Eon (Illustration) Entry: Mark David


Hey Per, great to hear from you buddy.

Once again your comments made me laugh out loud. I don’t know what to suggest about your budding acting career though - I suppose a lot depends on who’s sharing the scene with you. And yeah, it looks like it might be a bit late to get your EON entry across the line in time. Maybe next time?

Cheers! My girlfriend says the same thing - she thinks I should turn both challenges into kids’ books. I might too, although writing a kids’ story is quite tricky. And I’d have to speed up my workflow a bit too.

You bet it is. Every year is the new hottest year on record. Rainfall is up in some parts of Australia and way down along the south east coast (where I live). In Sydney it hit 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit) in spring. And there are fires down south which have been burning for weeks and they can’t put them out. It’s gone crazy.


Hi Mark.

I will surly try to do the next challenge if I have the time.
Maybe they could call it crazy weather. [font=Wingdings]J[/font]
By the way just now a few snowflakes are passing by outside my window.
Winter could still happen, Noting is as depressing as grey skies and rain fore weeks on end.

I think you should do what your Girlfriend says with the children’s books.
In fact in my long experience with women you should always do what your girlfriend says!
If you want a peaceful life that is.

I know there is a lot of work with a book; I have had a few ideas my self in my time. But there are about 4 million people speaking Norwegian in the world, so the market has its limitations. I’m not sure of how many English speaking there are in the world.

But I estimate it could be more than 4 mil

Wow, more snowflakes! I must go find my ski’s! :slight_smile:


yay! how refreshing :slight_smile: excellent piece man, love your style



Hi Per,

thank you for your confidence in the idea of a children’s book. I’ll definitely give it some serious thought.

I hope that weather is sorting itself out over there in Norway. Here in Australia it’s still a bit of a worry too. The bush fires down south haven’t stopped burning in lots of places - they can’t put them out. We could use some of that Norwegian rain you mentioned

Awwww, thanks for that. Much appreciated. Based on the approach I took I’m not expecting any prizes unless about 400 people suddenly mysteriously withdraw their entries, but comments like that mean a lot :slight_smile:


The most cosmic


Hey Mark, jst a quick line to say this is brilliant, truly a unique view, and thanks for kind comments you left on my thread.

Best wishes


Cheers Dan. Much appreciated mate

Thank you Sean. Good luck on your own entry. It was great to see your final image


congrats on your priceless final, love it to it’s last poly! absolutely lovely work and instant crush apeal for your greenguy ^^

best of luck on the final mate and see ya next challenge :slight_smile:


Some late thanks to you! I admit I felt a bit unsure about taking such a bizarre departure from the hard sci-fi type of work so I really appreciate such kind words as yours


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