Eon (Illustration) Entry: Daniel Justin Bird


Nice concept you’ve done, I like the comp, about the color Im a little bit concerned…I think if you’d played more with different tones colors…the depht of your picture would have been stronger!!! Very nice concept…Good luck!:slight_smile:


WOW…:eek: Thanks guys, I’m really touched by all your responses.:love:

 It's difficult to see my painting in this forum, so you can't really see the problems I had with this image during the final day, there is a huge part of the city that I have yet to paint and there's also parts of the image that don't line up correctly because I tried 

to throw things together at the last moment. I did try very hard to complete it within the time, but there’s just too much work left to do…:argh:

 I think I must of worked everyday since the fourth of october on this challenge, :hmm:  and I still could not finish on time, even with the extended time given.:surprised
 But I suppose I should not be too disappointed as it is only my second digital painting that I have ever done and it has been a big learning experience for me.:)
 Sorry to everyone that I did not get to comment on your progress during the challenge.
 A huge thanks to everyone,:scream: and good luck


:eek: Dan, if this is you second digital work, I really think in a couple year’s time you’ll definitely run circles around quite a few big names.I really hope you’ll find time to finish it anyway, it’s too good to be left half done, and I really want to see it in all its glory, man!

(Crawls away to hide under his PC…) :wink:


Really sorry that you didn’t make it :hmm:
Hope to see it finished one day, it’s going to be a true masterpiece! :thumbsup: :bounce:


Great concept. Amazing city.


wow that’s nice ! excellent work man.



very very good!:bounce:


the tree is unnecessary,influence the sense of sight!


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