Eon (Illustration) Entry: Daniel Justin Bird


man! im just waiting for the final details! :eek: this is gonna rock big time! :eek::buttrock:

good luck my friend! :thumbsup:



I’m just trying to paint as fast as I can. I’m not so sure I will make it before the final. :[
But here is an update of part of my progress. Comments welcome.


Thanks to everyone who has commented recently. :slight_smile:


I think this is the one to work with, but you just have to FINISH! Sorry to remind you that there are only 2 days left, but I want to see your final comp uploaded, because I think it would look amazing and I really like your style. Good luck and fast laning till finish!:thumbsup:



My final composite and colour timing. :}


Your entry is wonderfull mate, sorry i didnt follow your thread. At this point I dont have any C&C for you, just good luck and wish you finish in time


final image.


:thumbsup: Beautiful and original image!good luck with this challenge!


I’ve missed the deadline… :cry: I tried to paint as much as possible within the last week, but there’s still too much work that needs doing.

I might continue with it for my portfolio, considering I’ve spent so much time on it. :sad:

Thanks to everyone for your support and good luck.


what??? oh my gosh noooo this is such a shame!!! was about to tell you how much your thistledown piece kick ass rocks when i read you missed the deadline :cry::banghead::argh: oh my gosh that’s a tragedy. why didnt you just send what you had? its just beatiful mate! :frowning:
well then, hope to see ya finish this but still its a tragedy :frowning:


Now that’s really sad indeed because I love your pic.All these details!We can get lost in the pic so easily!Totaly rocking!Can’t wait till you will work it out even more for your portfolio then!Stiil sad!!:beer:


Blody stingrays i cant belive this, agreed, this is very sad indeed, gorgeous piece of art you have there. I am very sorry you didnt make it in time mate.


You really did a great job. A wonderful image, full of details, with a unique touch of futuristic architectural vision. And a breathtaking clouded background. Sort of elf-like world but truly brilliant! Now, good luck with the judging and see u around! :thumbsup:


I’ve just read. You missed the deadline?!?!?!?!?!?! :scream::eek::D:rolleyes::sad::((
Now really, can’t you talk directly to the forum leaders and ask them if it’s not possible to close an eye on this deal? Because it is a shameful situation, regarding the kind of brilliant work that you cameup with. I now institute a vote for your admittance in the contest on your forum. and I write with capital letters:


I vote YES. Because is a hard worked image. And very well done. Radu (black-hand-77)


OH no!! :eek: :sad: … this is not good! this cant be happening man! :cry: pls pls … something has to be done!! this is stunning work! i love it a lot! wat say friends???
i wholeheartedly agree with black-hand-77! dan has really given his all for this … :frowning:

[/size] I vote YES. Because is a hard worked image. And very well done.
neville dsouza ( nwiz25 )

i cast my vote! pls pls gather around people … pls pls we should not let this slip away! :cry:


Ohh man, so sorry:sad:


Sorry if I sound thick, but I’m a bit confused.

Your ‘final image’ step is in, timed at 23.59 GMT (one minute before the deadline), as I see it you are in.
It is because you didn’t get to upload the FTP by midnight?

Check the FAQ thread, Mibus wrote this morning:

FTP is still open, and will probably be open for 12-24 hours. Any of you having FTP trouble should check that your firewall isn’t getting in the way, and should contact me.

As I see it there’s still time to get the FTP in.

Edit: I just checked, looks like FTP have been closed too…I still think you should hear Mibus’ opinion though.


agree, pm to mibus, email him. cant be you just didnt make it. had some troubles with the ftp as well , had to reconnect 4 times and was in in the last sec. write him. instantly. please.


Yes you gotta write him man.I VOTE YES TOO:)


Fantastic final image :applause:

Good luck in the vote :thumbsup: