Eon (Illustration) Entry: Daniel Justin Bird


Hey Radu,nice work here.Can`t wait to see the finished image.All the best to you.



Thanks Prabath, much appreciated. :slight_smile:


Your attention to detail is awesome, I love the little patterns on the buildings and railing. I can’t wait to see this painted.


Thanks Ivy00, I hope to start painting as soon as possible. :smiley:


This is a line drawing and model of some of the arches in my Thistledown concept. The model is made from modeling clay.


My first colour pass. I’m fairly happy with it so far, but I have not yet applied colour to all of my image, so it’s difficult to conclude at this stage. I hope to complete my first colour layout soon.


Nopt so much constructive things to say, jsut that I love where this is heading!!!
waiting impatient your next steps!!


Whooohoo!, Those clouds knocked me off my seat man!..These will be the upper part of your previous composition right?..awesome!:thumbsup:

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Well, that’s a sudden change: Is this going to be intergrated in with your earlier city work or is this a whole new image? I like it so far - the clouds are very nicely done. Good luck!



the clouds are magnificent.

eager to se advances…


pretty nice start for those clouds…


Thanks for all your comments. :wavey:

Okmer - Thanks for the encouragement and I should be submitting new progress soon.

Idyeaah - :smiley: Yes your right it is going to be part of my previous composition, though I had to change the cables over the city as they were obscuring my clouds, apart from that everything in my final concept sketch will remain the same. Thanks for commenting.

Walrus - Thanks again… :slight_smile: The clouds I have painted should work with my previous sketch, as long as I paint all of the image and not focus too much on one part of the painting then I should start to understand more of what is working and what is not.

Ichoma - Thank you.:scream:

Ranath - Thanks. :thumbsup:


very nice clouds, though i hope you can incorperate the design of the city from your previous concept into this, would be a waste if not :wink:

.anyways, very dramatic sky if i may say so :D.



Wow you got my attention…the latest image is great and i am looking forward to some detail…:thumbsup:



LightSovereign - Thanks, I’m definitely going to work with this latest concept of the hanging cities disappearing into the clouds, I hope it works out, I don’t have any time to rework the sky. :sad: Thanks for commenting.:smiley:

element5 - :slight_smile: Thanks for your comment, I think I’m going to leave most of the detail till the end, just so I can get straight to working through the overall colours of my image, so most of my new submitted work possibly could start looking a little rough and with very loose brush work… so you might have to wait for that detail. :hmm: Thanks again for your comment.:smiley:


Wow, what an amazing piece. The cloud structures along with the hanging architecture is really heavenly. Not much else to say!


Thanks MarkyG for commenting. :smiley:


Its magnificent.

One thing about the clouds. It looks like something really huge had collapsed. To me it looks like smoke than clouds. (Or it is smoke, i just didnt read all post, please mind me)

I envy your arches…really artsy…can wait to see hoew everything fall in the scene.

Out of this world…More please…:thumbsup:


Thanks Nazirull, I see your point on the clouds looking a bit like smoke… I actually used some photos of volcanic smoke as well as my cloud photos for reference to paint from, which is a mistake to illustrate clouds from smoke as light reacts differently through smoke than clouds, you don’t get the translucency from smoke due to high levels of mineral particles. :wise:… :rolleyes:
So I’m sticking with real clouds for reference. :smiley: Cheers Nazirull. :thumbsup:


hey Daniel! wishing u and ur family a very merry christmas! :bounce: :love:

 cheers! :beer:

> Oh freak man! absolutely stunning cloud detail! even the overall look has changed! very cool indeed! me waiting to c more updates buddy! love it all! :love: :slight_smile: :scream: