Eon (Illustration) Entry: Mark David


Make that a decaf cafe au lait, in a bowl, not a glass, with one brown sugar. And can you make that colour more of a forest green? :wink:


A story as big as EON needs at least one innocent bystander. In the spirit of that, this guy has nothing to do with the story at all. In fact I doubt if Lanier, Patricia and the others even know about him. Don’t ask me how he breathes - must be some sort of alien thing. But outer space just doesn’t seem like outer space without an alien.


Haha, he is just perfect this way:thumbsup: !
Amazing skin and I especially like his slightly confused expression:) …I totally agree, outer space illustrations need at least one little green alien:wise: !



Maybe he just holds his breath? That could be why his eyes are bugging out like that.

Nice work those models look awesome. The texture on the martian is perfect.


Oh yeah - it’s impressive how close to your sketch you managed to get him! Adorable!
hmm… do you think martians could also have managed to somehow get into the potato… thinking of my zoo here.

:scream: haha, yes this is a perfectly valid explanation, scientifically speaking.

Keep on rockin, Mark!


Now Mark that is just plane beautiful! :slight_smile: And so fast!!

Now I don’t know if the satellite is alien to

But if it is from earth, It would maybe be nice with some kind of marking or sticker on it.

-Crazy cars space division.

-Mark David Space Agency

-N A S A - No Alien Spacefrogs Allowed

I don’t know

Any way a totally cute alien.

And I can tell he’s a really great kisser to!:wise:


Thank you so much, daWinky, soapy, Gunilla and Try. I’m happy with how the little fella turned out. Now I need to look at the overall colouring of the image. It was too red for such a green alien. It made him stand out too much.

It’s amazing what can be done quickly with a few new renders and some Photoshop. Also, sometimes the search for a solution to a problem can lead to a much better piece of work overall.

One of the first of those experiments is coming up right after this update.


Here’s a rough composite. The little guy’s colour contrasts so much to everything else, that he ends up drawing a lot of attention to to himself…


… And here’s a slight reworking of the tonal values of most of the elements. I think I actually prefer it like this. Each element is now going to be much stronger, with the trick being to make sure that all the elements don’t compete with each other too much. In the end, though, I think the most important thing is to make a nice looking image. If his colour has to change I’m sure he’ll still look really nice. Understanding the problems this little guy is creating, I’m sure that’s why he wasn’t in the book. Excellent foresight, Mr Bear.


Thanks Per! I like your ideas for a sticker. That satellite is pure Earth technology. It’s actually a TV aerial and signal booster. We can’t have our heroes missing out on broadcasts of their favourite shows. So some stickers or labels are definitely an option. I love your idea for NASA! Very funny!


Mark this last image is just splendid.:bounce::bounce::bounce:
That green little sucker is just perfect in the front there!

Only problem now is how to fit in your fine umbrella-rocket ship and not ruin this

  I’d love to have a great big poster like this in my office!

Fantastic and very original Mark!:thumbsup:


Heheh, a perfect integration! Is that hdri on the satellite, you should use the kitchen probe! I was thinking I might use the kitchen probe, it is sort of emblematic. Per is right, a sticker is a good idea. “A good kisser…” LOL


Thanks heaps, Per! I’m now playing with the layout to get that spaceship back in. After all, it’s going to take more than an innocent bystander to stop things.

‘Green little sucker’ - I love that term. It’s a perfect way to describe him.

Yes, it’s hdri. And it’s reflecting a field with trees. Not appropriate for outer space. When I do the final render I’ll fix up the reflections.

Stickers on the satellite - definitely going to happen now. I mean, does any product ship without a safety label on it any more? Or those giant stickers boasting about things like energy efficiency. You buy a DVD player these days, spend 2 minutes hooking it up, and 45 minutes peeling off the stickers. No, I can’t ignore this important point which Per has raised. It’s getting some stickers.



that’s just beautiful mark!! I LOVE the alien character and his textures…superb mate!
lovely colours all round


Thanks John. I’m aware that you’re the king of cartoony aliens. Your Journey challenge was a triumph. So I’ve gone to great pains to follow my own style. I hope I haven’t inadvertently borrowed too much of your own


The satellite needs some work. For starters, it looks too clean. But I’m now convinced it needs some stickers. So I’m trying out a few options


Hey Mark…

I really like the reworked version with the slightly changed colors, the different elements are coming together very well:thumbsup: …

and I totally agree that some stickers are necessary for the satellite…but I just cannot decide, they are all too funny:D …, more options are needed:bounce: !

Waiting eagerly for the next update now!



Yo! The new colorset works real well…I totally agree with the rest on that. And stickers- of course! Cool idea. How about “Totally Recyclable”, “Environment Friendly” or something like that. Here they stick that kind of labels on everything :slight_smile:
I like the way your image seems to have a life of its own - growing in interaction with others.
That’s how I use to play it too to keep my interest for it.
Looking forward to your next step!


Put “Jesus Inside” hahahaha (mode devil laugh ON:twisted: )



‘Return for refund.’

Hahah, those stickers are great, I especially liked the plutonium warning one!