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Latest Update: Initial color pass or textured and lit model: Same as above


Mirsky sinking at the hatch


Hi this is my first time in a CG challenge.
I am very new to the society but since this July I have learned so much and gotten greatly inspired.
My goal is to finish this challenge, to learn on the way and to make friends! I have not decided wether to do a 3D or 2D yet… maybe a combination.

Haven’t read the book… just got it yesterday but I am an extreeeemly slow reader so I don’t think I’ll be able to read the whole thing.

Well, it’s truely nice to be a part of this society and this challenge


thumbs up dude! very creative! :stuck_out_tongue: … love the portal ( if im not mistaken :P) n hes like floating towards it reaching for it! … woweeee! … cool!

good luck to u man!

cheers! :stuck_out_tongue:


Interesting ~ Terrific concept art!


Hey, you did it already.:slight_smile:
This is one of the scenes i was planning to do myself (hm, thinking it over we will hear this statement quite often in this challenge i guess hehe)
You did quite a good job already. Wasn´t he more struggling because the hatch didn´t work proper and he was ordered to fix that?
Anyway, good concept.


Looks cold man, real cold and lonely down there.
Good stuff, keep it up. :applause:


nwiz25: Thanks. It’s from the second chapter of the book. the guy is in a training pool.

yanbing: Thanks…

artvandeley: hehe, did it already! :smiley: I wanted to “patent” an early thought. Yet I am sure many people are gonna be making different versions of the same scenes in the book. That’s one of the limitations in this particular challange. And you are right that he was order to hang in there and open the hatch. After he’s opened it he grabs onto the rim and the divers or other trainees pull him up.
I changed it around abit to make it more dramatic (besides the challange is “inspired” by the book). So here he has opened the hatch but didn’t hook up so he began to sink. It may even be a flash-thought he got in his mind when he realised how there was noone there to carry him up to the surface if he began to drown. BAM! PANIC! “General I’m drowning!!!”
I’m still playing around with this… who knows. I may not even do this in the end.

Squishme: That how I have pictured the tank… black! cold… I am glad you like it.


I know what you mean about staking out the claim of an idea. I did that myself with my first concept and felt bad afterwards after learning that quite a few people seemed to go for this very scene as well and i had the feeling to keep them away from that in a way.

Of course i know that´s totally bullshit and this time it will be even more fun because of this limitation. And you´re right, this challenge is supposed to be “inspired” by the book so there´s no need to be too picky about some facts written in the book.
I just mentioned the hatch because i haven´t read the book either , just the inspirational part here on CG, and wasnt sure if this is part of a bigger story in the book or not.
Of course you have every right to change whatever you want.

Good luck and have fun:)


Looking good,kip it up !:thumbsup:


Just playing around to see what I might do… a portrait of Major Mirsky.
“Mirsky, from Kiev, could as easily have been German as Russian.”


for the portrait, i think the shoulders are turned a bit too much. and as a presumed military man, the hair cut seems a bit longish. Proportions are good, value is good. contrast can probably be pushed a little. the light source is ok, again needs to be pushed a little bit. as a portrait, i think it can keep going, but as concept piece, it shows a good sense of charecter and mood.

overall, pretty good.

for the scene, the lighting is really good, and i feel the desperation on the upper half of the body. the legs seem a bit dangly, and not as dynamic as the rest of the figure. the hatches are nice, and the perspective is good. the blue values work well, and i like the red-purple highlights.

keep going on both!


I had some time so I made a version of the first chamber. I haven’t read past the second chapter when Patricia arrives so I don’t know alot of details.


flatline01: You are right about the hair cut and the skin tone… I am new at digital painting and painting in general so I haven’t gotten the hang of colours and skin shades yet. as for the hatch scene I had noticed the feet as well. Actualy there is no clear line of action in the figure which doesn’t give it any dynamic. Your comments are appreciated. thanks


[b]dude u rock!


keep em comin mate!

good luck!


cheers dude!


thanks nwiz25. I got to give you credit thought because your commets trail was an inpiration for the texture on the plasma tube. thanks you got some awesome work comming along… do keep it up! :thumbsup:


Ok I’m trying to get the stone structure right. Is this how it is? Does anyone have any Idea. by reading the first few chapters I feel this is what it looks like only I am not sure wether the chamber get larger in circumference in the center of the “potato shaped” stone.


I mayde a 50 Km radius cylinder in Max yesterday or at least I tried. MAn the thing is MASSSIVE!!! Any Ideas on how to set up the units and stuff to make it more managable?


A first draft of the 1st chamber I have been working on. The dimensions are according to the books’. Man this thing is HUGE!


A first draft of the 1st chamber I have been working on. The dimensions are according to the books’. Man this thing is HUGE!