Eon (Illustration) Entry: Marek Okon


dla mnie BOMBA


Hey Marku,

I like your work. Nice lighting and cinematic mood. Good luck on EON :]



i like this piece of work! great costume design.


I did little work on 3d model of axis city - what do you think?


Great update! love the new axis city.
I thought the contest was closed? Hurry up and upload cos this piece is really beautiful.
edit: OK, one hour to go! then maby some more atmosphere between the figures and axis city, like you had in the other post post. It looks great now but that was something that struck me.


done :]


Done :slight_smile: a very cool image.Good luck to you!:thumbsup:


Like Gonzalo,very cool and emotional image!!Congratz on the finish!:beer:


Thanks guys - for all the support during contest :] I must say - it was last seconds submission :stuck_out_tongue: phew… and also… that is not final image!! I must have mixed up something and uploaded previous version

So here it is, Axis city heading for plasma front and Patricia and Liner saying their goodbyes

EON: Homecoming

For me Greg’s Bear book is all about finding your way home. Under all of this sci-fi technology future plot is a basic need for everyone to find their own place in life. And so I wanted to capture that emotional massage in my picture, don’t know if I was successful but i tried :]

See you all next time and goodnight IT WAS A BLAST :smiley:


wooooowwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! congratulations buddy! :scream::bounce::applause: u finally made it! rockin piece man! :eek: just a few mins back … i showed ur work to my colleagues … n they went … :drool::drool: … now me wipin da keyboard … hahahahahahahahahahahaha :smiley:

i love ur work mate! very promising and emotional! :love: i wish u the very best of luck :thumbsup: cheers bro! :beer:


Wonderful final!

Very nice character work! Very subtle, touching…



Beautiful Character rendition, this is where I want my art to be in a couple of years.


I like this one a lot! One of my top 3 picks.


safely brought it to a kick ass final, striking and beautiful work strong, emotional, compositionwise and full of action. one of my favs since i found it. congrats on a killer finish :beer::buttrock:


Looks like book illustration, very nice image, good colours and composition.
Congrat :thumbsup:


VERY DYNAMIC ONE! Good job man,Very well done!:beer:


congrats, marek, a cool pic once again :thumbsup:


woweeeeeeeeeee!! :bounce: CONGRATULATIONS MA FRIEND!! :scream: :eek: :buttrock: :applause:

very happy for u dude! :bounce:
very strong piece indeed that is well deserved! :applause:
really looking forward to seeing u and everyone else again!!:love:

god bless ya buddy! take care!


Indeed, great peace of work!


:applause: grats grats grats, very dynamic piece. :buttrock:

äm by the way, so a good artist whos winning challanges. do you need your gnomon bundles? NO! great! pls send the stuff to me. hihi

cheerz mate