Eon (Illustration) Entry: Didzis Beitlers


This is really cool! I like it a lot. The one comment I have is the same as one I had in another thread; because of the huge massive scale of the chamber, from the ground looking up at this angle the circularity of the vertical chamber wall would be distorted by perspective, meaning it would look more “pear” or “egg” shaped toward the top instead of round. However, for the purposes of illustration that might look odd or distracting, so feel free to ignore that!! :slight_smile:

You might just want to try fisheye-ing your lens a little bit to get just a suggestion of that distortion.

Also, as Sasha says don’t forget the atmospheric perspective! That will really give a great feeling of size and realism!


yup yup! i agree with OZ! :eek: :bounce: very cool colour scheme! its got that icy look! :smiley:

keep em comin mate!

good luck to u! :thumbsup:

cheers! :beer:


Tnx for cheering me on mates, :), I’m trying.


Just adding more details to the ground buildings.


Moving stuff around, not sure about this or that.


I think this is starting to work a little better finally!!


looks cool man!! maybe a little more shadows around there, greatly detailed!!


Just a small little update, tnx, yes, more shadows helped.


Using lighten with a medium value color and then another color layer on top.


Just an update of the current pic.


So I added some buildings in the sky, and some drama. What do you think? What should I focus on here, with one evening left to work on?


Nice style firstly and a sort of unusual, which is good.

I think perhaps work on the people on the comp, as although it kind of works it doesnt look quite right to me, perhaps the person in the bottom left could be made smaller and have a shadow.

Overall though it looks good and keep it up with 1 day remaining!

Hope the servers are going to be working alright!!


Thanks for feedback :). Ya, I hope I can manage to put a figure in there somewhere in one day, and yes, I hope the servers work too.


i dont’ really have line art for this one, so i’ll just submit something


I have a question about submitting final image. Do you sumbit a regular less then 150 kb one, or do you go for full file size? I tried, but it didn’t let me.


Line art.


oh man! :eek: i totally missed ur post!! :cry:

but congratulations it is! :scream::applause:

ur entry has changed in a cool way indeed! very metallic and painterly! :arteest:

wishing you the very best of luck my friend! :thumbsup:

god bless!


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