Eon (Illustration) Entry: Mark David


A hearty congrats Mark! Wonderful thread to follow, and a well crafted and thought out image. I wish you all the best.

steve 8)


lol love the story and really really love your finished work :slight_smile: congrats Mark


thats one hell of a story, mark. extremely original. Greg would be proud i reckon!!.

Cant congratulate you enough mate!. sticking to your guns and following your own journey!..truly a standout…:applause:



congrats mark…superb work mate, as always!! very cute story too…I’m sure Greg Bear would be touched! hopefully I’ll get to follow more closely next time.

rocking new avatar of yours! LOVE the bubbles!


Thank you so much. I wanted to just enjoy myself and try out my own thing in this challenge and so I’ve never expected to be in the running for any prizes. There are so many brilliant images in this challenge, yours included, which perfectly satisfy the brief for the hard science fiction novel which Eon is. So like everyone here I’ll look forward to the judging but I can honestly say I have no expectations at all for myself! Which I must admit is kind of nice - it takes all the nervousness out of it.

Thank you. I genuinely appreciate your comments. Most of the freelance illustration I’ve done is 2D cartoony stuff for children’s books so I guess that’s my style, although I haven’t really pushed it yet in 3D. So that explains a lot about why I went the way I did this time

Thanks so much Steve. I’ve always appreciated seeing your avatar drop by this thread with the accompanying encouraging remarks

Extra thanks to you too. Your encouragement and support along the way has been fantastic and has meant a lot to me

Thank you Marley. I appreciate your kind words. As you know the bit of the story I used was taken from near the end of the book - half way through chapter 64 to be precise - so the concepts and ideas are all Greg Bear’s, but yes that bit about the sneeze was all my own! I’m very relieved that the top artists like yourself didn’t see my approach as being some sort of disrespect and instead just accepted my stuff. I think that says a lot about the maturity and diversity of this forum

Awww, thanks matey. Knowing how much work you’ve had on lately, PLUS the arrival of your brand new first baby (congratulations again to you and Anna-Lisa), I’m not the least bit surprised you ran out of time for your own brand of Shakes magic. But your visits here have been much appreciated, as always


Congrats on finishing, Mark! I like how the write-up ties it all together. And as I think I’ve told you before but wanted to say again, I really respect the way you used the Challenge as an opportunity to go off and do your own thing anyhow and stay true to your style. Kinda wish I had taken the same path… Anyhow, way to go and great job!



Thanks Mike. I’m glad you understood what I was trying to do here and appreciate your comments very much. Thanks for some really helpful suggestions too. But actually it’s funny what you say about your wish to go have maybe gone down a similar path because it was threads like yours that made me kind of wish I’d gone for something more true to the genre, exploring just how a scene from Eon - the interior of the Way or one of the chambers - would actually look. But once I started I was keen to follow it through to the end and have no regrets. It’s been great fun.

But next time…

Nah, I’ll make my mind up about next time when the time comes…


hey dude! congratulations are in order! :applause: ur work speaks n the story even more! i agree with walrus as well! staying true to ur style is something very fulfilling! wishing u the very best mate! god bless! :thumbsup:


Heya Mark!

Just dropped by to wish you a late happy new year and now I already see your final image:eek: !!

Big congrats for your finished scene:applause: , you know how much I like your special style and that I really enjoyed to follow your thread! And I love the little story for the scene.

So my best wishes now not only for the judgement, but also for your upcoming projects and I hope to see more from you soon:) …



Thank you. I admit that much of this style was new to me when I started - I’m still finding my way - but it was something I wanted to try out. Thanks for your visits to this thread and good luck in your own entry (which I might add is looking brilliant)

Thank you so much Sabrina. Your suggestions and encouragement made a big difference along the way and I appreciated them a lot. I started this challenge wondering what I was doing but ended up having a lot of fun and learning a heap of stuff, which is all good the way I look at it, and now it’s finished, well, I still don’t know what I’m doing. But I’ll definitely be wanting to enter more of these cg challenges and I sure hope to see a daWinky thread next time too.


Indeed love the little story too Mark!And just like I already said, love the style you came up with there!!!One of my fav’s!
You really prooved a lot of originlity there,amazing.
My best wishes too on the judging and all your future work, just like dawinky!
May zee forzz be wizz you mate!!!Was a pleasure to follow your work here!


very fun design!! a refreshingly different approach!! good luck!

-Eon Link-


Hey Remko, many thanks. It’s great having you back in this challenge again. I love the structure you’re creating in your image. I hope you find enough time for it. Good luck to you

Thank you. Much appreciated :slight_smile:


Hey great work Mark, your image looks fantastic. Funny stuff too! Good Luck.


Thanks for that. Great to see you’re still powering on with your own ideas too


Wow Mark, You is finished!:slight_smile:

Man nowadays a guy can’t even go out fore a leak. 

And when you come back the party is over

The final is fantastic! When you print posters (and make a fortune) I want one over my bed.

If Greg Bear don’t fall fore the fantastic colours, composition, spaceships and those wonderful green little suckers

And insist that you get first prise

There is no justice in the universe!:wise:

Congratulations Mark!!:applause:

Ps. Sorry I couldn’t bee there fore you towards the end buddy! I sort of got sucked into two different film projects at once there. Lost control of time and space


Hey Per, it’s great to see you and your avatar back buddy. Two film projects eh? That sounds mighty impressive. I hope at least one of them has you in front of the cameras (alongside Cate Blanchett or Nicole Kidman). Yes, this challenge has gone quickly - we’re all a few months older (although some of us feel a few years older) and now a bunch of us are hauling our entries over the finish line. I personally won’t be expecting any prizes - largely because while the course was set for the fleet to sail in one direction I turned my boat around and took off in the opposite direction. My destination was always going to be different. But I thank you very much for your kind words of support.

It was a shame you weren’t able to find the time for your own entry - you were off to a great start. Maybe next time I hope. By the way, you know they extended the time a bit…


Hi Mark.

I didn’t know they had extended the deadline. If the films get canned this week maybe I can finish

But I kind of hope that doesn’t happen.:slight_smile:

Actually I was offered a few seconds in front of the camera. As a body double in a steamy sex scene.

They say if I shave my butt and let them glue on nipples, I can play the close-up of a pair of boobs getting seriously fondled.

But I don’t know maybe I should stick to my pencil


Anyway I have realy enjoyed your work here. And just like the journey challenge it feels like there is a whole book in your material here. Two actually, one about the armada going to that great lump of cheese in the sky. And one even funnier about you and your engineers working out this project.

It has been great fun to follow.

By the way is the weather abnormal down where you live??
I we never seen a winter like this in all my days. It is mid January and I have hardly seen any snow yet

The temperature is +6 C usually when I was growing up there would be -30 C and +1meter snow most of January.

Weird stuff is going on

On the upside I can probably start growing bananas and pineapples in my garden soon.


Hey Per, great to hear from you buddy.

Once again your comments made me laugh out loud. I don’t know what to suggest about your budding acting career though - I suppose a lot depends on who’s sharing the scene with you. And yeah, it looks like it might be a bit late to get your EON entry across the line in time. Maybe next time?

Cheers! My girlfriend says the same thing - she thinks I should turn both challenges into kids’ books. I might too, although writing a kids’ story is quite tricky. And I’d have to speed up my workflow a bit too.

You bet it is. Every year is the new hottest year on record. Rainfall is up in some parts of Australia and way down along the south east coast (where I live). In Sydney it hit 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit) in spring. And there are fires down south which have been burning for weeks and they can’t put them out. It’s gone crazy.


Hi Mark.

I will surly try to do the next challenge if I have the time.
Maybe they could call it crazy weather. [font=Wingdings]J[/font]
By the way just now a few snowflakes are passing by outside my window.
Winter could still happen, Noting is as depressing as grey skies and rain fore weeks on end.

I think you should do what your Girlfriend says with the children’s books.
In fact in my long experience with women you should always do what your girlfriend says!
If you want a peaceful life that is.

I know there is a lot of work with a book; I have had a few ideas my self in my time. But there are about 4 million people speaking Norwegian in the world, so the market has its limitations. I’m not sure of how many English speaking there are in the world.

But I estimate it could be more than 4 mil

Wow, more snowflakes! I must go find my ski’s! :slight_smile: