Eon (Illustration) Entry: Daniel Justin Bird


wow this is realy beautifull!

keep it going!


I agree with other posters I hope you add your city work in with those marvelous clouds.
I’m assuming that bright streak across the top is the plasma tube?


stunning clouds!! good luck with the final!! :slight_smile:

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The clouds are divine, Dan! I almost feel Heaven closing by. The emerging cables + attached buidings look really good. Please finish your comp. It really looks good. Simple and impressive.



Thanks nwiz25, I hope you had a great christmas! :scream:
And just a quick thanks to… CodeNothing - aurora - HFix - black_hand_77. :love:

I should be posting an update soon.


I flipped the image horizontal to refresh, but for this composition I think it looks better to have your eye being led from the left to the right of the image, so I will keep it flipped. The sky is done and I’m now working on the buildings. :]


Nice job on those clouds and the light pouring in from behind them! Good luck with the city.



Joining that, kick ass job on the clouds. rock on :wip::beer::buttrock:


Hey Daniel thats one wicked job youve done on the clouds.Just awesome.I hope you can improve the architecture to match the epic sense depicted by the clouds.All the best to you.

Cheers! :bounce:


This is going to look realy great when it is finnished.Well done.


I’m working on the largest golf tee shaped building first… although it’s not quite golf tee shaped, as it’s described in the book, everything else I’m trying to get as close to the book as I possibly can.
But I think a bit of Gothic architecture would go well with the bands of silver and white in the buildings. comments welcome.


Hey Daniel! :bounce:

just one word …

:eek: flabbergasted! :eek:

very exquisite to be precise :eek: u have worked on this a lot :eek: n thats what i love the most … - detail! - :buttrock: keep rocking bro!

very much looking forward to more updates … :bounce:

good luck buddy! :thumbsup:

god bless ya!


Nice sense of space, and pretty details!!


I loved your entry from the start, but the adding gothic elements to an otherwise futuristic architecture is a real stroke of genius, IMHO.

Can’t wait to see your final.:thumbsup:


A huge thanks to everyone who has commented recently -
~ Walrus ~ TheFirstAngel ~ Prabath ~ SONIC-X ~ nwiz25 ~ didzis ~ Thaldir ~


I just thought I should show how the golf tee building fits within the serrounding clouds and sky before I move on with the next part of the image. comments welcome.


No major comments except that it’s looking great! The tall blue building in the center looks to be on a tangent with the hanging arc, but mainly just because you haven’t added the ahnging buildings or refined that area yet, so I’m not too worried that you’ll get to it.
Great going so far!



Wow… The clouds are very good.


… your latest update. It is cool and elaborated, but, after my oppinion it suffers some composition flaws. In the portrait comp where there were just clouds and suspended buildings the predominant feeling was one of monumentality and visual comfort. The clouds looked amazing and, being isolated and hung from the thick “wires”, your buildings just looked EON - like. They were grand, massive, and only in comparison with the large mass of clouds they looked smaller. In the latest update, you created some base structures that overscales the suspended buildings large dimensions. So, they suddenly look smaller. Being viewed in a frontal angle, I think they should be composed different so you can see how big are the suspended buildings. The second thing that I’m not comfortable with is that the landscape variant is somehow cut in the bottom part. In the upper part you have some well composed elements on a superfine cloudy background, but “downstairs” the buildings lack stability, being given the fact that only their top sides is seen in your picture. Please don’t be mad at me. I know that you worked hard on your EON comps, but I only try to give you a positive feed-back, meant to aid your image pursuit. Good luck and keep your gears running, pal!:thumbsup:


I have cropped my “Thistledown - Final Composition” image, to save time… and I’ve replaced the city layout with some of my previous sketches. I’ve started painting the city and I will post updates soon.