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Latest Update: Final Image: Yep. I’m done. Hooray!


Just signed up, I know I’m a bit late… art to follow in a day or two after I finish reading the book!


Just a quick idea sketch of what popped into my head on the OTV as I read the first part of the book, to loosen up and start getting into the process…

Done in Painter.

Sketches for this will be a good daily warmup before I start my day job work. :slight_smile:


I finally finished the book, and have some scenes in mind to start playing with. This is a couple of very loose views from where the party is about to travel through the gate to the Frant planet, one an exterior view showing the “disc shuttle” ship near the flawship, and one from the interior of the disc ship approaching the gate pyramid, where we’ll see Patricia, Garry, Olmy, the Frant, and many other characters hanging in their traction fields as they fly toward the gate.


This is a rough take on what came to mind when I read the part where Ser Oyu opens the last new gate, with Patricia and Korzenowski looking on, past 1.3 ex 9, where they see into the light-years distant part of the way where it has expanded and is populated by huge “cyclopean” crystal structures.

I’m strongly leaning toward illustrating that scene, and including a view of these through the gate opening, though that would be a fudge since they don’t actually see it directly. I think it would look pretty cool though.


Side by Side comparisons So that you know who is doing

what in the illustration category of the eon challenge only.

Classifier followed by artists.Some artists appear in more than one category because of their art is


: Strong/Beautiful Foreground Potraits with EON elements in the background.

Movie Posters theme.

Characters in dramatic poses.

Characters have detailed skin,muscle and skeletal structures.

Very Detailed Vehicle showed prominently together with characters.The Focus is Character.

Andrey Akulov

Lei Jin

Albert Feliu

Damir G. Martin

Niels-Ullé Walther

Mathias Verhasselt(Forum Leader)

Tan Guang Yu

Simon Bull

Michael See(Based on Sacha Word Of Mouth)

Justin Kellis

Da Feng

Giuliano Brocani

Roderic Rodriguez

Marek Okon

Edward Cicka

Tuan Nguyen

Linda Luksic(Based on Sacha Word Of Mouth)

Linda Smith

William Leafe

Raffy Encarnacion Dermawan

Marco Alejandro Castelan Morales

John Streider

Radu Bogdan Boeru

Tiberius Viris

Sacha angel diener

Niklas Frostgard

Michael van den bosch

sandra bott

michael dashow

nabil hamadi

alwyn talbot

timur kiryashov

damir g martin

Nathan L Bachelder

Daniel lu visi

Maurizio Manzieri

dale thomas

ego lataire

rune rask

guo jian

hugo araujo

: massive architectures,detailed cityscapes,plasma tubes,huge eon elements viewed in the distance in the style of grand space opera with miniscule,faceless,diminutive men ,women and all terrain machines reacting and responding to the environment.Archictectural elements include buildings,pylons,aqueducts,railways station,arches and airports as well as roads.The Focus is Architecture.

Raul Heib

Elena Fitts

Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe(Inspirational Art)

Claire O’Brien

Sean J

Tibor Beďatš

Michael Merrill

Michael Krenzin


James Nelms

mihai liviu

nabil hamadi

Bjorn Norberg

Tian Yanbing

David Wolstenholme

Ales Marcik

Renee Bailey

Krystian Polak

Jean-Sébastien Guillemette

Tuan Nguyen

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Raffy Encarnacion Dermawan

Tiberius Virius

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rune rask

david freeman

ori arad

markus graf

ali jalali

raffy encarnacion

alex kelly

jennifer Kathleen Phillips

: air ,sea atmosperics featuring natural elements of islands,skies blend into a grand sense of scale.Includes Tree elements.Gaia oriented.Mountain views and Spectacular chamber vistas. Sky atmospherics.Rivers curve and bend and disappear in the distance.Organic and Crystalline Inorganic natural forms.

Jeff Zugale

Thomas Ingham

Tan Guang Yu

Ric Brehm

lei huang

adrian baluta

gonzalo golpe

gunilla elam

jonathan colvin

guo jian

oscar jostedt

brian Slayton

yann tisseron

yaroslav kravchenko

dusten s. sonnon

: party scene with the character interacting and gossiping

Social Parties gathered at gate opening or onboard a ship or library viewing.

Radu Bogdan Boeru


Phillip Buchanan

christian paterson

Alex Kelly

: wonderful sense of humor even black humor and caricature

Torsten Wolber

per trystad

mark david

: action packed conflict with eon elements in the backdrop and lots of machines,ships,cities and soldiers.battlefield atmospherics

Andrzej Rudz

thierry schiel

paul hume

Karel Fourie

: entire cities,planetary bodies,asteroids,weather systems,gates,singularities,flawships and space vehicles in awe inspiring perspectives with large scale explosions.Ships have beautiful designs.Space/Aerospace Atmospherics.The Focus is on Flight.Very Detailed Flight Vehicle showed prominently with characters dressed for flight.

Mona Eriksson

Emil Petrinic

Bjorn Norberg

Will Brown

Michael Burburan

Phillip Buchanan

Dmitri G Michniouk

Mark Alford

sacha angel

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matt benya

Derek Wilson

blaz porenta

oscar jostedt

pavel elagin

yann tisseron

blaz porenta

: detailed explanatory tutorials

sacha angel

matt benya


Argh… sigh. Life has been way too full for me to work on this lately.

However, after January 1 I will be powering this thing out come hell or high water, at Ludicrous Speed! Yes, that’s right, I’m going PLAID, dammit! :slight_smile:

See you in January…


Nice sketches there man!!
hope to see you back in january.
And merry christmas !!!ho,ho,ho:thumbsup:


OK now I’m into it. This is a rough value sketch for one of the two ideas I’m considering.


Rough value sketch for the other idea I’m considering.

I need to figure out which one I’m gonna do, but soon, huh? Maybe I’d better just flip a coin…


Since time is so short I’ve picked an image and I’m cranking on it. Hmm… looking at this one after a couple days away it’s clear it’s got problems.

Good thing it’s digital so I can do major tweaks!! sheesh…


I decided I hated the other image, no matter how I tweaked it, so I threw it out and started over from the other sketch. I like this one a lot better in pretty much every way, so now it’s time to render, render, render myself senseless and power the damn thing out.

It’s gonna be a rough few days o’crankin, because I have stuff going on this weekend and I can’t work most of Saturday and Sunday… heh that’s the art biz!! :slight_smile:


Foreground elements hidden for the moment, cleaning up background, pyramid and roadways. Disc ships are all clones of the big one just thrown in for placement at the moment. There will be lots more of them in the final.

Why, oh why, Greg, did you have to make it a twisted ziggurat? sigh I had to use Illustrator to set up the guidelines for it…

I guess in hindsight I could have done fewer steps, eh what? :slight_smile:


hey Jeff! m very curious about ur concept! i really like the highlights and shadows here! :love:

waiting for ur next update dude! :bounce:

good luck ma friend! :thumbsup:

god bless!


Thanx nev! The scene is from chapter 57 in the book. We’re seeing the group as they descend in one of the “disc ships” toward the gate that takes them to Timbl, the world of the Frants. The chapter describes the ships as having no “floor” of any kind, the passengers are just floating in a “traction field” with “traction field lines” to hold on to. So there’s the illusion of just hanging in open space as they fly down to the twisted-pyramid that houses the Timbl Gate.

So, the large disc at the upper left of the progress image is another disc ship on its way down, ahead of the one our heroes are in. You can see several other disc ships at lower altitudes; the book describes dozens of them “stacked like plates” and spiraling in holding patterns, so I’ll be trying to show that as well. Fortunately the ones that are farther away I’ll be able to just duplicate the layers, hooray for digital! :slight_smile:

The pyramid building is described as being very large, perhaps 2 kilometers or a bit more along each side, with many roadways around it and running in through portals on the sides, so I’m trying to get that sense of scale. I’ll be using the disc ships to indicate that - we see our people in the foreground, and then we’ll see some people in that first ship below us which will show the scale of the disc ship, and then we’ll see all these other disc ships lower and lower down, and some very small ones actually close to and entering the pyramid. Hopefully that will indicate how large this view is; we’re looking down from maybe 5km or so.

I’ll be adding some clouds as well as smaller buildings surrounding the pyramid like a small city, and some forested areas and other “habitation” type stuff. Also there are lots of vehicles on the roadways so I’ll be painting a lot of little boxes with shadows extending to represent that.

I’m going to try to do the whole image in Painter IX.5, tho for certain effects I might have to switch over to Photoshop. I did use Illustrator to create a set of guidelines for the twisted pyramid, taking a large square and copy/paste/scale/rotate/repeat repeat repeat - I thought I’d be able to Blend the squares along a path, but that gave me some bizarre unexpected results, so I wound up doing the rotation of each square by hand. I’ll put up the image I used for that so you can see.

I often use Illustrator to lay out guidelines for complex perspective work, I’ve learned some little tricks for making very accurate perspective “skeletons” of buildings etc. Sort of the same stuff you can do in Max or Maya with simple cubes and cylinders and extruded shapes; I’m just learning Maya now, I haven’t done 3D in many many years but getting back into it, so I’m sure it will eventually be faster in Maya than Illustrator!


Showing how I laid out guides for the pyramid, which is a complicated geometry.


Hey Jeff,

Yes, this is the scene just before the one I am doing :).

Your work looks SO professional! I admire people that can paint, cose I can’t at all - I am using Maya instead of brush and pencil. It looks like you really studied the book, even Patricia’s body proportions are there! And the sense of scale that people are struggling with on this challenge - I think you got it just right.

I hope you will find time to finish this, because it already looks good!

Good luck!


Just a bit more work here, cleaning up the pyramid and the roadways some more. Very zoomed-in, detailed work.

I’m not sure if I need to get this nitpicky, maybe this stuff is too small to notice. We’ll see…


Some more tweaks on the pyramid and adding traffic to the roadways. Then I got bored with painting dozens of tiny marks to represent vehicles, and decided to work on foreground stuff.

Sasha, thanks to your comment on Patricia’s body style, I realized that she was out of scale with Lanier, she was much too large in comparison! So I scaled her down a bit and started cleaning her up. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Awesome composition and angle. Not an easy one to illustrate, but looks like it’s gonna be good!! Tnx for the little tutorial. I was wondering how u painted that pyrmaid so well :slight_smile: