Eon (Illustration) Entry: Blaz Porenta


Great work!! its so pretty!! i must say i do love the people on fire :slight_smile: cant wait for the final!!

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i’m loving this mate,ur in my winners list for sure

all the best and good luck in the finals.happy new year to ya:thumbsup:


You should bomb the top of that big building.


Nice details. No doubt you will finish this in time :slight_smile:
Yet another notch in your gallery of finished works.


o boy o boy… this challenge will end in one week! damn! I hope I’ll manage to finish it. I thought it is till end of this month :confused: Well, here is an update, hope u like the changes.



thnx for so much great comments guys/gals, it really means a lot to me. Here is one another quick update I did… (not uplouded here on server). Some fire ring details on the main building. I hope it helps read the size of it and adds something to the destruction.


Looking great, Blaz! I’m not sure what else you have planned, but 8 days should be plenty: This piece has so much drama to it that there’s very little stopping you from calling it done now and few would worry about it! The main area grabbing me as unfinished is the lower left, those stairs you started to sketch in and didn’t complete. But as for the rest, curious to know what else you have in store (guess I’ll see over the next 8 days!) But either way, fantastic work!



hi walrus! Thnx for stopping by. I always love to reads ur comments, there is so much to pull out of them. About my piece… the sky is just a sketch, as well as stairs and a part of that ruins in the upper left corner. I also plan to add some more defined shapes to the background and show a chaos in the back of the main building. All I’ve done till now was paiting in 25% of original size, so u can imagine how it looks if u close it up :frowning: messed up completely, without details. And more than Im looking at this piece and compare it to all master pieces in CG talk gallery, more I see how far is it from what I imagined at the start. I just cant see depth in my piece, colors r frustrating me, and so on…


I hate to be a downer, but I really liked the previous image better than the latest post. I think the details on the main building were more engaging and the image had a bit more meaning. The colors and theme are still great, but I just liked the detail better in the previous post. My two cents, regardless it’s an outstanding composition!


Hey Blaz love the update man! a few more hours of refining right!? Hope you finish man:)


Gorgeous work!. i do rpreffer your building to have more glowing embers, than not. i preffer the builing with more light, just so you can see it more than just a silhouette. the deifferent textures for the patterns add more aggression back into the image, from the previous update.


Beautifull progress Blaz, just looking atthis image make me feel as if I’m next to a fire. It really has a kick to it.


the piece actually is really strong. with a few colorfalloffs to help depht a bit, it proly is one of the strongest entries. hehe 7 days to polish it - it already is an instant eyecatcher, so bring it to the end it deserves:D keep on rocking!


Absolutlz great work Blaz! Looks fantastic, for me one of your best work. Keep working and finish it at time:thumbsup:


absolutely georgeous man, really strong peice!

good luck


If I am to describe this in one word:Fantastic.Blaz this is an awesome job you`re doing.I totally dig this image.wish I could have come up with the concept first.(Hee Hee)Anyways make sure you are done by the 15 th.All the best to you.



Very Nice! Blaz, love the Drama in it, only thing that bugs me a bit personally is I have the feeling that the elements are floating a bit and are sort of disjointed…bit hard to explain…sharp details in the background, misty midground, and sharp foreground, to me it’s confusing the feeling of depth a bit, seriously just a personal opinion and what struck first after the “Wow!” :smiley:


hey Blaz! i simply adore ur work! :eek: the first thing that catches my attention is the fiery blazing colour! love it to the core! :love: :eek:
hehehe … now that 21 days are left … ( thank god!) me cant wait to c the final piece! :bounce:

wishing u the very best of luck dude! :thumbsup:


thnx folx! Im doing some big changes again… well, not so big after all, just some upgrades. U’ll see while I’ll post them during the weekend. And thnx god (=jury) to extend the deadline. Otherwise I really wouldnt be able to finish it. Its end of the first semester in school and the company that Im working for needs to release a demo for a publisher… so u could imagine what kind of chaos is here. yey to the judges :smiley: and to u folx for keeping me going!


Just gotta get those foreground elements to match up with the background that’s all. Midground seems kinda skewed, or a weirdness happening as well. I love the texture and there is definitely overpowering feeling happening with the structures in the background against the defenseless city down towards the bottom of the canvas. Your choice of colors are sexy as always!:thumbsup: