Eon (Illustration) Entry: Mark David


lolol! great! It´s fantastic to watch the progress of your work haha. I want one of those ships!!:scream:


Hey Gonzalo, great to see you dropping by. Thanks for the nice comment mate. I hope you’re getting through all that workload


aww cute concept good luck to you :slight_smile:


Thanks for dropping by. Your generous comment was appreciated a lot. By the way, that’s one cool avatar


everytime I look at this it makes me smile :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Still looking for the turbulence measuring bobble head critter


Hey Mark,

hu, somehow I’ve missed the latest updates:scream: …great to see the laundry ship in the armada:) , all this ships together are really impressive, though your engineers are away now they’ve made a good job before! A lot of work now to give each ship a pilot, looking forward to see an update soon!:bounce:



Nice color and composition. I like it :]


Thanks for that. I’m sure that bobble-head critter is in there somewhere. In fact I can’t imagine an armada like this without one

Cheers Sabrina. Funny that you should mention the pilots - an update positively overflowing with pilots is due right after this post

Thank you. Much appreciated :slight_smile:


An armada of ships needs a whole lot of pilots. I rendered the same head from about six different angles, then gave them slight variations in skin tones and hair styles. So I was able to assemble a large team of pilots pretty quickly. Now I’m going to be looking at them and re-doing the ones that don’t look so good. Some have already been done three or four times. I might do some of them again. Pride prevents me from posting those very first rejects - I’d much prefer you to think that the least effective ones here are as bad as my work ever gets.

What I’d really like to do is employ a few dozen stylists, but the employment agency which supplied the engineers isn’t returning my calls.

In the next post I’ll show how it’s all coming together


Here’s how the full scene is looking now. From this point on I’ll be tweaking little bits here and there. Maybe redo some of the spaceship textures and give them a bit more grime in the seams. Maybe redo the exhaust. Details like that. At high resolution it’s looking a bit inconsistent so I’ll be going through it and fixing little bits up, pretty much until deadline, or until I get completely tired of it.


Ooops! I forgot to show the aliens in the last post. This is what I meant to show…


Hi Mark, What a wierd and wacky scene…a very fun piece indeed…:slight_smile: Kinda has a Jimmy Neutron cross Dr. Seuss feel to it.



ha ha looks sweet :slight_smile: I love the aliens


Wow! Your genetic engineers have been working overtime I see - fab bunch of pilots :thumbsup:
This is going so well! One thing I notice when looking at the last two uploads is that the one without the aliens has a better sense of depth, at least in my eyes… perhaps scaling down the alien group could be worth testing?

I sympathise totally with your problems in getting some good stylists from your agency - perhaps you could send some of your engineers on a quick course?


Hey Mark,

that was fast…great to see the pilots already in place!:thumbsup: And of course the aliens are there again, you know I love them:) …
Looking at the scene there’s not much to crit, actually the only thing I see maybe the armada looks not really like approaching the asteroid, but passing by…everything else is just perfect for me, fantastic work!

Nice day for you!



Thanks for dropping by Mark, and I appreciate your kind words

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Many thanks Gunilla. Your observation about the depth is a really good one. I hadn’t noticed that and I think you’re right. So I’ve tried scaling the little guys down a bit, as you suggest. I love your line about the ‘genetic’ engineers - haha! From one kind of engineering to another. I hope your shiny new fast computer is turning up soon

Thanks Sabrina. I think you’re absolutely right about the armada looking like it’s flying past the asteroid rather than to it. I appreciate you pointing that out. So I’ve made some changes to the flightpath


A few changes, thanks to some help from Sabrina and Gunilla.

I’ve changed the flight path of the armada. It originally looked like the first pilot flew past the asteroid and then all the others followed. Hopefully not any more. They’re supposed to flying into one of the craters.

Also I’ve scaled the aliens down a bit. I don’t want to make them too small because they could get lost in the distance, but their presence up close was kind of holding back some of the sense of depth in the scene


Hi Mark!
You are almost done, coool! I can’t find a single detail about this work I wouldn’t like!
Very homurous and well designed! Those ships are just great and very well textured!
The flight path makes better sense now! If I may add, How would you see it to add
some donuts_like smoke and some funny exhaust fire coming out of thier jets?
Just a thought!!
All the best all the way to the end!


Thank you for your kind words and your suggestion. Smoke exhaust - yes, I like that idea a lot. The truth is, I’ve been playing with the exhaust quite a bit and found that the armada quickly looked like the worst pollution scene you’ve ever seen once I put recognisable puffs of smoke behind the spaceships. But you’ve got me thinking - maybe the answer is to put some puffs of smoke behind just a few of them - the old run-down models. I spent a bit of time thinking about what smoke would do in a vacuum - I’d imagine that the gases would expand very quickly, taking particles with them. So the exhaust would pretty much just shoot out and seem to disappear. But then, this is an armada where one of the spaceships has a flapping flag so I’m not about to claim the high scientific ground here. So yeah, I’m now keen to try out some cartoony donuts of smoke!


This latest update is something I’ve been meaning to do ever since Gunilla came up with the idea (Thanks Gunilla!). She mentioned the idea of one of them lying there blowing bubbles, possibly as a means of communication like smoke signals. That’s the kind of rigorous scientific logic that I find compelling, but then I ended up getting distracted by the armada. So while I’m tweaking the details of the image I can put some bubbles in at last. I’ll add at this point that the bubbles look a lot crisper and better than the high-resolution version here suggests - JPG compression has not been kind to them.

My mind is all over the place at this stage - changing bits and pieces here and there. Seeing bits I like and others which I don’t. Hey, is it too late to start again?