Eon (Illustration) Entry: Marek Okon


I do hope to see you finish this contest dude. I like the sense of scale in this one. Can you make the deadline at all? Keep at if you can!:thumbsup:


This is totaly rocking!!!Sure hope too you’ll be there the 31!!!Very cool epic,dramatic atmosphere:beer:


i agree with ma bro Remko! marvellouso! :eek:

pls pls pls dude :eek: dont ever change this! its fantastic!
superb depth of field thingy goin on back there! me love it! :love: :bounce:

cant wait to c the final piece!

good luck buddy! :thumbsup:

cheers! :beer:


Fajne!!! :thumbsup:

Great and dynamic image. Good luck for the finish lines :bounce:


Looks pretty good to me, Marek… just detail it out!

You’re way ahead of me but I’m late to the party as usual, heh…


striking like hell, bring it to an end!


Wow this is looking very cool, very captivating image!:thumbsup:


I spent a lil time on characters (its a crop of picture above). Liner still needs a lot of work (those white lines are remainings of lineart :] ) and Patricia probably will end up in different outfit but I guess I have something here… what do you guys think?


My god you can illustrate!, it seems your well underway…The previous post i said was the best of the bunch but this is better already!. realism of lanier is jaw dropping


Massive improvements on her! Love the hair. This is another one I watch a few times a day. Your work is so dang inspiring!


Cool composition and feeling (after viewing) I like Patricia a lot. Keeping an eye after your next posts. Till then, good luck and have inspiration!



Very nice use of color and light here. What I think you could work on some more is her facial features. Her jaw from her right line for example is a little more square than her left. Just little things like that that will sell the ralism of the peace especially since you’ve got the lighting down so well.


Oh, this is great work! How you people can paint like this?! Near this we, ordinary mortals, have no chance at all!

Just keep going, Marek! Anticipating your updates and final!



Thanks a lot guys! Its really nice that someone is taking time to comment on my stuff :] Here is quick sketch on new costumes I designed for Patricia i Liner

So what do you think?


Wow, this keeps getting better and better. One of my Favs for sure. Way to go!!


HEY! this is realy coming along!! LOVELY light in this. My crit would be that her eyes could use a bit more life, Right now she looks very neutral. Try and find (or better yet shoot) some good reference photos of faces. Shots like this happen in movies all the time, cant be too hard.

Keep pushing them pixles!


Ok,this looks like a cut out scene from the movie or somethi’n,way you cought the movie feeling in this one is just amazingly amazing.
One more beauty piece here.
Keep it up,It would be bad if you dont enter the grand finalee.


I don’t really know what to say about this that has not been said. I check your thread regularly and am awed at what you have done. :applause: cheering you on :slight_smile:


This is just jaw droppingly beautiful… if I can achieve a fraction of the depth and scale you have captured here I will be a happy man!. The backlighting on the figures is quite spectacular and really forces the eye to your focal point.

Well done Marek, this is most certainly on my list of potential winners!


Wow - your posts are really inspiring people :] Thanks a lot, with this kind of support there is chance that Ill finish it on time :smiley:

Crop of Patricia. I detailed her a bit - thou there is still some things to polish on her

Any coment and crit most welcome