Eon (Illustration) Entry: Mark David


Ha! The bubbles turned out just great! I’m so glad that my serious scientific approach could be of value.
Also really like the last update - the small changes made a huge difference in movement and sense of space… keep rockin’ :thumbsup:
On a sidenote I hope to have my new computer here today :slight_smile:


Hey Mark,

again your fast with the changes, and now it looks even better, no doubt where the armada is flying and also a better sense of scale:thumbsup: …and of course I like the bubbles, great addition!:slight_smile:

And don’t even think of starting new here:scream: , not only because it’s definitely too late but much more because I love your scene:) !

Looking forward to see some smoke donuts…



Hey, is it too late to start again?

Don’t you dare even think of it, man! Otherwise I’ll ask Sabrina to hold you while I proceed to kick you :wink: (how’s that for a compelling argument?..).

Seriously, I love your work, the patience, skill and great humor you put into it (not to mention your painstacking scientific accuracy, of course).
This is one of the entries I’m always coming back to for the sheer joy of it. Great work, Mark!

And yes to the exaust fumes :).


Hey Gunilla that’s great news about the new computer - maybe that means you have it now. I’m hoping that even as I type this the lights are dimming in Stockholm from the diversion of power to your awesome new rendering beast. I’m glad you think the changes to my picture made things better. I’m also happy with the changes. It’s funny how you look at something about 800 times and still can’t put your finger on what’s wrong. So your objective opinion really helped.

Hi Sabrina. I’m glad you like the changes. I’m grateful to you too for your help. So now I’m experimenting with smoke, and if I keep pushing my computer like I have been lately I might get to see some of the real variety of it. So smoke donuts are the goal now, but I might add that’s easier said than done. So far I’ve produced smoke cup-cakes, smoke sponge-cakes and even smoke vanilla slices, but still no smoke donuts

LOL! Well yes, that is a compelling argument. So it’s a sprint to the finish then. Thank you very much for your really kind words. I appreciate what you said very much. :slight_smile:

From now until I run out of time I guess I’ll be tweaking and fixing. For example I notice that the satellites are still reflecting their hdri image of a grassy field, something which poses a real challenge for outer space. Then of course there’s the issue of exhaust - to strike the right balance of cartoony puffs of smoke without flooding the whole screen with pollution. It’s really nice to have a bit of time left over to do that kind of tweaking. So often with illustration you just don’t seem to get enough time to do that kind of detail. Especially with the newspaper illustration that I’ve done in the past. Whew! With that job the deadlines come on fast.

I’ll add here that I really, really appreciate the folks who’ve been dropping by this thread with their encouragement and suggestions. I won’t name names - you know who you are!


Nice updates Mark. I like the bubbles too. Maybe the ships should be puffing out little smoke ring trails of exhaust?


Hey Mark!

Ah, so no new start or major changes:thumbsup: , I’m glad and very eased to hear this, so I don’t have to hold you for Tiziano, good…:smiley: ! Now I can lean back relaxed and watch the polishing and tweaking…



hey mark, sorry I missed most of this! I’ve had bubba for 3 weeks and just starting to come up for air…I may get dragged back down any second though!
just beautiful work you’ve done here! LOVE the spaceship train, and all the unique designs!
you’ve been a busy boy indeed! and the crew watching the action from the side…priceless!
another bit of perfectionism from you…congrats mate!


I have been slacking on your thread Mark, had some catching up to do. I love the changes and the bubbles are excellent lol. I can’t wait to see more updates and tweaks.


Thanks Soapy. Yep, I’ll be playing with some exhaust and some smoke donuts are on their way. At this stage it looks like only a few of them will be leaving smoke donuts though because I found that the smoke very quickly overwhelmed the scene

Thanks Sabrina. Unfortunately there has been neither polishing OR tweaking for a while because I’ve had a rushed 3D job on at work, but I expect to get back into it again soon.

Thanks so much buddy. I love the new avatar. You really are the avatar king. I was delighted to get the wonderful news about the baby. Just imagine what kind of computers he’ll be using when he’s our age (and will I have finally got around to upgrading Cinema by then?)

I would never call you slack at all! Your suggestions and encouragement along the way here has always been appreciated. Thanks for the kind words

The armada and its bystanders have had to be pushed aside for a while - I’ve had a big lump of rushed 3D work taking up all my time lately. But not for too much longer now. More updates are on their way before I go final.


Well if Ivy didn’t slack ,I did,ha,ha.been really a while since I’ve been here, and I just love it Mark!!!So unique style.
Like SOAPY’s smokey ring trails idea,could be cool.
For me it’s just that all those beautiful and funny saturated colors in the foreground seems to come out a bit less as the sky is really saturated and strong color also.
Just love it!!!


Hey Remko. Many thanks. :slight_smile: You raise a seriously good point about the colours - I think you’re right and I’m going to look into that sky - easily done because it’s on a bunch of separate layers. I want it to be colourful, but not so colourful that it reduces the effectiveness.


Lots of little things to work on between now and the deadline. Remko made a really cool observation about the colours of the sky so I’ve been looking at that again. The thing is, I’m working on a Mac and despite fiddling with the monitor settings it does look different to how things look on the PCs at work. On the PC, colours look stronger and the shadows look much darker. Under those circumstances PC users (and that would be most of us here) would see my image as being much more colourful - and because it’s already pretty extreme on my Mac then that would be scary. So I’ve done a quick version that should show PC users something closer to how it looks at this end. But how to get an image that looks the same on all monitors, well I know Adobe has worked on that and there are things like PNG files which help a lot for the web, but I think we still have a way to go.


nice update man! however i am not quite sure about your general design direction on this one.

good stuff none the less man. keep going.


Hey Mark!

Always good to have some fresh eyes looking over the scene…I like the light sky version though I still think the saturated version fits nicely in your style, perhaps something in the middle:shrug: …?!
Your first smoke attempt is pretty impressive…and I agree, a little overdone:D , but the second version with the nice puffy smoke rings is really good:thumbsup: …Hope to see more polishing after the Holidays, I’m already away now and wish you a “Merry Christmas”, have some great days!



Thanks for that. Yeah, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m going my own way on this one. I’ve actually read the book - twice now! So I’m fully aware that the book is hard science fiction. I couldn’t imagine something like my approach on a book cover or film poster for that story at all! However in the true spirit of desperate arguments I’ll point to the discussion in the novel about alternate universes lying stacked up along the geometry of the Way. My universe is just a bit more removed than most! But having put that feeble explanation behind me I’ll add two more things: I’ve had a whole lot of fun making this image and I’m not preparing any award acceptance speeches!

Hi Sabrina. How wonderful of you to drop by my thread while you are away! Thanks for that and thanks for your feedback on the sky colour. As always, much appreciated. And I hope you have a great Christmas season too!


too true, by no means should you get discouraged. it would be a stain on quilt that is progress. if you get what i mean :slight_smile:

i love your piece though, kind feels like sci-fi approach for children. its great. as for awards… i donno, they are fancy.


No, I’m not discouraged at all. Quite the opposite, actually. This challenge has only confirmed for me that there are so many different types of art and approaches - so much talent. There can only be a few winners of the prizes, but we all get the chance to have some fun, try some new things and meet some new people

I think that must be the best quote I’ve seen for a while. I like that a lot :slight_smile:


wow… i thought for sure you would think i am some kind of thick headed person… i am not good at giving poeple advice. i am glad that you thought it was good. thanks. XD


neat changes Mark…I use a PC (really old one, would blow up if I tried to paint a picture the full size of the challenge requirements) Your colors do look bright when I view them, but I love the brightness of it and they have never appeared overly bright to me. Just happy and colorful. As for the image looking the same on all monitors, people have monitors adjusted differently and I worry about that with my own painting. I have old CRT monitor (yes I am in the dark ages here) and if I go to the library here their monitors really make my picture look washed out, so I can only hope it looks ok on other monitors.


great stuff Mark! I love seeing all the detail you get into. you’ve got a really lovely unique style.