Eon (Illustration) Entry: Gonzalo Golpe


rofl, congrats on your 1000’th post :scream::beer: so you went shopping instead of painting :twisted: harhar, sigh… errrr i better go paint too ^^

keep on rocking, damn, already on coloring? havent even gotten my concept phase done yet:argh: panic ^^
mind to slow down except you want me to look like a snail :wink:


Nazirull: thanks! yes!ohh those times agoo:D (I think that guy crashed,haha)

nwiz25: thanks so much again! =)

ramy badie: oh thanks for your nice words. :thumbsup:

mdavid: thanks youuuu

OKMER: thanks!! yep, I´m starting the composition and I´ll add more clouds:thumbsup:

rawwad thanks mate!!

elmasfeo: gracias!! those lines will be a part of Central City, I think,hehe. About the sky, well, as a huge city or place I think it has a kind of atmosphere and this scene is beyond the chambers so…well I want to make it more natural landscape,hehe, but ,hey, I´m beginning the word so all the options are opened =)

walrus: thanks Mike! yep, a pretty place to take breath :wink:

TheFirstAngel THANK YOUUUUU I ´ll eat a great spanish omelette to celebrate it,hohoHOO:bounce:
I think in these upcoming days I´ll put an update soo, don´t change the TV channel! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


still tuned right here, further transmission expected :twisted: lol, feeel the pressure :stuck_out_tongue:
hehe keep on going, awiting that next step ^^


Hey Gonzalo!
Good work!:thumbsup: Great concept! Good luck!


Very Nice.However you may want to add chamber specific elements like
hanging cities,plasma tubes,shinning reverse ,perspective and itsy bitsy human beings.



Hey man, nice job on the layout. The hillside is pretty good where its at. Are you going to have any foreground elements to your comp? Congrats on your 1000th post! -J


Hi there! I´m adding new photos that I took and painting the background and all over there :slight_smile: I´ll add more surprises on upcoming posts :wink:


TheFirstAngel: under pressure. Great song!:stuck_out_tongue:

DiM: Hi dude!!let´s go!

brrrhmmm: thanks! well, in this composition I´m centering on the wald concept more than the stone characterictics

MechaHateChimp: hey bro! what´s up with Hollywood movies!!!haha, I´m agree with your blog topic:cool: And yep, I´ll add foreground super cool elements,haha:wavey: See ya!


Hey Gonzalo - looking really good.

Definitely one of the trickiest scenes to illustrate and one of the most fun.

Looking forward to seeing how this develops

Dave :applause: :bounce:


I love the way you’ve handled that mix of loose painterly effects with the photographic details. For a work in progress it already looks wonderful. It’s great to see that the sky has developed more drama too. I’m really enjoying this thread.


I like those clouds, I want to see where you go with this matte! Looking really impressive Gonzalo!


Great start to the matte! Im watching…:thumbsup:


Wish you good luck :slight_smile:


MrFreeman: hey, yep, I´d like to take a walk and fly on the wald:scream:

mdavid: hey thanks! and I´m enjoying and laughing with your work too, is great haha

beelow: what´s up B thanks!:scream:

Nazirull: thank you!!

elnady: and thanks to you too! =)


:smiley: sexy details comin up buddy! :eek: lot of work must’ve gone into them trees! :eek:

no wonder they’re beautiful! :eek:

can’t wait to c more dude!

( hehehehe … u and constantinos make me laugh so much! :scream: … )

cheers! :beer: n good luck man!:thumbsup:


Hey Gonzalo, :wink:
it’s coming my friend so now don’t stop and paiiiint :scream:
Always here to see your progress, and waiting to see kind of surprising details you’ll got for us !



The sketch is looking great. Bring it on!


Really nice scene - I love that flying tree. Coolness :slight_smile:


nwiz25: hehe so, keep on laughing. It´s good for health and complexion!:scream: :smiley:

SweD: thanks!!! I paint, I paint. You´d watch the muscles of my left wrist:D:twisted:

soapy: thank you!!

Gunilla: good morning:wavey: hehe. Thanks! and don´t forget to feed your doggy. He loses hair haha

Shortly I´ll put and update to all my friends of the world!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I´m going to lunch. Bon appétit!!


I´m working on the texture of the way that goes through the forest on the foreground. Here I put a sample:

And now, let´s continue working. Transformationn…
EDIT: I forgot. The texture was made in photoshop:D