Eon (Illustration) Entry: Mark David


haha…funny stuff mark! and no. your style is completely original! beautiful work buddy!


Many thanks, Sabrina. Yes, seeing how stickers are taking over on Earth I can’t imagine an alien world without them.

Thanks Gunilla. Thanks for the cool sticker ideas too. Just what is it about stickers? I’m old enough to remember when they weren’t everywhere. I should have realised they were taking over when they started appearing on things like fruit. You’re right about this thread and where it’s going (and usually not going) too. However somewhere at the back of my head there’s a vague idea of where its heading so it should see its way to some sort of conclusion before deadline. With luck I might finish the book before then too :wink:

Haha! Funny idea. Thanks for that!

Return for refund! Haha! Nice idea. That could work. It could possibly also apply to my whole illustration if I’m not careful. A good thing I’ve got plenty of time ahead. Glad you like the plutonium joke. That was my favourite too. It needs to be a bit understated though. I don’t want it to be the first thing the eye sees.

Thank you so much John. It’s a shame that your other demands are obviously keeping you from your own thread, but it’s wonderful to see that you still drop by for visits.


Just went through your thread…great concepts (rejects and all!).

I love the ships and their passengers as well as the bystanders. Colors are great on all.

Great work.


Thank you very much Cris. I appreciate your comments very much


I’ve drawn over the top of the image to show the new angle for the spaceship. Well at least, one of the spaceships. I’m going to have a whole bunch of them now. The plan is to see them approaching the stone with this main ship in the foreground.


… And here’s a start on the foreground ship which I mention on the previous page. It needs some more technical stickers and stuff saying to remember to use unleaded fuel and that kind of thing. It’s really cool having a spaceship up this close because you get to look right into the cockpit, with the sophisticated big read-out panel keeping the astronaut fully informed. I’ll also be thinking about the kind of stuff an astronaut needs to take with him on a flight into outer space - you know, important stuff like his lucky sock or something like that and maybe an emergency box of donuts. So I’ll be modeling those next, for dropping into the cockpit with the pilot.


Here’s an update of the foreground space ship. There’s been an upgrade to the luxury model - for a few grand extra you get the carpet interior and convenient carrying handles. I’ve been looking for the right balance of grubby and shiny/cartoony, and am thinking of settling on a look pretty much like this.

I’ll have to get back to the pilot again eventually but I’m sort of putting it off.


hehehehehe :smiley: ur concepts are so vivid and full of fun! :bounce:

fruity juice for the soul! :love:

cheers buddy! :beer:


ha ha this is great , I love it :slight_smile:


Wonderful updates Mark! Good choice of changing the color for the main ship - this way it stands out much better. I like the sticker in the first sketch, with the shark. One moment I thought it was a see through to the hideen engine. Shark power! :smiley:
The informative panel is a real thoughtout addition too.

Visited your website and enjoyed it a lot, not only all your fab work but the articles on wildlife and such. Didn’t know a thing about white ibises before that. Cool :thumbsup:


Hi Mark,

I’m just asking myself what I like more, your updates or your comments to the updates:D …both too funny!
But seriously, I like the new angel for your foreground ship and I think the shiny look of the latest update is working well:thumbsup: …and now some more work on the pilot… !?

Nice day for you!



Great updates Mark!
Is that Patricia Vasquez up there in the cockpit by the way (long black hair and long eyelashes)?
Or is it Mirsky in desguse

Anyway great idea with the handles on the outside. They can be sort for super economy classe. 

In stead of a cramped seat inside you get to ride outside.

I had some more ideas fore sticker on the satelite

One is:

Warning Plutonium inside!

Don’t sit here. you might get strange looking children.

Think it’s a little to long though.

 Keep up the great work Mark!


Hey Neville, thank you very much. That’s really kind of you :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Cheers, Gunilla. Your point about the shark is noted and I thank you for that. Truth is I’m playing around with a bunch of stickers at the moment. Next one will be what I refer to as the fearsome duck. Thanks for your kind words about my website too :slight_smile:

Thanks Sabrina. Yep, while teams of engineers work around the clock assembling state-of-the-art spaceships, the pilot’s been noticeably absent. He probably thought I’d forgotten about him. No way! He can’t hide any longer and returns to centre stage today.

Hi Per. Thanks again for your much appreciated support matey. Thanks for the sticker idea too! That’s not Patricia in that spaceship - it’s actually a male pilot trying hard (and failing) to impress the ladies with his hair style. The thing is, when he stands in front of a mirror combing his hair back he sees himself as looking cool and manly. But seen from other angles it looks like what we see here - not the impression he was wanting to make. I’d love to say the hair style is the result of days of intensive research and interviews with expert stylists, but actually it’s based on my 2D cartoon style in how I draw kids. By the way, I love your idea of super-economy class with those handles. I was thinking of convenience but you’ve thought of a much more sensible (and profitable) use for them. One more thing: I was looking through your website again last night. You’re a clever lad. Your stuff is brilliant.


Here’s the pilot. The hair is drawn in Photoshop.

I’ve tried a new sticker on the side of the space ship too. I wanted a sticker that matched the level of ferocious determination of the pilot - so I used a duck.


Lol that’s fantastic Mark


LOL, nice work Mark, the ship is looking totally excellent!


Hey Mark,

ah, finally the pilot, just :thumbsup:

Hihi, but I love his hairdo!:smiley:



awesome mark! love the little logo, and his hair is super well done!


Great to see also this kind of art on the challenge. Damn, that’s a funky spaceship:applause:

For some reason I did’n like the duck-logo. Maybe it looks too different than the overall style… For my eye the lightning fitted the ship better. Just an idea…

Keep it going, it’s fun to see where all this leads:)


Ahhh, I love his hairdo too, but I guess I’m not a lady :wink:
This is coming together so well now… I wonder what’s next?