Eon (Illustration) Entry: Marchidan Adrian Mihai


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Latest Update: Final Image: Axis City


I thought abaut making the Axis city because it felt more important to me when i’ve read the inspiration lines, it kind’a stuck in my head…whell it’s just a draft and i don’t expect manny comments on it. Thanks !

I’m a late bloomer :stuck_out_tongue:


Man…5 days are left…you sure like to do it under stress :smiley: Arata interesanta schita…dar da-i bice…ai de lucru rapid si mult :smiley:


I shure hope to finish it in time…and yah i’m stresed :smiley:
Well i hope u like it…waiting for comments, thanks !


You should pay attention to eon elements - there’s no sun here…it’s a big neon, crossing the chamber in the middle.


Hey ! Thanks for the hint man…i was working blind here, i guess i missed the spot where it rote that. I shure hope to finnis it in time… Thanks for the comments :slight_smile: good luck to everibody who is participating


Now that’s more like eon :slight_smile: Now pay attention to perspective - the persp of the neon doesn’t match the one of the city.


Hi ! this is my leatest draft…i’m waiting for u’re comments…thanks and good luck to you all :slight_smile:


Wow this days i havent got any sleep or to little, this beeing my first participation to a cg chalange i put most of my time in it, i hope u like it guys and girls i await for your comments goog or bad doesent matter, thanks.

Can’t wait to finnis the image :smiley:


The final image…at last, i wait for youre comments god or bad doesent matter…but please don’t be too hars, this is my first entry in a CG Challenge :smiley:

I hope u like it, god luck everibody !


harsh?! :argh: no ways! :eeK: i love it already! in fact … i dont think in a long shot that anyones gonna be harsh seeing this! nope nope.

one thing tho … just add some stars … thats it …

all in all …

:eek: awesome blue tones mate! :love: typo … composition … FX … all rock! me a person who appreciates good work whether it sticks with the story or not …
" love music for how it sounds … not for what it says "

congratulations buddy! :applause::smiley:

wishing u the very best of luck! :thumbsup:


you should fix the typo in the text - it’s “inspired”, not “inspiered”… cool image though!


Good overall mood, but it would have been nice to see smoe more WIP’s and definitely fix that Typp, hehe.


Thanks i haven’t noticed that :wink:


Sorry guys for not posting more of my progress but i had verry little time to finnish the image (my fault) because i started the working for it 4 days before the deadline, and with me having to go to work and other domestic problems i had verry little time.

But i promise in the future challenges to post more of my progress :thumbsup: 

Good luck to you all :D


Whoa cool designed and painted man congratulations


I thihk its a great composition here! one of the better ones!

I love the mood of lighting and the overall perspective, nice work!

my entry:



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