Eon (Illustration) Entry: Gonzalo Golpe


It’s looking fantastic. Wonderful stuff!


…maybe some flying tortillas or things like that…Or Banana !!!
Finally you do it ! sorry to not have keep an eye on your thread in all your process, but important things is the finished piece with this great composition.

Maybe you can ripen the ambiant light, to give a more sweet feeling :slight_smile:
Anyway, good job my friend. i Hope to see you next time too, and maybe around before, Who knows, in the matte paiting section or else.



Alrigh G money, I didn’t want to have to say this, but your cloud formation is way sick man. I see that you have been pretty busy in the last few weeks because this piece grew so much since the last time I stopped by. Trully inspiring landscape mate, sove the crisp detail and your imagination.

Now put the finishing touches on this puppy and bring it home.


mdavid: thanks so much dude :wink:

SweD: heyyy!!..banana? what´re you talking about?..

When I finish this work, I´ll make a spanish tortilla and I´ll put a photo here with a flag of France haha. I know, I know, my neurons say “Houston, we have a problem” :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the advice! :wink:

Terro: thanks!! let´s take a walk!..


Whoaaa Gonzalo, such a nice mood you’ve got there!Just love those flying trees and the white structures in the background.
Maybe some green,leaves or something else more close to us in the foreground could even increas emore the feeling of depht.
Really reat atmosphere!I would love to sit in one of those flying trees!!:smiley:


mmmm :D. what i am liking is your approach to only reveal a slight hint that there is more beneath these trees than meets the eye, some powerfull technology…

Very different, bloody fantastic actually :D.

Tortillas are all good!.



OKMER: hey thanks! I thought on putting some floating stuff near the foreground but finally didn´t cause this thing could break the invisible composition curve of the floating trees. Anyway, thanks for looking and for your advice:thumbsup:

LightSovereign: tortillas are excellent!!hahah thanks so much buddy:)

And now, something completely different…or not:D

the final…


[…] “Thousands of varieties of trees and other plants-some food-bearing-had been genetically altered and adapted to weightlessness. Fully a third of the Axis City’s biomass was botanical and concentrated in the Wald.” […]
"Plastic tubes containing thick luminescent soups of bacteria, known as light-snakes or glow-worms, wound through the Wald, each a meter thick and sometimes half a kilometer long.”[…]

I thought on those lines to make my work about “Eon” book, The Wald area. A huge place full of vegetation to enjoy, breathe and relax oneself :slight_smile:


Well, finally I´ve finished this work, wohoo :wink: I´d like to thank you all for this wonderful time and laughings,haha this was a very funny challenge. Special thanks to:














Swed ( tortilla coming soon :twisted: )



Ramy badie





Nwiz25 – you´re the embodiment of happiness. And that´s a good thing, dude :wink:








Dawinky and your cat :wink:








Brrhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :wink:

MechaHateChimp- hi dude!












Sincerely I wish you all the good luck and be happy!! :smiley:


Hey Gonzalo, congratulations on finishing. It looks wonderful - the things I like most about painting and realism combined into one beautiful scene. I’m really happy you were able to come back to finish this work. Good luck


Hey gonzalo,your final work looks great.I mean this really is the Wald.If everyone was gonna draw the Wald you nail this challenge with your hands tied.Great work.



It is a very relaxing image. I also like (as Marley already told you) the posibility that there exists a very advanced technology underneath. Very cool composition! Good luck and see you at the next challenge!


Hey Gonzalo,

congratulations for the finished scene:applause: !
So good that you found the time to complete your entry…
It’s a pleasure to see the beauty and the peaceful mood you’ve created here:thumbsup: !

Good luck and greetings from me …and the cat:D



Good luck too Gonzalo, awesome job:applause:


weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :scream::eek::bounce::love::buttrock::applause:

CONGRATULATIONS Bro! u crossed da finishing line! yaaaaaaay!

entering this challenge … i already won the greatest thing of all - friendship! >:D< :love:
u and constantine made my day! i enjoyed all ur comments … laughs … hehehhehe
sweet memories will always be in my heart!

god bless u bro! take care! n good luck! :thumbsup:


Congrats on finishing Gonzalo! I’ve got a crit though. I would like to see atmosphere in this. I think everything is cut and paste and you can tell a bit. I think if you get some of that sky and haze out some of those bright and saturated trees that is in the background it will be even more convincing. Good luck with your entry though!:thumbsup:


mdavid: thanks dude! sincerely I thought that I couldn´t finish this work those days ago but…thanks to a good breakfast I recharged energy and…haha =)

prabath: thanks so much!!glad you like this forest =)

black_hand_77: thanks!! yeah, I wanted to make a relaxing atmosphere, to take deep breathes:D

daWinky: hi there! danke!! :wink: yeah, I found time to take a walk through this forest =)

rawwad: thank you ,dude! =)

nwiz25: heyy! the happiest guy on solar system! haha :smiley: thanks for your beautiful words and, with the permission of my girlfriend, I love you!:smiley: :smiley:

beelow: hey bro! thanks!! well, I´ve tried to do what you tell me some time ago, but… don´t know, I prefered this kind of colours, I mean, this kind of saturated atmosphere before or after the stormy clouds come to the scene… or maybe you´re right haha I remember your good advices on Spectacular Challenge:thumbsup:


Hi there! I´ve changed a little bit the atmosphere. Final :wink:


Seriously…that is SO COOL. I LOVE IT. Your style reminds me of William Robertson, an Australian painter. Truly fantastic!

Cheers :smiley:


Hey, thanks, gringer, glad you like it:)