Eon (Illustration) Entry: Mark David


I’ve got three words


Mark ma man! wishing u and ur family a very merry christmas! :bounce: :love:

cheers! :beer:

> i agree with murfdog A-maze-Ing! gotta love ur smoke trail! :eek: very vivid imagery dude! cant wait to c the final draw!:applause:


Ouhh! That much difference in saturation, huh? I’m on a PC and personnally I really like the highly saturated version. It’s more freaky than cute, and that’s a good thing in my book (but perhaps not in Gregs) Anyway, I understand if you want to tweak it so it goes well with your vision.

… and the over-done smoke made me smile :slight_smile:


Cheers! I’ve been over to look at your Eon entry (many times) and I have a lot of respect for what you are doing and what you know. Thanks again for your honest feedback

Thanks for your feedback on the monitors and colours. So maybe I will go with the strong colours then. I can see this decision as being a last-minute thing. I’ll sit with it for a while and decide only when I have to

Hey John, thanks mate! It was a shame you weren’t able to have the time to do your own entry here. Judging from your Journey challenge it would have been amazing. But I guess a new baby is a pretty special kind of distraction!

Two words: Thanks matey!

Thank you. That was a beautiful Christmas image you produced too.

Thank you. I appreciate getting your vote of confidence in the colouring too. This is one of countless issues where objective feedback really helps. I’ve been staring at those bright colours for so long I’ve been starting to doubt my ability to assess them


you are welcome Mark, but like I said I have an OLD monitor, though the picture on it is very sharp and it works well…let’s see an update :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hi there again! here we are again:scream: As always, It´s looking great!hohohoho:D


Cheers! Unfortunately there won’t be too many updates for a little while - far too many distractions at this time of the year plus I have the world’s most anti-social job (I work for a newspaper and that requires that I work new year’s eve and days like Christmas day and so on). However I’ll soon be nudging this image towards a finish

Hey Gonzalo, great to see you back. I hope that means that you’ve made some progress in your monster workload


Ouhh… working New Years eve, that must make you feel very special :slight_smile:
Happy New Year anyway - and I’m looking forward to see your updates for the next year!


This piece puts a big smile on my face and for me to feel something in a piece of art is quite special…congratz, its original and definately one of my favs!.

can’t wait to see more!!.



Hi Gunilla! Thanks for your positive spin on working new year’s eve! I’ve worked quite a few of them over the years - late night shifts while the world is out partying. This sounds so sad but it’s not really - I’ve got some great buddies in the office. But 10 + years of evening/night shift work feels like 10+ years of jet lag and that’s the bit I won’t miss. I hope your new year’s eve was full of fun and optimism

Thank you Marley. I really appreciate what you said. A visit to your own thread (definitely one I’ve seen many times but which I have been very slack in not commenting on) shows an image full of all sorts of special magic so I appreciate your kind words even more. You’ve no doubt guessed I’m not chasing prizes this time around, but am chasing my own kind of goal. That’s what so cool about these challenges - there are so many possibilities


When I’m not making newspapers in my anti-social shift hours I’ve been kind of staring at my image wondering where to go with it.

The engineers are long gone and a trail of overturned garbage bins and damaged garden beds suggests they fled south, perhaps in search of a cooler Australian summer.

The archiving manager is using glove puppets to explain the difficult concept of ‘backups’ to the design manager and I think the message is getting through - there have been no more lost or over-written files.

So calm and some sense of order is returning to this studio. I’m thinking some parts of the image are looking pretty much finished now so before I go final I’ll post one or two bits in full resolution.

I’ll start with a glimpse of the Potato.


Still so giantly amazing your pic Mdavid!!!Really makes me feel good when I look at it!!!
One of my fav’s too!
I wish and all the ones you love an amazing 2007!!!


Mmmm - love that closeup! Looks more like cheese than potatoe, and really very eatable. Delicious! :scream:
Glad to hear you got rid of your engineers, they didn’t sound like the most pleasant company. We all know how hard you had to work to keep them in line, splendid effort!

OT: Are you working at the same newspaper as shakes? If I remember right he’s on a paper too?
And with the right kind of work buddies anything goes for sure, I’m glad to hear yours are of that kind :slight_smile:


Yummy! Splendid work Mark. Superstylin’

Steve 8)


Thank you so much! You are very kind. And a very happy new year to you too

Delicious is good. So is cheesy. Thanks Gunilla. Yes, those engineers were a bit of a rabble. Just because I made them work 120-hour shifts they seemed to come up with the crazy idea that I wasn’t treating them right. It’s so hard to get good help these days

OT: Shakes has been a good buddy for years, ever since we were both young cartoonists (and rivals!) starting out at The Sydney Morning Herald. But 10 years ago I moved across to The Australian newspaper as a graphic artist. The Australian is the Herald’s opposition. Shakes and I are still good friends though.

Thanks Steve! In these challenges I reckon it’s great fun looking at each other’s work at full resolution. This is similar to a point I’ve seen raised in Walrus’s thread - the idea that despite the requirement that the work be prepared for large-format glossy print resolution, ie: huge, the competition itself sits (and might possibly also be judged) at web resolution. I’m not complaining about this - the overall appearance of an image is most important and that can be judged just fine on the web. But hey, it’s fun for us artists to have a look at the detail hidden within. After all, that’s where most of the work goes!


Patricia’s mind was flooded with data as she held the clavicle. It had taken her more than twenty minutes to narrow the search down to the last millimeter. The clavicle let her sense the alternate universes stacked up along the Way.

But it was more difficult than her theories had suggested.

The clavicle seemed to be barely moving at all as it scanned across dozens of alternate universes. And then it stopped. This was it - it felt right, or close enough. The point where she would open a gate. It was as close as she would find to the alternate Earth she so sorely needed.

‘I’m ready,’ she said.

Her hands on the clavicle maintained that tenuous link. So much precision was required. And just as she began the gate dilation, she sneezed…

Damn that hay fever!

So Patricia has fallen into a universe without the Death, but in a reality a bit different from what she’d hoped for. Well alright, vastly, hugely, off-the-scale different from what she’d hoped for.

Bewildered and disoriented, she floats with the pilot inside their ‘luxury’ two-seater. Their craft is part of a vast armada of space ships swarming towards the Potato, that mysterious heavily-cratered tuber which had dropped into Earth’s orbit.

Strange discoveries and adventures await our heroes - worlds within worlds.

  • Based on Chapter 64, with the bit about the sneeze being my own. My apologies to Greg Bear. I really did read your book - twice! And thoroughly enjoyed it.


Amazing! You’ve finished already - big congrats :bounce:

This is one of my absolute favourites, thanks for the always inspiring and entertaining thread and good luck with the jury :thumbsup:


Thanks heaps Gunilla. It’s been lots of fun and I really appreciated having your help and encouragement along the way as this thread gradually untangled. As for the jury, well I think I’ll need more than luck! By the way I checked out your web site and was seriously impressed. I especially loved those botanical illustrations


YAHOOOO!! ( subliminal advertising:scream: ) You´ve finished it and it´s great! You give me huge laughs hahaha. I remember the first sketches, business class,etc, LOL!

Just great, you deserve a great prize!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

See ya!


Hey Gonzalo, thank you! That’s very kind of you. And thanks for your encouragement along the way. I’m delighted to see you back in the race too! May all your journeys be business class! :wink: