love the two seater! I love it when you let your imagination go nuts! great stuff mate
P.S go the foxtail!


Thanks Sabrina. Well, if I can’t get the armada of ships done it’s not my fault - it’s the engineers, right? :wink: Thanks for your feedback on the ship design. We can’t have our heroes going to outer space in a bath tub. That would be far too luxurious.

Cheers Gunilla. Your suggestion of fluffy dice (and Wounderbaum) is truly inspired. I’ll get my best people onto it.


Thanks soapy. Snow sled idea sounds excellent

Thanks Steve. Much appreciated, matey

Cheers John. Yes the foxtail is essential for the kind of awe-inspiring look I’m looking for. Truth is I’m surprised NASA doesn’t use them on its space shuttles. Maybe they’re not so good on re-entry


Bewildered and out of her depth, yet coping - Patricia makes a fine hero.

Hawk-eyed observers would have noticed this thread unravelling in a different direction to most. The challenge I’ve set myself is to add another D to my 2D drawing style, without losing too much in the translation.

Still no word from the engineers. Things are mighty quiet around here.


This is coming along so well…I love these characters!!! Also love all the details on the ships/planets.



Oh yes! Your Patricia looks like she could sort out most situations, practical and yet so filled with grace. :applause:
Sorry to hear about your engineer troubles, it must be something spreading amongst them - will they make everyone elses go on strike too? This could be a real problem for the admins.

Looking forward to follow her transition through the dimensions.


ha ha ha ha ha, love the updates, bringing lots of giggles and a huge smile. Your Patricia does look competent, intelligent and ready to solve the great potato mystery.


Many thanks Cris. Much appreciated

Cheers Gunilla. I’m glad you have faith in Patricia. Yes, the engineers have been a handful - it’s so hard to get good help these days - but I’m pleased and proud to report that they’re back

Thank you. Yes the great potato is a great mystery but I’m sure Patricia is up to the task


Well the engineers came back last night.

I took delivery of a new case of vanilla slices and the engineers turned up soon after. I’m thinking that wasn’t pure coincidence and am wondering if there’s a link between all that sugar and food colouring and a general demeanor in the engineering department that could only be called highly-strung.

But for now I’m thrilled to see some more progress on the 2-seater, including Gunilla’s suggestion for fluffy dice, and a whole bunch of seams and rivets holding it all together.


Love the furry dice, are you going to put one of those animals that nods it’s head everytime you hit turbulence on the back dashboard?


Haha! Nice idea with the nodding dog on the back dashboard. And it would be a safety feature - because it would be an excellent objective means of measuring that turbulence too.


With the engineers back and new crates of vanilla slices delivered every hour the engineers are back at work again, working on the armada. There’s a kind of quiet intensity about this place now, with nothing but the sound of keyboards, mice and chewing.

Of course there are no pilots in the background ships yet but that’ll get sorted out eventually.

You’ve just got to love 3D. With most, if not all of the spaceships being done at the wrong angle I’ll be adjusting their angles in new renders - because I CAN… The aim is to have a vast stream of them curving in towards the Stone/Potato