Eon (Illustration) Entry: Chuck Wadey


I usually try not to go too far in grayscale because it muddies things when I introduce color. In this case there are so many details I wanted to keep tweaking that I stayed in b&w a little longer. I’ll start some color washes tomorrow.


Very nice sketch… can’t wait for the colored version… The frant looks unique…


everything works well with this one! There is a good amount of ‘story-telling layers’ in your piece with lots to explore. Can’t wait to see a stronger value break-up separating the different depth areas :slight_smile: Me, I would punch up the atmospheric perspective quite a lot here -think it would look good…


Nice line work! The character designs look pretty cool too. As far as composition goes, your earlier sketches are stronger. It maybe the values you used or the dynamic poses you chose but overall your use of spaced is better utilized in youre earlier sketches. Try placing one of your characters farther into the background a little and another closer to the viewer just to see how that might look.

Also the female character has a wary expression on her face and doesn’t seem to go well with her pose i think. Looking foreward to see where you take this piece.


Here’s my first color pass. Things’ll continue to get a lot tighter and the linework will integrate and dissapear into the painting over the next few updates. I’m also eventually going to add some FX of picted graphics. Thanks for comments.


No crits so far from me, this is just amazing, i love it!
somehow i feel a european comic style in there that i just love!
thumbs up!


Nice work so far, and nice colors. i like that you’re illustrating a scene that few others (if anyone) are doing. One thing I really liked in some of your earlier posts was the way the maintenance ship behind the VSTOL was dark and creepy looking and really stuck out by having a different value than the rest of the scene. That aspect of the piece is getting a bit lost in the more recent colorized versions.

Good luck with it!



Hi Chuck,

These are nice lineart! and the the initial coloring looks interesting as well.:)…Good Luck man!..


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I like the colors and the ambience of technology.


This is maybe half way through the painting. I’ve been mostly working on the foreground but there’s a lot more to go.


Since this is a sharing / learning forum, I thought I should drop in a quick note about how I work. Though I paint in Photoshop, I like to work as flat as possible. This isn’t to say that I don’t use layers, I just use them when I need them and then flatten them back down so that I’m never lost in a huge stack. Working this way keeps the file very light so that it’s easy to flip or spray over large areas and it’s seems a little more akin to traditional acrylic and board. You could say that I took a lot away from the Ryan Church Gnomon DVDs. If you’re interested in more detail, I have an online tutorial here: http://www.conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php?t=79449

bandro: Thanks! The story has some humans from the future and some humans from 2005 (last year). So I can’t make the lady up front look much more futuristic because she’s one of us. However, I am trying to push it with Olmy the homomorph standing next to her.

icedeyes: Thanks, I’m glad you find the frant interesting. Just don’t ask me to put pants on it (like I’ve read in other threads), they don’t wear any.

Hideyoshi: Yes, atmospheric perspective is one of the funniest things to do in painting. It usually comes later for me because of the way I build up my illustrations. I’m going to have to think about how to use it in this one because I want to keep the flaw maintenance vehicle a deep black so that it really punches out (as per Walrus’s comment).

RaresHalmagean: Sorry that you liked the earlier stuff better, but I’ve gotta push ahead to finish. My decision was that the story aspect would be better served by illustrating a complete scene as it happened, rather than collaging up a movie poster. I hoping to address some of the use of space issues with picted graphics (projected holographics) later.

OKMER: Thanks! Probably the watercolory feel of my first color pass. It’s probably dissipating now that the rest of my paint is building up, nothing against European comics.

walrus: Thanks, you were right. The flaw maintenance vehicle has it’s darker values back now.

idyeaah: Thanks Raffy.

ICHOMA: Sweet. Me too.


hey dude! wishing u and ur family a very merry christmas! :bounce: :love:

cheers! :beer:

> simply stunning work man! :eek: loved it to the core! :love: cant wait to c the final draw! :bounce: good luck mate! :thumbsup:


Chuck - Hey, looking good. The bug-maintentance ship really stands out now. Whatever you did, it works… now you may want to think about where else to do the same thing. One thing you may want to consider trying is a test: turn your image into a greyscale and see what pops out (or doesn’t.) I’m assuming you’d like the main characters in the foreground to realy read strongly. Taking out the color and just looking at the values might help you see where you can punch up the values to make it read more clearly.
Anyhow, just an idea. Hope it helps…
Keep on coming along with it, and good luck!



Good job. I think you captured the essence.

3 words

Finish and win



Excellente coloring technique.

good luck!


Most things are in place now. In future uploads I’m going to do a new background out the window top left, give Patricia a new head, and tweak values and saturation overall for a cleaner read.


Very good style Chuk, I like the colors a lot, the composition looks very good and it sure be improved if you change the saturation values but there is one thing I think you could improve, the main characters are in the first plane but there is no interaction whit anything else in they composition, the look like if they were just put over there… maybe if you add an element over them or something could improve it, also frant is in a very wear perspective and the shape lower part of the leg looks like a feet to me, i feel like frant is flying or like he stands in the bottom end of the composition. Just my opinion, hope this critics will help you.

Good luck mate!:thumbsup:


This post is more or less the final image, minus a little tuning. I’ve posted it larger this time with higher compression. The biggest difference since the last update is that I shot photo reference for repainting some of the heads. Patricia’s original head was pushing the whole image in a cartoony direction that I didn’t like. Any suggestions on this final stage will be greatly appreciated as I prepair to turn in the assignment. Thanks for all the comments thus far.


This is really awesome. Everytime, when I look at this image I find new details. You have a great style. It reminds me a little bit of the illustrations from Alfred Kelsner or Johnny Bruck.



ahh, its very very detail intensive already!. awesome vehicle design!. At this stage i think Olmy needs a little more work (specifically his head), since much work has gone into patricia, it would be nice to get his flesh tones more accurate aswell, you can see the different levels if you know what i mean. otherwise, great work done in a short space of time.