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Latest Update: Initial color pass or textured and lit model: playing more


This was just after the initial sketch and I was starting to add in some imagery.


The bridge on the left and some of the buildings do have some lighting added in. Not sure if I will get the time to complete this however I am ejoying this kind of work.


hi Edmond! welcome aboard! :bounce:

very cool concept mate! i like the haze and perspective depth! :eek: even the colours are amazing! :eek: im really looking forward to more updates! :smiley:

good luck dude! :thumbsup:

cheers! :beer:


yeah cheers, Im just getting used to this process of adding images here. How do people usually add more pix?.. using html and remote images?. I am not finding this site particularly user friendly at the moment.


hey dude! …

go to the challenges page and click on ’ SUBMIT ENTRY’ :


wen ur there … ull be asked for ur username and password, once u’ve entered them, u’ll come to a page where u’ll have to submit ur artwork according to each MILESTONE … do this carefully … theres a ‘select milestone’ drop down menu tab … u’ll immediately kno wats wat …

concept art
Line Art/Model
initial color pass or textured and lit model
final composite and color timing
final image

i hope this helpd ya mate … if theres a prob … go to the EON FAQ thread n post ur queries … Robert Mibus will surely help u out


take care dude! :wavey:


Still throwing in images to make up the right hand side. Once I am happy with the placement etc and look of everything I will start from painting and do highlight and shading passes. All the expected stuff.



The detail in the thumbnail really caught my eye, love the angle of the image :slight_smile: hope you get time to finish


Ok not sure if Im wrecking this but Im having a bash of what I can do in the short amount of time. Hopefully I can find a 2 session to gun it. So at the moment I just threw some clouds in and painted a bit and in an overall sense tried to keep it all tied in.


Nice piece so far. I like the palette you’re using. There are some really nice details everywhere. And you’ve certainly got a lot done in a short amount of time. I’m not quite certain how it ties in to ‘Eon.’ Is this supposed to be a city in the Stone? Or on Earth? Is the beam of light in the sky the plasma tube, or a missile raining down during the Death? It isn’t quite clear yet…

Also, it could be worth thinking about making it look more futuristic. No matter which locale you’re depicting, it feels like it could be a bit more far-flung. (Especially if it’s on the Stone!) At the moment it feels very contemporary.

Good luck with the remaining time!



Cheers, its on earth and basically just ‘Stone’ about to apear next to the moon. After the supernova. I am trying to make it less ‘larger than life’ and over emphsized. Since its supposed to be an alternative timeline around the year 2000 I decided to make it like our cites however not one in particular. Almost like how gotham city on the new Batty Begs wasn’t too over designed in the wider mattes. So basically its a very extreme ambiguous event unfolding in the sky, its also the golden hour and most people are unbeknownst as to the news they may receive later that day. So its the dawn of a new discovery. I personally like an underlying statement in these types of imagery, attempting to show much without telling the whole story in one image. Im thinking of it maybe from a shot perspective. Bummer is I think Im gonna have to hit the road next week so Im likley not to finish it unless I get a good 5hrs.

Thanks for the encouragement. Also I am going to try to make the beam in the middle feel like its disturbing the atmospere more, maybe the particulate matter will be drawn towards it in a turbulent way.



Cool, nice hearing what your take on it is. I’m sure you can find an hour or two here or there to squeeze in in the coming week… good luck!



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