Eon (Illustration) Entry: Gonzalo Golpe


You´d watch the muscles of my left wrist
i know you’re machine flesh ! call him terminator of the tablet, he is linked to an WPS (wrist pression system) to be more efficient ! :smiley:


More trees, viva los trees!! :wink: I´ll add people walking through the walk, maybe flying too hehe and cool tubes over the vegetation and more stuff.

Kisses!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Cyril,haha…what kind of uncomfortable machine is this!!If I put that stuff I won´t can make any tasty omelette anymore!!..or maybe yes?..I´m hungryyy:buttrock:











keep em comin bro! me likes it very much!



Yeah, that’s looking really good. There’s a kind of surreal feeling about it which I like a lot.


Looking good Gonzalo…
Let’s keep working!



Hey Gonzalo,

I agree with Mark here, there’s really a kind of surreal feeling looking at your scene…and a very pleasant look:thumbsup: …good progress, so keep up the great work!

Nice weekend for you!



nwiz25: thank youuuu
Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!:smiley: … u!

mdavid: hey thanks! I agree and I like this surreal feeling,hehe.

Nekomouse: thanks!! and how about yours? I´ll take a look… :thumbsup:

daWinky: thanks so much! and have a great time this weekend too!!:bounce:


Ha Ha ~ very nice work~GonzaloGolpe~good luck!~:bounce::bounce:


Sorry…im so lazy to read all the post…but which is your depicting here?

Great matte.:thumbsup:


minminxu: Oh thank you! and I like the swimming creatures of your blog, hehe;)

Nazirull: haha don´t worry. I have to put in the title on the next post, hehe.I´m working on “The Wald” .Thanks!!:thumbsup:


I enjoy the large angle and composition of your work. It’s cool and relaxing. Though I might add some futuristic forms of trees and terraforming, or put the accent on the middle path, making it look more from the future. I like it so far, and I’ll sure enjoy it when it’s finished. About my gate gathering… Going hard but forward. Thanks 4 viewing it!


Hey, thanks for leaving a message in my thread! And good luck with your Crazy Floating Tree thing :thumbsup:

Nice going so far!


Interesting matte painting, but where’s the chamber geomtry? :shrug:


Hello there!

black_hand_77: yep, I´m gonna put several stuff:thumbsup: Thanks!and good luck again!

strangegoat: hehe you´re welcome:thumbsup:

Suirebit: hi! well I imagine the world beyond the 7th chamber not as a cylinder form. Besides, if I put a cylinder form in this landscape maybe I could loss depth.


actually reminds me on the blockbuster “forrest jump” :scream: nice trees, now looking forward to what you come up with next :slight_smile: mean of you to mention the spanish omlette, now i am hungry again :stuck_out_tongue:
keep up the great work, andele andele riva riva, speedy gonzalo! rock on! :beer::buttrock::wip:


Great work!This is shaping up nicely,the composition & the panoramic view is what I enjoy the most.Keep rocking.



TheFirstAngel:LOL! forrest jump…a great spanish omelette for free!!:thumbsup:

prabath: oh, thanks so much!

But, one thing. Maybe I can´t finish this challenge, this work cause I´m working on two projects, and still lots of matte paintings to create soo… It´s a pity cause I´m enjoying so much this challenge a laughing a lot haha.So good luck to you mates! I´m sure you´ll do your best!:bounce:

I´ll be watching to your works, of course! :wink:

See ya! If I make time I´ll try to finish my piece, but It´s a difficult aspect :frowning:

Kisses and hugs! =)


Hey Gonzalo…

Maybe I can´t finish this challenge…

oh no…we don’t want to hear this, you’ve already such a nice scene and all the work you put in it…:scream: that would really be a pity, hope that you can find some time to finish though, still about two month of time to go:wise: …



Yeah, no surprise that I agree with Sabrina. It would be a real shame - you got off to such a great start. But it sounds like your workload is pretty scary. Good luck getting through it. It would be fantastic if you were able to get back to this illustration