Eon (Illustration) Entry: Blaz Porenta


Come´on Blaz, finish this piece!! hehe, one of my favs:thumbsup: :thumbsup: go on ,go on! =)


hi blaz,

           I wouldn´t concern much about the colors you´ve choosen. You are nearly the only one using this color range which is refreshing different compared to all blue-filled images. But I know what you mean. 
           - currently the image is tending to have an analogous color-scheme -  maybe it could worth it trying to apply a [complementary color-scheme](http://www.tigercolor.com/color-lab/color-theory/color-harmonies.htm) on this scene. Keep the established red/orange/yellow for the enlighten parts and use some blue/green for the shadow parts. But I would Keep the red/orange/yellow the dominant color and use the complementary colors blue/green just for accents. Overall this will increase the contrast.
           -You also can increase the dramatic look by giving the fire an additional color glow especially on the burning people in the foreground. A wee bit green e.g.
           -Maybe the sky at the top doens´t neccessarily needs to be this dark. It could be a bit brighter. That would give you more room to add depth and seperate it better from the foreground building on the left side. but in case the brighter top of the image leads the viewers eye out of the image it is of course better to keep the current situation.
           -I very much like the chaos within your image. I hope you can keep this sort of chaos throughout the detailing process. But do not forget to set a center of interest to add a bit control into the chaos. At this stage the viewers eye is jumping around without beeing able to rest somewhere.
           Just some response to your great image - I hope some of the suggestions are helpful
           best wishes


It’s so eyecatching what you did that it almost transmits me the fear of the dark. Apocalyptic and also very well colorized. The atmosphere is delicious (for viewing, of course)! Good luck and keep us posted!:thumbsup:



I love this scene! Good luck!


I still didnt give up on this piece and I hope I’ll be manage to finish it in time. At the moment Im most concentrating on the city, which still gives me the biggest head ache so far. I hope to fix that soon so that I can start detailing the big building and ppl in first plan. Thnx for all the support!


just some playing with the atmosphere on the lower part of the image and also added some testing textures to the big building, so that I can see if adding details to that structure would work. And a bit bigger image to show details.


absolutly fantastic…

nice one


outstanding details my friend! :eek: :bounce: :applause: me cant wait for the final piece!

keep em comin mate! good luck as always! :thumbsup:


I like the purple fog tones you’ve added in the back, Blaz, they really work nicely to distance some portions and bring in some other colors. Have you considerred pullingthose purple-greys out of the foreground character? I mean, he’s in the far foreground, so he would have the least grey fog on him: If he had the strongest values, it would really bring him into the foreground… Then, it may make him pop too much, I don’t know. But hey, at least it’s something to think about: I didn’t want to just let you get away with a “Wow, looks great!” post. :slight_smile:

One other thing to consider: If this is the Death, what about some streaks of fire in the sky, signs of missles or areal bombardment, so it doesn’t just look like a city on fire… just a little more to tie it back in with the book.

Anyhow, good luck with it, as always. I still think it looks great. :slight_smile:



thank u nwiz25 and Edmond for the encouragment!

walrus: Im so glad u stopped by again and put some very good suggestions! Those missle streaks really did bring more story to the image as well as lot of dynamics. With this and some ashes and other burned pieces flying around, the pic will become alive I guess. Foreground still needs to wait for further development and detailing but I’ll try to seperate those characters from the backgroung as much as I could. Thnx once again!

Do u guyz think that those missle streaks should be replaced with fire streaks? Should I bring more glowing stuff in?


hey buddy! me always there to help! :bounce:

yup … i do agree with Mike:p

in fact to be very honest … i totally missed out what he pointed out … theres so much in ur artwork that it never hit me as what i had to analyse in order to suggest something new… :blush: … yikes!

neways … as to what u asked … yup … i think some glow ought to do the trick and make the scene ‘blaze!’ :eek: … also … how about some dark dust particles? make the viewer imagine that he’s right there! eyes burning … choking with all the smoke and dust … :eek:

plus … i did a lil smthin for u :smiley: … i saved ur work and added 3 elements/FX in photoshop … play with these layers and add ur own stuff to it … go crazy dude! :buttrock: especially the ‘gradient circle’ it has a dodge blending mode added to it … so if u move it around ur artwork … u can get some cool effects … so modifications galore! :eek:

heres the download link :


once u click the free button … just wait for it load … ur download ticket will be reserved

have fun buddy! hope this helps ya :stuck_out_tongue:

good luck! :thumbsup:


good lord, this is real something now for sure, different concept or feel about this piece now. the smoke from the missiles have definetly helped this piece along, love the adition of purple fog, its just added that much more for its depth…aND finally as i don;t have much for suggestions, I love your use of the square brush :thumbsup:.



This is looking amazing! Seeing the thumb I just had to go and see the bigger pic.
Lotta action, great colors, angle and composition…

Good luck!



This has to be a prize winner.

Really great work.

Good Luck


Do u guyz think that those missle streaks should be replaced with fire streaks? Should I bring more glowing stuff in?

I think that the missile streak work just fine… there is enough fire already… great work


This one is almost done… I’ve been quite busy last couple of days so there wasnt much replying and updating. But here is my latest version of EON entry. Its near final and Im so happy that in two days all that will be over. Im near braking point for doing this image for such a long time.
Thnx also to Bryce for helping me with solving problems thru private channels. And ofcors thnx to all of u for still posting comments into my thread.
And here is a slightly bigger version for some clearer detailing.


as i said be4 on msn the word “kickass” isnt long enough to describe the power of your piece. love the stunning dynamic and heell of striking work you made here, time to upload it :smiley:


Agree with Sacha, totally kickass!!!


Hi Blaz,

I don´t know if you have changed the saturation / contrast in your last posts or if it´s the result of different compression, but I really think the colors in post #150 is more striking than in your last ones.
I allso liked the stairs in that post.

Anyway, this is the best I´ve seen from you which means this is really, really good!


Oh, my… This one has a very hight WOW-factor!

Great illustration, Blaz :love: ! It’s really scary and disturbingly beautiful!