Eon (Illustration) Entry: mark alford


I have done some colour on the characters now i am happy with there placement. I have also changed the format look as suggested. Cheers :slight_smile:


Thanx …it does have that feeling, would be so weird seeing the land above you.

I have been moving the characters around abit…but now i am happy. I have cropped the image and I do like this format. thanx

Hi there and I have plenty to do still on the background…i keep pushing and pulling.

Thanx for dropping by and I hope u like the new format Cheers.

Merry Xmas to all, Have a good one :thumbsup:



Like where you’re going with this :).
If I may make a small suggestion, I don’t really see the curve the chamber is supposed to have on the left side (our left), there it reads more like a vertical wall to me…


Hej Mark,

Yep, that’s what I was talking about - your characters on closeup add a big deal to your composition! Great work!

I agree with Thaldir - just noticed that too. It also looks like a flat ground plane covered with a laying cylinder. May be add a tiny bit of curvature to the ground plane? I am not sure it’s gona work, but I wish to see how it will look with it…



Great, I like the crop and the characters really make it pop more. My eye ends up on Patricia and to where she’s looking. Which is perfect.


coming along nice! i really think the vehicle concept is the strongest part of this peice! :slight_smile:

-Eon Link-


Ok i am almost finished, remember I am only doing a conceptual image not a photorealistic piece. I have started doing the outlines and will be cleaning them up for the final image. I am very happy with it sofar…Cheers Mark


Hi guys and Gals,

Thanx for all ur comments, I am finally on the last stage. I just need to clean up my outlines and clean a few areas up. I see a few of you want more curve, thats how i started out and was suggested to get rid of the obvious curve. The desciption if i remember correctly…is the land looks flat and the landscape looks as if to creep up like walls. This makes the chamber look huge. :thumbsup:

Cheers to all


looking really cool, I do like the truck a lot :slight_smile:


heh, that was fun to look through, i can’t believe i haven’t seen your entry earlier… shame on me…

this is so totally different from your other challenge entries… and interesting, i like it! :slight_smile:


@Ivy00 Thanx for dropping by :slight_smile:

@coCoKNIght Hello been a long time, how ya been? thanx for dropping by :slight_smile:


I have now cleaned up the line work and done some fixing on part around the image. I am thinking the saturation is a bit much so i think i will change it…Cheers Mark


I have changed the saturation on the image and i am pretty happy with the result…Cheers Mark


Ok this is my final image based on the moment that Patrica first sees Chamber 7 and climbs the vehicle to see how far the chamber stretches. I have done my piece in concept form and not as a photrealistic image. I designed the vehicle based on the description in the book and made changes to it’s steering configuration which was suggested by another challenger…thankyou. Progams i used was mainly Photoshop but I did do a 3d render of the vehicle in 3D max. Thanx for all the support from my fellow CGTalk members.


congrats on your great finish, you fantastically captured that scene and i am happy you made it to the finals too :slight_smile: best of luck and see ya next challenge :smiley:


Not so bad, too much work though, thanks, and you?
Congrats to you finishing the challenge. It was tough as usual, though there’re not so many serious entries as in the past, afaik. Somehow I can’t get the thought out of my mind that your devotion to the challenge has decreased and that you were more playing around and trying new things. Well that may disapoint long time observers like me but I always thought and still think that that’s what this is all about :scream: and I’m always very glad to see new aproaches from artists I know. You’ve done well and I wish you good luck with the judges and hope that there’ll be a next time and that I’ll support and rival you more :slight_smile: It’s really a shame that I discovered your entry so late…


Hi MArk,that’s an original approach you’ve got there indeed.I like the feeling of endlessness that you did very well mn!congratz on that finish!!!good luck and :beer:


Thanx guys for ur lovely comments, sorry i have not responded sooner. Work, kids and my projects have been keeping me very busy.

Goodluck to all and hope to see u on the next challenge…good luck my friends :slight_smile:


congratulations on ur finishing mate! :scream::bounce::applause: ur style is very distinct! :stuck_out_tongue: very cool indeed! i especially like the depth in imagery! :stuck_out_tongue:

good luck dude! :thumbsup: cheers! :beer:


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