Eon (Illustration) Entry: Gijs Leijdekkers


@ artvandeley: Torsten, I’m really honored you posted (as the first one!) in my thread, as your image for The Journey Begins was really… spectacular! Its a true masterpiece! It’s a shame I’m so busy on my study, so I didn’t have too much interaction with other partipicants (like you) on this challenge. What I’ve seen so fast of your entry is really cool and in every case ‘more fitting the theme’… :wink: I’m just trying to be different, and it’s great to hear you like that. :slight_smile: Lots thanks for the post (gave me more energy :wink: ), and all the best on finishing your entry!

More updates tomorrow!


Here’s a very quick and early drawing of the composition. I made it 3 weeks ago, so the idea has been in my head longer than you might think.

At the left will be a sort of church, from which the tower is stuck through the roof. At the right are rocks, on which toilet’s will be placed, and where ‘the creatures’ play music…

It all might sound a bit weird and silly - I’m just trying to break the general ‘cliché’ ideas. :slight_smile:

It’s just paper&pencil. At the top you can see a quick marker&tipex rendering of a ‘miyazaki-creature’ I’ll be having in the scene.


Here I show you the step in my workflow I called ‘creating an interesting composition in a vector application’. I sketched out some very simple and rough lines to look what scales would work the best. Later - in Photoshop - I’ve continued working on the composition (lots of ‘horizontal flips’), till it was balanced out right.

With the 2 days and 13- hours left it will be tight, but I still believe I can make something… interesting. :slight_smile:


In this sketch I give you an idea of what it will look like if ‘such a Miyazaki-creature’ plays the cello on the toilet. Sound a bit odd, but the idea is that the sweat from playing intensive is drained off though the toilet, so that the conductor can live on…

Seems a complicated circle of life, but that circle of live of the Sixth Chamber is complicated too!

The sketch was just paper&(color)pencils&markers, but after scanning I added some touches of Photoshop.

More updates within 12 hours! Please tell me what you think of it so far, now I can still make changes very easily. :slight_smile:


Well, this might not really be ‘line-art’, but I will use it as my lineart. :slight_smile:

In this step I’ve been balancing the composition - in fact the first time I really paid attention to it - by endlessly horizontal flipping the image. I think that at this point, the composition is good enough to continue with. As I’m used to both versions (‘normal’ and ‘flipped one’), I’m still not sure which one I’ll be using in the final image. I think I’ll choose in a later stadium - maybe with your help. :slight_smile:


Just a few lines to show what the eye-curve would look like. As I’m still not very experienced with this stuff, I’m only experimentating with this.

The gray grid exists of 3x3 rectangles, and the idea is that the main things are out of the centre (which I did not do very succesfull :wink: ). The yellow parts are the ‘main elements’, which should attract the eye. The red line is the eye-curve (beginning at the top). The blue line is an extended line of the tower, which will point your eye to the ‘orchestra’.


This is where I need your help: I need to choose between these two colorschemes: blueish in the dark parts and yellow in the light, or vice versa? I think the left one of these two images has an interesting atmosphere, as the bright yellow (sun-) light is coming from outside, and the dark parts are blueish. What do you think; which do you like the best?

Further: instead of the original idea of having an octopus ‘play’ with a conductor-marionette, I choosed to hang an astronaut there. Reason one: the original idea would ruin the composition (while the octopus would form a nice centre). Reason two: it would all get too complicated to paint. Reason three: it would not have to do anything with the theme. In the new idea I can show that this scene is in space. :slight_smile:

One thing I still need to choose: how will the astronaut be controlled?! Please tell me which of the following you like the best:

  1. He’s still alive, and just does do it himself
  2. He’s dead and his arms are lifted by little birds (‘The birds in Snowwhite were strong enough to do what they done, so they’ll be strong enough to lift the astronaut’s arm’ :wink: ). It might give the scene an a bit more fairytail-y look, which might be interesting!
  3. He’s dead and his arms are controlled by two storks that are standing on the astronaut’s helmet.

I know my entry is now getting veeery different from the general EON-entries, and I know I don’t really follow the rules (as I don’t think it has enough connection to serve as promotional material, which is in the rules), but I just hope to make something satisfying and to break the clichés.

Next step: modeling some simple 3D models, to get a simple lighted scene, as a base for the overpaint. Updates soon!

Time is getting tight (‘1 day, 23 hours’) (really stupid from me agáin, to wait till the last hours of a 5 month-contest), but I’m still confident I’ll finish it in time! :slight_smile:


In this image you can see some of the simple 3D objects which I’ll be rendering to have a nice beginningpoint for the overpainting. The lights will be placed at the bottom (so that they’ll look like mushrooms), and the lightbulbs will be ‘living’ in the church-part.
The astonaut model is just a simple ‘biped’ which I posed into the right shape. In the end the arms of this conductor-astronaut will be controlled by two birds…

Time to move on with only 24 hours left! :slight_smile: I’m still positive about it all, as I got it managed to get a day off tomorrow, so that I can work the whole day on it! :slight_smile:

You’d really make me happy by telling me what you think of it so far. :slight_smile:


Here’s a screenshot of my final 3D scene. It got more detailed than it was intended to be having, but at least it’s a great startingpoint for the brushwork/overpaint. At the time I’m rendering some lightingpasses to have a nice base for further work.

You might be thinking ‘that guy is never gonna make it’, but I keep positive! :wink: Just have to work on! Lots of updates within 8 hours and 23 minutes! :wink:


And some more screenshots of the final scene. Now let’s hope the resting 8 hours and 1 minute will be enough! :wink:

And… if you wanna say something about it… I don’t stop you! (hint :wink: )


My two renders: GI pass and a color-selections pass. I’m a bit in a hurry for posting my final: more info maybe later! :wink:


Here you see the painting before vs after the final color-timing.


And the final image of the Sixth Room! More info & ‘thanks to’ later! :wink:


oops … pressed the submit button … my mistake … sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


hey dude! congratulations on ur finish! :):bounce:very different concept!
it speaks for itself i must say :stuck_out_tongue: plus … a dash of humor! hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

good luck mate! :thumbsup:

cheers to u! :beer:


@ Neville, thanks allot for your nice reply! I’m really happy to see ‘one of the BIG-ones on this challange’ around in my thread! :wavey: Ofcourse I also followed your work, and I think it’s one of the potential winners! You got such a dynamic and well-executed image together! I red this was your first challenge, and that you were surprised by the amount of nice people and knowledge you get here. I must say that that still amazes me - after 5+ big challenges! It’s just such a cool atmosphere around in these forums around times of a challenge.
I just hope to have some more time for interaction on the next challenge, and to be ‘challenging’ you again!


You might have noticed that it has been a week since the deadline, but I still didn’t post any close-ups or extra information.

  In the last hours it was getting all quite rushed (mainly because too much time went into the 3D-scene, that was originally meant as 'just some perspective reference'!), so that my final image has some very odd touches. But thinking positive: I learnt some new methods and things, and in fact I'm a bit proud of little parts of the image.
  I'll show you some close-ups/crops of that below:
  [i]First of all, I show you the render of the bulbs (done seperately from the scene, to later add it in 2D), that I used for the bulbs in the right. It's just a very basic 3dsmax scene with minimal lighting (skylight, area-shadow light and specular-light), but served very well in the final scene.[/i]
  [i]Here you see the part with the 'Miyazaki-creatures', which were not very executed the way I had intended (as a key in the story was that they were playing music... something they... aren't really doing at the time ;) )
  Little lights on a big journey. Where they are going? I don't really know, but I bet it's something spectacular! (otherwise they'd be too lazy to move... because: have you ever seen a moving light? [/i][i]I must admit it's quite rare  :p )[/i]
  [i]But there's no journey without risks... Sadly enough some lamps just don't get it to the 'nice next place', and fall into the depth and darkeness... :cry:[/i]
  Just a little crop of the final image: I think the direction the birdy-sculptures are looking is interesting... As they seem to understand they have full power now mankind left this place (as the good astronaut... might be dead)...[/i]
  [[b]CLICK for the image[/b]](http://members.lycos.nl/oldentower/bestanden/CGTalk/WIP-afterdeadline_1-benen&lampje_closeup.jpg)
  [i]After trying some crops/closeups, I concluded that this little, simple image might be having even more impact than the final image, as it's so mysterious, abstract, surreal and emotional. There are so many things you can think of 'why the lamps look at the feet' and 'why those feet are hanging around there' and 'what those weird vertical lines at the right are (if you don't know it's a church, it can be quite confusing).[/i]
  [left][b][CLICK for the image](http://members.lycos.nl/oldentower/bestanden/CGTalk/WIP-afterdeadline_4-lang&hoog_closeup.jpg)[/b]


  [left][i]And a final one that stretches my thread a bit: a little slice of the final image, in a way it might look mysterious, surreal and artistic.[/i]
  I hope you got a better look at my final image this way, and that you liked following my process. I just hope to have more time for interaction on the next challenge, as this time it all was quite rushed for me. 
  Also I've allready choosen to not combine 2D and 3D too much, as it made the process a bit too complex this time. Next time I'd like to just do a simple 2D painting with an interesting composition and some organic things.
  I've also discovered that I learned in this challenge how to create a composition and how to balance it (with the horizontal flip-method). Also I re-discovered 3dsmax, as I hadn't been using it for about 8 months. (yeah, big shame!)
  All the best, and hope to see you later, probably on a next challenge!


Dutchman, this is fantastic work. I can’t understand what it has to do with Eon (I haven’t read the novel, but I have an electronnic copy and I can’t find any references to astronauts, birds, or migrating lightbulbs) but I don’t care, because it’s cool. The style is totally not “CG” which is good because too much CG looks “CG” in my opinion.

Is there any explanation for how this image derives from the book, or is it just a work of creative genius? I think you could write a book or a short story at least FROM this art, as opposed to the other way around. It seems to hold a lot of figurative meaning. Something about the cross on the steeple, and the way that the chain to the astronaut - it reminds me of a necklace.

Anyway, I can’t quite see how this can win because it’s so far from the specification, but I think you should submit it to art competitions of a more general nature.



Thanks, SBWoodside! I’m sorry I didn’t respond earlier, but I didn’t get an email that there was a fresh reply… I just had to find it out myself! :wink:

I’m very happy to hear you respect my work so well! I’m far from happy with the piece, but there are some little detail that I’m quite pleased with (mainly some of those ‘close-ups’).

Is there any explanation for how this image derives from the book, or is it just a work of creative genius?
Well, 2 years ago, on the (good old :smiley: ) ‘Machineflesh’ challenge (see my thread here), I had a very cliché concept at first, so someone responded (Jawine) and said that I should try something more creative and ‘different’. I think that was the reply that really changed a bit of my life, because I got the insight that it’s better to try it in a different way. Also I’ve been watching a bunch of interesting movies that days (mainly interesting were the ones from Burton and Jeunett), that gave me lots of inspiration. These days I’m in fact more focussing on film containing (surreal) visual effects. Something I created that way last year (directed by Maarten de Vugt, a friend on artcollege - I did the vfx and postproduction), based on the painting ‘Golconde’ from René Margritte. See it here.

I’ve always been interested in combining the 3D with the 2D medium. I’ve always been quite 3D focussed (on previous challenges), and I did the last challenge (‘The Journey Begins’) in 2D, but with a very complex process, which I didn’t like in the end. So I practiced my 2D painting, and planned to do this with a mix of both things. Also I learned allot of composition in this challenge, as I really tried to ballance it out.

The reason that my image doesn’t really fit with the theme, is that I just began sketching without knowing very much of the story. I only looked at work of some of the other entrants and readed some of the keywords. I also choosed quite early to base my work on the ‘Sixth Chamber’. Most of the elements are more symbolic. For instance: my original idea was to have an octopus playing with a puppet, who conducted the ‘weird-wet-creatures’, so that they began to sweat, and feeded the octopus. It would be a sort of ‘complex circle of life’, which is based on the ‘complex circle of life’ in the ‘Sixth Chamber’ (with the idea of raining etc). At the end the idea of an octopus was removed, and the conductor became a spaceman (so the circle wasn’t complete anymore…) The bulbs were just… some idea that could look nice (and I think they do :slight_smile: ), and in the end the combination with the empty lampholders looks quite funny? :slight_smile:

That ‘necklace’ is in fact his arm on this side, but I painted if very, very bad. It just should seem he conducts the weird, wet creatures. My problem keeps being that I work too close to the deadline. I’ve allready in mind to do my next challenge only as 2D ór 3D (I think 2D, as I quite enjoy that the last times), and focus on one character or so (a portret). Keeping it simple that way, I can really focus on the details and quality, plus, I can have a stress-less night before the deadline! (as I sended the final entry only about 2 minutes before deadline!)

I think you’re right that I need to entry it to more general art competions or galleries. The point is that I’ve never yet made something that I’m really proud of (which is meanly because of the high standards here on CGT: I know my goal-quality :wink: ), so I don’t promote this as ‘my ultimate quality’.

I hope I’ve answered your questions! :wip: I was very happy to see that you like it, and to get such an interesting opion and questions! :slight_smile:

All the best! :wavey:


I would say that the standards here are biased in favour of photorealism and a sort of techno effect – very Hollywood. But there are other high standards which might judge your art more highly than here.


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