Eon (Illustration) Entry: Gonzalo Golpe


I love your concepts Gonzalo, i cant wait to see them turned into a mattep :buttrock:


I think the latest concept is brilliant. Love the entire composition. Keep working on it.


buena suerte! muy buen komiezo!


wow, so much idea here since my last visit :eek:
Floating tree is really a good idea, and me too, can’t wait to see how you’ll turn this in matte.
Go on Gonzalo ! :thumbsup:


Very nice use of tree textures! I really am getting a nice feel for this world!


Hey Zalo!

Impressive to see how fast you’ve picked your scene of interest…you know what you want:) !

I like the first sketches and really appreciate the mood you show in the last one, seems you’re on the way to a very unique and interesting scene:thumbsup: !

I’m curious now to follow your progress!



Nice work!
I like the dynamics of the exploding trees…
Can’t wait to see more.
Good luck!


Looks like paradise-concept to me! Maybe You should add one floating apple tree plus adam&eve in spacesuits :slight_smile:
Good luck!


Hey there Gonzalo, very cool looking scene! Off topic: I just checked out your website, awesome mattes man! :wavey:

Matt :slight_smile:


Wow another amount of responses, I have to make some spanish omelettes in appreciation for you people, haha:

soapy: thanks!!

OKMER: thank you! I want a floating tree haha

ramy badie: oh, thanks for your words. I´ll try to do my best =)

ReinaldoRomero: gracias compañero!

Terro: thanks so much! :wink:

ei-en: muchas gracias!!:scream:

SweD: and your library is coming along great!!:thumbsup:

daWinky: thanks for your kind words :wink:

Nekomouse: thanksss =)

taavi: hahaha, cool. Maybe translucent space suits,lol

mmbenya: oh, thank you. Very glad you like it and wonderful offtopic hahaha:scream:

Now I´m starting to make a line art of the composition to include more structures like the book told us and I´ll upload here as soon as possible.




Hi again. This hieroglyphic is the line art. Number 1, the composition, number 2 the tubes that I´ll put on the painting, like the book tells:“Plastic tubes containing thick luminescent soups of bacteria, known as light-snakes or glow-worms, wound through the Wald, each a meter thick and sometimes half a kilometer long.”
Shortly I´ll put the first work in progress,so see you later :wink:


Hi again hehe. Well, time to start the matte painting =) Now I´m going to the market to buy amounts of patiente ok? :wink: see ya!

EDIT: ohh!! my 1000 post!! let´s celebrate it!!:bounce:


Hi there!

Havent got time to look through but i remember u from that guy space-diving in Spectacular Challenge…

Keep it up buddy! :thumbsup:


mindblowing man! love the depth in ur imagery :stuck_out_tongue: :eek: … waiting to c whats next :bounce:

good luck to u dude! cheeeeeeeeeeeers!:beer:


The overall shape and composition of this piece are brilliant right now. I can’t wait for you to really get into the detailing, this is going to be really great. Good luck.


It’s all good, really good. But I just love the way you’ve done those distant stormy clouds. Beautiful stuff.


Nice start of the matte painting Gonzalo!!!
Looking forward for your next steps!

Look cool those clouds!Although like they have an stormy look, they feel a bit strange right in the middle of a bleu sky like that.
But its just the beginnig ofcourse.

Keep m coming mate:thumbsup:


Nice start and good luck dude!:thumbsup:


Hola de nuevo Gonzalo!

Good start, I’ve seen your matte paints and this one looks very promising! :thumbsup:
if I can ask, what are those vertical lines near the horizon in your composition sketch?
…and the difficult one: I haven’t read the book but… is there supposed to be a blue sky in there? is there even a “sky” at all? aahah…


Hey, Gonzalo. Taking on the Wald, huh? Good luck - I never got a really soid idea of what that would look like from the book, so it’ll be nice to see your take on it is it progresses more. Good luck with it!