Eon (Illustration) Entry: Blaz Porenta


Absolutly amazing atmosphere Ninja!!!
just love your painting!!!
Indeed, maybe if you bring in some greener tones in the shadow parts of the pics, i think the warmer tones will even come out more.
Maybe you could try some more blur on the foreground elements,or in the other way on the background to increase even more the depth.
Anyway,just superbe!


Hi Blaz,

I don´t think you need to worry about the colors, they work great!


great work! use more cool green for core shadows, and vary your yellows in highlights more.


Great advances in the project, as we can see! Looks excellent already.

Just be carefull with figures in the foreground - if they get too much detail or even visible faces, they might tend to take the attention from the main part (area of interest) and ruin the composition. Slightly cooler tones for deep shadows, at least in the foreground, might enhance the illustration as well.


I did some corrections on the sky, especially in the upper right corner, where could u see a fire blaze just fading away from camera view and destructing everything on his way. At the moment there r some cloud photos in the image, but just to show the direction where Im heading to. Next step is to add some more cool tones and colors to first plan (like some of u pointed out… very good suggestion) to seeprate first plan from background and to make orange in the back to glow more. Thnx for all the support guys!


wicked! I like the idea of going with just faceless victims of the disaster… keep at it!


A friend suggested me to destroy those huge buildings, while the fire blaze would actually do that kind of damage… so here it is… and also a flipped version, coz I dont know which one to go with. I uploud the image to my server, coz here isnt allowed to post such big files.

Thnx to all of u for nice comments!

nwiz25: thank u man! and all the best to u and ur family as well :slight_smile:

targus: thnx man!

TheFirstAngel: thnx buddy! I hope u would like the destroyed building as well.

leving: thnx a bunch!

ReinaldoRomero: thank u so much for a correction and those great advices. Im not sure what did u mean with moving the main buidling, but what concerns the wraping part, I’ll do that in my next steps.

ICHOMA: thnx! That means that Im succeeding :smiley:

riki: huh thnx! I wish u would be one of the judges, hehe

OKMER: Hi man! Thnx for stopping by! Im not sure about bluring coz Im going for more hard edged brush strokes here, but Im definetely bringing some cooler tones into the image. As u can already see, there r some blue tones in the foreground now. I hope it helps reading the depth better.

Norberg: thnx man! It means a lot to me to heat such a nice words from u!

Ranath: Thnx man!

Lovas: Hi my friend! So nice to see u poping into my thread. Im really glad to hear a suggestion or two from u. As u see I did use some blue tones in first plan and I think it really works better. And I’ll try to keep those figures as simple as they should be. I hope to see u later when I’ll do some more progress, to hear what would u have to say than. Its always great to hear ur advices. What about u and EON?


I like the flipped version!

A great image unleashing a great sense of action…! :thumbsup:


Whoo,Ninja,I just love that flip you did!Maybe it is because we were getting used to the pic before but I think it’s really really cool!!!(maybe better say hot there!!hé,hé)

If i may say,it’s maybe just that the smoke separating the foreground from the big building that takes a bit away our eye too much from the rest, and i got a bit a less depth feeling in that part of the pic(sorry,but difficult to tell in english,hope you understand.)
Anyway,really love your work mate!!
Merry X mas and a very happy yew near!!!


i like the swift movement of the original comp better. personally, but the flipped version draws more attention to the sunlight cast thru the buildings, bottom right with the characters, that is better. but i don’t like the angled land supporting the building in that version…hehe so i go for the original composition…

of course just my tastes.

jaw dropping regardless.



Your fire looks freaking awesome! you’ve done perfect moods with the environment. Good luck bro!


Hey Blaz nice work here.One thing though,if youre trying to make this piece look bad,well, you just cant.No matter how many takes you do with it,it still looks absolutely stunning.



Hi, Blaz. Happy New Year!
I think the composition with the character on the left and the building on the right works much better. It’s because of the city in the lower right. Because it is angled upwards, the the fire is providing stripes of light that guide the eye. When your eye gets to the lower right corner, the lines of fire in the city cut the eye off from leaving the page and curve it back upwards back into the scene, which is of course what you want any good composition to do: Keep the eye from falling off the page. The flipped composition’s lower right corner almost acts as an arrow pointing the viewer off the page.

Just my thoughts on it. Good luck!



I wouldn’t go with the flipped version. The original seemed to direct the eye better to the huge firestorm at the base of the large building, which I think is the point. In the flipped version eye naturally wants to move away from the explosion (because western people are used to read images from left to right rather than right to left)


Another vote for the original version, here.

In the flipped one my eyes go around a bit, then slide off the image, the original keeps my attention on the details way longer.


Beautifull! My only crit would be to maybe drop your middle levels down a little bit to boost some contrast. I feel the center of the image is looking a tiny bit flat.

LOVE your fire! Looking awsome!


blaz you rock as per the usual. i just want to see more updates! :wip::wip::wip:


Wow ! amazing stuff ! great composition !


I think someone left the burner on, hohoh:scream: HI THERE! how long since we don´t talk!Your work, as always, impressive! KA BOOOM!!:twisted:


Wow your last finishings are awesome :applause:

Good luck in the final line and Happy New Year :bounce: