Eon (Illustration) Entry: Chuck Wadey


Awsome work, I think your technique and concept are great, and have the power needed to be a favorite for the judges.

good luck and have a hapy 2007.




congratulations buddy! :applause::buttrock::bounce::D:scream: love the intricate details mate! :love:
all ur efforts have paid off big time!

wishing u da very best of luck! :thumbsup:

cheers! :beer:


Woahh, …King of Details!!
I agree with walrus about the readability, but on the other hand maybe you were aiming at something that overwhelms by looking at it. Seems you did a good job on that, hehe.

Congrats on finishing this one. Good luck!


Indeed a lot of things going on there in your pic.All the congrats on finishing such a great image man!!!:beer:


Yeah, same thing happening with me as well. There is really no definite focus going here. I love the texture of this one and the choice of colors work well. Indeed, it still well put together piece. You have 20 days now to make some of those corrections, that is if you are willing to.:thumbsup:


This is one great piece of work dude.Excellent is all I can say.


beelow: what? Challenge ends next monday. Challenge ends on the 15th day.

So you have this weekend time to finetune the readability.


Nah dude they extended it!:thumbsup:


Oh :shrug:

So it seems. Till the end of the month? Good news for those who are in a hurry, but might be bad news for those who have finished and hurried up their entry.

I wonder if that trailer category will be discarded totally. For too few entries getting finished?Maybe thats why they extend the challenge

Sorry didnt mean to hijack this thread. So 20 days it is. Just fine tune this pic it so the others wont match your quality.:thumbsup:


Good luck with your work and this challenge!!:thumbsup:


This is not the final image anymore. See below.


Thanks to your suggestions and the deadline extension I’ve decided to keep tweaking a little more. It looks like you can re-ftp your final tiff after you’ve already submitted one. It shouldn’t look that much different but hopefully now with a little more atmospheric perspective it’s a slightly easier read and the background sits more firmly behind.

Angel: A little haze added. I think it’s better and I hope you’ll agree, but it’s a tight line to walk before going too far. I’m trying to err on the “don’t change it too much” side. THX for suggestion.

Falcor_: I’ve seen it on 3 different monitors now, and it seems to be holding up. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

zweiDee: Thanks, thanks, thanks. I need to check in on your piece again, it was looking sweet last time I saw it.

Ivy00: Thanks. Yeah, I thought the word “EON” was going to be hidden, but it turned out a little more obvious than I was expecting. Whatever, it’s cool.

icedeyes: I appreciate the luck and no comments. Thank you.

walrus: I know what you mean, I’ve fooled with it a little more, and I think it’s a little better. I could have lived with it being done a few weeks ago but the extension added a lot of time. Hopefully it’s done now.

Terro: Thanks. I hope it really is final this time.

LightSovereign: THX

Trybal: Thank you, thank you.

ICHOMA: Thanks, I hope you’re right. Same to you on the 2007 - mine has been happy and busy thus far.

nwiz25: Cheers! I’m looking forward to a valentines card from you in every thread. But hopefully the EON challenge will have ended by February… now that we’re done.

artvandeley: " I agree about the readability, but maybe you were aiming at something that overwhelms by looking at it" Yeah… that’s what I’ll say. Maybe I can get away with it. Thanks!

OKMER: Yes indeed. Thank you.

beelow: I was semi-willing. There’s still time to change things again, but I’m hoping not to have to.

SONIC-X: Thanks!

GonzaloGolpe: Thank you.


Ivy00: Thanks. Yeah, I thought the word “EON” was going to be hidden, but it turned out a little more obvious than I was expecting. Whatever, it’s cool.

It is quite well hidden, it was just I love your picture so took a lot of time looking at it and all the intricate little details. Took me a while to see the EON actually, so no worries there :slight_smile:


Hey Chuck,

Very nice resulting image you got! It looks to me like it has a very good chance of winning a prise :scream: !

Love your style!


hehehehehe :stuck_out_tongue: … u gave me a cool idea my friend! :scream::smiley: i think i will work on it … :wink:
lets c :smiley:

be on the look out :stuck_out_tongue: … :love: love will be in the air :love: hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

again . .congratulations buddy! ur work is amazing! :bowdown:


My illustration, “Guests of the Axis Nader,” was created for any type of promotion of the film version of EON. It was my intent to serve the story by focusing on a single scene and character interaction, rather than trying to encompass everything at a greater distance, both visually and emotionally. A condensed version of the scene’s original text is provided - putting great words with a (hopefully) great picture.

“You are now in a reception area for illegal vehicles. Do not attempt escape; the area is sealed.” The machine removed its grapples and lifted away from the aircraft. The plane hung from cables attached to a pale silver torus suspended below the hangar ceiling. Patricia stepped out of the chamber and took Olmy’s proffered hand. He led her to the inspection hangar lock. The V/STOL hatch opened. A worker settled on its jointed haunches a few yards away sensors fully extended to record the disembarking of the passengers. History, Patricia thought. We’re all history here.
Lanier came out first. Patricia restrained an urge to wave to him; instead, she lifted up on tiptoes and nodded. He returned the nod and descended the hatch steps. Farley came next. Carrolson waited in the doorway. Lanier pointed back into the cabin and said loudly, “We have an injured man inside. He may need assistance.”
Olmy and the woman conferred again and the woman touched her silver torque. As she did so, she glanced at Patricia and smiled. Her pictor projected an American flag above her left shoulder; she had American ancestors and was proud of it.
“What do we do?” Carrolson asked. “Leave him there?”
“Tell your friends a medical worker is coming,” Olmy said in an undertone.
“He’ll be okay. Help is coming,” Patricia said. Lanier tried to approach but was blocked by a worker. “Let him pass!” Patricia pleaded. “Olmy, what harm can they do?”
“They’re in quarantine,” Olmy said, pointing to the glowing red line surrounding the V/STOL at chest level.
Patricia turned to Lanier, holding up one hand. “They’re not going to hurt you. Everything’s okay. Just wait a moment.”
“It’s good to see you,” Lanier said, keeping an eye on the scuttling workers. “We had no idea we’d ever find you.”
Patricia swallowed back a lump in her throat. She turned to Olmy. “We have to stay together,” she told him. “We have to help each other.”
Olmy smiled at her, but that didn’t mean assent; he picted with the woman again and she touched her necklace once more.
“A decision is being made now,” he said.
“Whether they’re criminals or guests?” Patricia asked.
“Oh, they will be guests,” the advocate said in perfect English, still flying the American flag on her shoulder. “I’m recieving a judgement.” She approached the group with hands extended. “The case is cleared from all pre-trial court records, and negated by circumstance,” the woman announced. “You are all guests of the Axis Nader.” With a meaningful glance at Olmy, Ram Kikura added, “By authority of the Presiding Minister.”


Now I’m really just splitting hairs. No major changes; just adjusting saturation and values here and there whenever something catches my eye. I can’t wait for the deadline to arrive.


It`s a great piece of art you made here Chuck :thumbsup:

As I read the book I like alot how good you described this arrival scene :applause:

I wish you good luck in the finishings and in the voting :bounce:


loved this piece from the moment i found it and congrats on your great finish. best of luck on the finals, keep on rocking and hope to see ya soon :slight_smile: cheers


Chucky glad you pushed some of the values further in the background. It gives it nice separation now. Good luck on a fabulous image!:thumbsup: