Eon (Illustration) Entry: Mark David


I’m grateful to Mike (Walrus) for some suggestions that are affecting the current crop of space ships. He suggested giant fins, and also hanging some laundry off one of them - both features perfectly suited for my particular team of engineers.

The annoying thing is that after doing the render for this update I wrote over the file for the laundry ship. Thankfully I had an early saved copy so I didn’t lose everything, but I’ve still got a bit of fiddly stuff to redo. The thing is, every spaceship entered into the scene has to be carefully and individually angled to suit the composition. In other words, I need my 3D files.

Most of the spaceships will go further and further into the background from now on. The poly counts will start falling and the armada should start growing more quickly


Ha! Now that laundry line was exactly what I was talking about - I think it just fits right in there with the style of your other ships. The pink shark-fin one in the back is great too! I can’t decide what I think about the middle one - one one side, it’s a different take on the fin and it made me laugh, but on the other side, it doesn’t feel metal like the rest of the ships. I think if the vanes on that fin were painted red like the rest of the ship, we could instantly assume it was the same metal and it might tie it together more.

Sorry about your losing your file - glad you had soem version of it somewhere to revert to!



Indeed! Laundry shipp works very well, nice addition to the armada.
I tend to agree with walrus about the middle one - my first thought was “-ooh, cool” but then it seems it’s abit different from the others. Maybe just give it some glossyness to make it look like semi transparent plastic could work?

Sorry about you lost data - it’s so easy to make such a mistake but in this case you may have to have a serious talk with the engineer in charge :wink:


ha ha the laundry is great…pssst you guys that’s not a fin you guys it’s a solar sail :slight_smile: The ship with the comfy chair is still my favorite, well actually I am torn between that one and the flashy purple one. I love purple.


These are wonderful Mark, do they have to fly close to the sun to dry the laundry? Brilliant.


Thanks again, Mike. Once again I think you’re right. I’ll post a redo of the fins - this time extruded out of the hull. It’s starting to work better as a concept but you’ll see it’s starting to also look like it’s not belonging with the others. But I really like how it’s beginning to look now and want to play with it a lot more for some other image and some other time!

Thanks to you too Gunilla. I think you are right when you say the webbed fin one doesn’t look like it fits in. In the update following this post you’ll see an enhanced version which has gone even further from the concept. But it’s been a lot of fun so it’s no loss. And yes, I have definitely spoken to the engineers in charge of filing. We held an emergency meeting yesterday between the archiving team and the engineering team. It got a got a bit heated and there was a lot of finger-pointing and accusations (and vanilla slices) flying around the room. But I think these meetings are important in running a good workplace. As you know, a good workplace is very important to me.

Thank you for your line about the solar sail. I appreciate any comment that makes my space ships sound even slightly sensible. So I’m going to hang onto that one.

Cheers Steve. You raise a good question about the washing. I would think that taking the washing past the sun would definitely dry things out. Might even burn them right off the line too. One side would be burning up and the side that was in the shade would be freezing. It kind of gives a whole new dimension to hanging out the laundry doesn’t it? That was Mike’s (walrus) idea to do a laundry one. I thought it was brilliant too


Here’s the webbed fin one again. I really like where this is heading but unfortunately I don’t think it belongs with the others. So I probably won’t put it in the scene. But I’m posting it out of interest.

The thing is, it looks like it came out of a different workshop using different technology from the rest of the armada. So then one part of me wanted to build a whole separate armada of them piloted by aliens (thus explaining their difference) but I’m not sure I want to run that past the engineers. I’m starting to think they might already have enough work to do.


The finned ship is kool, I think you should completely convert it into a fully alien styled craft. That is, take away all the human styled design elements and make it fully alien.


Thanks soapy. I agree. The fin stays and the rest goes. And in fact the fin would be done again too. I’d want the webbing to look more attached and growing out of the rays - something only hinted at in the current form. A kind of organic living metallic space ship drifting between the stars riding the solar radiation currents. Ah… one for another time and another image…


Hey Mark!

Lol:D , that’s great, I have to remember this hint in particular situations!

Sorry to hear about your lost file, but you really have to recreate it, this laundry ship is such a great addition!:thumbsup:
And your finned ship looks cool but alien in your armada indeed, so I’m looking forward to discover it elsewhere…



The fin thing looks stunning! And the thought of an alien armada … it would be great but I can fully understand your wish not to share that idea with your workforce. Maybe it could belong to a punk type? Or the president?
If not, I’m looking forward to the next project where it fits in.

And thanks for sharing your expertise in how to maintain a good athmosphere in the workplace, we all have a lot to learn from your management skills :slight_smile:


Thanks Sabrina. I’ve redone the laundry ship now. I’d kept a copy of the mesh but had to unwrap the UVs again. It was a very basic mesh so we’re not talking about a lot of work. Outer space has socks again.

Thanks so much for your vote of confidence in my management skills. That was really nice of you. :slight_smile: You know how it is, I do what I can to make my staff happy, and if that doesn’t work I tie them to their desks


Here’s the armada streaming towards the Stone. I’d love to say that every space ship is individually modeled and unique, but I know how impossible it is to fool you people. Needless to say, I’ve unlocked the doors here and the engineers have fled the place in something resembling a stampede. Next steps, to fill all those spaceships with pilots and then think about some exhaust flames.


Looks great, Mark!
The one ship that grabs my attention is the Laundry Line ship… No, not because it’s the best ship there (:scream:) but because it feels particularly crammed in: The arial is on a tangent with the fin of the ship to the left of it, and its wing with the nose of the ship to the right. Pretty easy to fix, all in all: Just shove it to the left a bit and then the blue ship with the tall fin can more over evn further to the left, opening up the white space (er, pink space) on either side of it.) There are other places where the ships are snug, but no actual tangents, so that particular one keeps grabbing my eye.




Thanks Mike. I see what you mean, and I’ve changed it now.

Each spaceship is on a different Photoshop layer so things are easily moved around. But since you mentioned the laundry line ship I noticed it should have been slightly banked/tilted into the turn like the others. So I’ve re-rendered it too.

All very quick and easy - each spaceship is on a different Photoshop layer and so far the high-res 650Mb layered file hasn’t made my computer burst into flames - yet!


Here’s the laundry line ship slightly changed.




Wow! How cool to see the whole bunch flying together!
One layer for each ship, huh? That sounds pretty massive… how many ships have you got?
Who is riding in the comfy-ship? It looks like it could be some supervisor of some kind.

I suppose all the other ships will have pilots too - more overtime for your crew then :thumbsup:


That is positively wacky Mark… love it, you have quite the imagination!




Thanks Gunilla. There are about 120 spaceships. As for the comfy ship, I’ll be putting in another soldier in blue uniform. This is a serious scene, after all :wink: Although I do like your idea of a supervisor. The rest of the pilots will be pretty basic - I’m rendering a couple of pilots at various angles and painting hair onto them, then duplicating them throughout the Photoshop file (with variations in skin tone, hair colour etc) It’s very convenient that we only see the backs of their heads for most of them

Hey Sean, thanks for dropping by. Thank you for your kind words too