Eon (Illustration) Entry: Chuck Wadey


Excellent work budy.
I thin Patricia looks better with this new angle on her face.
I love your technique, hope I can learn some day.



gorgeous changes! Love the new head, love the detail madness and just everything! :slight_smile:


It’s shaping up nicely. Good job. :thumbsup:


The new heads look perfect to me.


wow so many new design elemets! youv’e really got an eye for detail, especially the design of the main ship, very cool stuff, the new update, #38, was a huge improvement. Just a suggestion here: if its glass that Patricia and the gang are looking through maybe try adding some subtle reflections; It looks like you started to do that with the Eon sign down in the right corner… maybe a slight glare coming from the light above the main ship or something. Anyway fantastic job thus far! Best of luck to you:thumbsup:

  1. Any thoughts on the size of Suli Ram Kikura (the lady in back with the American flag on her shoulder)? My wife insists that she’s too small. Maybe it’s that her top half is too small compared to her bottom half.

  2. I just did a quick update on my CGportfolio, adding a few promotional compilations and deleting the embarrasingly old art.

nwiz25: Actually this is only the bottom corner of my piece, you’ll have to wait 'till the deadline to see my full composition… No, I’m just teasing. See how you’d feel? Thanks for all the emoticons and Christmas cheer.

walrus: Yes, it’s a good trick. The values are a little better organized now, but it’s still on the busy side. I’ll keep massaging it a little.

Falcor_: WooHOo! That’s quite the vote of confidence - and before I fixed the head even! I hope you agree it’s better now.

ICHOMA: Thanks. Give it a try and ask me any questions.

ReinaldoRomero: I think interaction between the planes is much imporved with the new head position. Unless you think eye contact isn’t enough. The frant is still going to get some more paint treatment. I’ll see if I can do something about the leg problem you mention. Thanks for your eyes.

Pixelschumi: Thanks for the introduction to a few artists that I didn’t know about. I’ve been told before that I have an “old school” style. I’m not sure where that comes from, or even if it’s true considering that I paint exclusively on the computer.

LightSovereign: Yeah, Olmy’s still a little cartoony, isn’t he? I’ll try to hit him again. Thx!

Hideyoshi: Thanks. There was a point when I didn’t think I was going to make it for time - that’s why I keep trying to push you a little.

Trybal: Thaaaank you.

NathanLB: Hmmm, actually it’s not glass. Which brings up the opposite point: how do I make people know that it’s not glass? You refer to the holographic projection (glare) that misled you and I think the problem is that the soft edge is only visible on the porthole side. I’ll try to fix. Thanks.


The lady in black looks fine to me.


nice work!! really strong line art…and great character designs :slight_smile:

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excelent work!! i love the bright color and the so detailed tech good luck!!!


hey Chuck, sorry i thought it was glass they were looking through, im retarded:).
I think your right about the soft edged glow from the holographic. maybe try it without the symbol altogether and see what you think. Also maybe try going a couple shades lighter with the solid blacks in the background i.e. the section right above the main ship appears too dark. I think Mike (aka Walrus) already suggested that with the bnw value treatment, dont mean to be redundant:D, Good Luck!


This is not the final image anymore. Updates below.


the piece itself rox like hell already. if its too busy, a bit of haze should bring it in order, just lower the far contrasts, that also brings the ranges more into order. very kewl piece, looking forward to your next update :slight_smile: keep on rocking:beer::buttrock::wip:


I do agree that the new head is way better and makes this piece work.
There is still few days left… So id like to urge you to check your specular values.
Also double check that it works on every kind of monitor :thumbsup:

Just to be sure of your victory.

Anyway great piece even if you dont work with it anymore. Good job on finishing it!


nice piece! :thumbsup:
i like the style, very cool charakter design, also the spaceship and the details.
fresh stuff chuck!!


Excellent work, I love all the little details you have in it , I especially like the way you worked the word Eon into it :slight_smile:


Very nice work… no comments from me… good luck…


Glad you’ve got so much done with it so far. Great work!
Gotta agree with Angel that there’s a lot of business that makes the overall image hard to read. One thing that I find helpful is just checking out how a particular image reads when it’s reduced to the teensy thumbnail size in the Illustration forum thread list - some illustrations you can totally read even at the - what is it, 100x100? 80x80? - thumbnail size. Looking at your image that small, it’s still really hard to tell what’s going on. Not that the juudges are only going to look at that small thumbnail! I just mean it’s a good way to tell whether your values and contrast level is reading overall: If it reads well small, it has more impact large.

Anyhow, a week to fool with it if you feel like it. If not, guess you’re done… congratulations! :slight_smile:



Big grats on your final image. I like this piece a lot because it shows a lot of character interaction as well as some brilliant environment and hangar design.

Best of luck with the judging process mate.


stunned:buttrock:need not say too much else!!!


Good job, and good luck. :thumbsup: