Eon (Illustration) Entry: Mark David


This new update should settle any doubts about where this thread is heading. Rigorous analysis of this image of the Stone will reveal some things that might trouble the scientists among you. So let me be the first to admit one of them: The sub-surface light scattering in the edge of the craters suggest that the Stone is made of a material less like iron/rock and more like cheese. I understand that might be an issue for some, but I just couldn’t picture my space ship heading for something that wasn’t so, well, cheesy. So my apologies, Mr Bear. I know you have a well-deserved place among the leading ‘hard science’ sci fi authors and this pic doesn’t reflect that at all. But this parallel reality will find its own destination, providing I can get through all the other stuff I have on my desk right now. More updates on the way, workload-permitting.


Hi Sabrina. Thanks so much for your kind words. Yes, this business of rocket science involves a lot of new territory for me so quite possibly there will be more adventures along the way. I will add that the work in your thread so far is looking fantastic

Thanks for that. I’m glad you like the warrior and the plane. Somehow I think it’s not what Greg Bear had in mind but I hope he understands

Thanks Per. I like your imagery about the party book in his breast pocket while his mum’s off holidaying at the gulag! Yes, I’m going to cling to that idea while I work. It’s good to have strong concepts like that in mind while developing a character

Hi Eric. Great to see in again matey. Thanks for the encouraging comments.


Cute… how cute :bounce: I love this kind of images…

I bet my avatar could be seen in your space Mark, haha


Cheeeeeesus Mark, that is on great asteroid!

Looks good enough to eat (Bring the crackers Gromit).:slight_smile:

Great work Mark!! I Love the colours and style of this!

I can feel a truly classic sci-fi final image is in the making here!:thumbsup:


Heheh, the colour is great and that satellite is a classic! I think you might need some green martians at some point? Cheers, funny stuff.


Just found your thread Mark, i love your alternate universe and aproach, splendid 8)


Super potatooo!!!:bounce:


Hey Mark…

Ok, I have no more doubts:D … nice retro feeling when I look at this:thumbsup: …
and hey, I suddenly have an idea for lunch, hmmmm, cheese-filled potatoes:D

Looking forward to see more!



Love that coloring!! :thumbsup:
And the idea of making the thing cheezy is to good… your alternate world is so clever, I like how everything comes together step by step.
Did you have everything thought out from the start or has the concept grown while working?


Thanks, Mona. I’ll keep a look out for any GPs flying past. You just can never tell where those little guys are going to turn up next :slight_smile:

Thanks, Per. Scientific accuracy is very important to me. Therefore I really studied my cheeses thoroughly before doing the asteroid. Okay, I think I’ve contradicted myself somewhere there…

Green martian! Hmmm… nice idea. After all, this is outer space we’re talking about. Like I was saying to Per, I value scientific accuracy very much, so I just might have to throw in some martians

Thanks for that, mate. Much appreciated

Thank you!

Haha! I must admit now that some of those doubts were my own!!! But there’s no turning back now.

Thanks! It wasn’t thought out in advance. It’s been pretty much how this thread describes it. This rough sketch probably better explains the kind of thought processes I’ve been going through :wink:


“I value scientific accuracy very much, so I just might have to throw in some martians”

BRILLIANT!! Your thread is so creative and refreshing!


Perhaps some Martinis would be better!

The book does suggest that there are many possible universes that you can tap into along the Way, you’ve simply found an un-expected one. Fun piece, but I miss the guy in the spaceship. You’re supposed to have that human emotional aspect–its there in your drawings.


Dood, you should have posted that sketch before, cause like you totally should have gone with concept 2. It just so well represents mans inhumanity to man and potatoe alike! The horror…


Thanks Eric! Hey I’m amazed to see you’re going 5D! Wow. Go for it!

Ernest Burden
Many thanks! Yes, the guy in the spaceship will be back. Definitely.

Thanks for that. I did get stuck on concept 2 for a while but the cheese ended up winning on the day. However I’m thrilled that you read precisely the message in it that I was trying to convey :wink:


Thanks to Soapy for this one. His suggestion of a martian got me going.

The satellite hanging around in the scene looked very much unused. It needed something. This guy might be a martian or maybe not. It’s not too important because he’s an innocent bystander, or by-sitter if I should be truthful (I know how hard it to let a mistake get past you folks!)

His colouring might change though. Green could prove to be too strong against that red/pink sky background. I mean, I want him to be seen, not to dominate


OK! Even if your potato concept number two is totally hilarious I think you’ve settled for the best one, not to mention the scientifically most correct one :wise:
The sketch for the martian is priceless! He/she looks both relaxed and confused at the same time.
Love this thread - keep it going like this :thumbsup:


No problem Mark, any time you need an art director I’m at your service. I am an expert at drinking lattes and changing colour choices. :wink:


Hi Mark! This little fellow is just wonderful!:slight_smile:

And I don’t really know what you mean about the colours

Seeing this, purple pink and Kermit-green are perfect together!

And by the desperate way he is crossing his legs I can tell he forgot to visit the bathroom before he left home.:wise:

Keep it up Mark! This image has greatness written all over it!!:thumbsup:


Hey Mark,

LOL:D , I’m not sure what I like more, the title or the picture…“innocent bystander”, just great…love this one and I agree with Per: don’t change the colors!
As always curiously watching out for the next update…



Thank you. Those potatoes - I can tell you right now, it was mighty tough. I’m glad you think I made the right choice. For a while there it could have gone either way but in the end rigorous scientific thinking triumphed. It took a lot out of me but I think I’m a better person for it. I think that’s what these challenges are all about. :wink:

I’m glad the alien looks okay. Relaxed and confused. Yes that’s good. I can relate to that.

Thank you. Next time you drop by Australia I’ll have to buy you a latte :wink:

Cheers, Per. Thanks for your advice with the colouring. I suppose his appearance will also be affected by the colour of the light of the skies flooding in from all around him. So I guess that will make him fit into the scene just fine.

As for those crossed legs, isn’t that just always the way. I said to him, go the bathroom before you go to outer space but did he listen? Oh no. They never do.

Thanks Sabrina. Much appreciated. With you and Per in favour of the colours, the colours are now definitely staying!