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A friendly advice made me join this challenge. Wonderfull subject.
Here’s my first WIP.
Basically using Vyle’s brushes all over.
I will not color the illustration, since i found B&W to be very exciting to work with.
Constructive crits are very welcome.

Best regards,



Hey Kan,

Welcome to the challenge!
Great style,I love it! And no colour makes it even better, I guess! :thumbsup:

Om my opinion right now your concept looks like any other SiFi image, it’s missing that EON signature, EON taste…
Here are some things that come in my mind when I think of EON landscaping:
strange distorted perspective cosed by the Stone’s construction;
cylindrical walls;
plasma tube as a light source;
soft shadows;
huge scales;
very high buildings;
huge enclosed spaces…

You can also look at thread: EON - The Book!
And on inspiration page: http://features.cgsociety.org/challenge/eon/inspiration.php

And hurry up, there are only 6 days to go!
Good luck!


Hey, Khan! Haven’t seen you in a while! Hope you’ve been well… At least you must have been busy, to be getting such a ridiculously late start on this when the Challenge started four months ago! :slight_smile:

Before I even saw the text under your post, I recognized those brushes… I love Vyle’s stuff, though, and wish my piece had turned out looking more like one of his pieces. Anyhow, Musi has some excellend points about bringing in more Eon elements into the picture. Good lcuk with it!



Hey Kan, digging those brushes:thumbsup:, your loose, but complex approach to the piece sets it apart from the rest, i can pretty much count on you to produce an original concept:D. If you want; maybe add some warm gold tones set off by a some cool blue shades just to add to the atmosphere.


musi: Hi and thanks. I want to take a different aproach though… But thanks for friendly tipps!

walrus: Michael! Thanks for dropping by. I still think you deserved the first prize for the “Journey”. Yeah, i was very, very busy - check my cg portfolio and you’ll see what i mean. I think, i just dropped in waaaaaaaay too late here. Whatever, good luck to you, mate!

NathanLB: Thanks! I was actually really thinking about it. But, here’s the next architectual concept first:

Thanks and good luck to you all,


Another approach to the architecture.


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