Eon (Illustration) Entry: Gonzalo Golpe


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Latest Update: Final Image: THE WALD


ohh my…here I go…:scream:


Heya, best of luck Zalo! :slight_smile:


Good luck and have fun!
Wanna see something amazin’, k? :smiley:


Gonzalo! Bienvenido! Muy Buena Suerte mi amigo!


Hey gonzalo wellcome y que tengas buena suerte!


good luck to you on this =)


best wishes mate,good luck:thumbsup:


Good luck Zalo - let’s have fun!


:bounce: :thumbsup: Good Luck Gonzalo…

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with

let the challenge begin!! :applause:


:wavey: Hey thanks for the warm welcome!:scream:

Sincerely, I didn´t know the book:blush: . Well, I think this book wasn´t published in spanish…don´t know it. Anyway, I´ve read the plot and it´s very very cool so, let´s work!

Rebeccak: heyy!!thanksss =)

MVDB: hehe, let´s gooo :stuck_out_tongue:

Jose-Pardo: muchas gracias compañero!!

ReinaldoRomero: muchas gracias to you too =)

adonihs: thanks!!

MichaelZHsee: and good luck to you too. Sure you´ll do a wonderful job =)

Gunilla: helloooo! thanks so much!

MrFreeman: on your marks, get set… thanks_!!


Good luck Zalo!

Buena suerte antiguo compañero de challenge! :bounce:


hallo Zalo
and good luck and sure we gonna have fun… :bounce:
even without any fur… haha


just want to see what you up to,
good luck,:slight_smile:


bienevido amigo! have fun :smiley:


elmasfeo: hombre!muchas gracias tío!:scream:

makaron: haha yes …an asteroid full of fur would be…cool maybe lol. Violet fur with green spots:argh:

Korline: thanks so much. I´ll be watching to yours too =)

Vahn: Danke!!:scream:

I´m just reading the book and it´s very cool and original. When I finish it, I´ll start to make something super cool…or not haha :wink: See ya!


I’ll start to read it today it looks like a great book.Good luck gonzalo waiting great paintings from you,good luck,cheers:beer:


hi Gonzalo :slight_smile: I’ve seen your work from the digital matte painting forum, with Atlantis contest, and you are now one of the people of who i’ve follow thread.
Good luck and have fun in EON ! :bounce:


Hey man! Wy not throw out some doodles while reading? :stuck_out_tongue: Eager to see some! Good luck! Later…


Velarion: hey! thanks my friend :wink:

SweD: hehe I´m glad to hear that.thanks!! :thumbsup:

FrozZT: heheh, well, finally I´ve just read the book ( and I have to huge bags under the eyes,lol!). I must say it´s a surprising and original book. I liked it a lot, soooo let´s goo!!:scream: