Eon (Illustration) Entry: Blaz Porenta


Very kewl…(or izzit infernal hot?)…

I can see some scale play going on there…very effective brushing on the city at the bottom…now i can see hoe big that thing is…what izzit?


Amazing work, extremely expressive. Can’t wait to see the next steps!


Only one word: WOW!

Not very helpful, I know, but judging from what I’ve seen you don’t seem to need help…

Looking very much forward to the next steps, a terrible beauty it has.


Looks like you didn’t just add more to the city at the bottom, you also moved the primary character over to about 1/3 of the way from the left - a good compositional choice! It’s looking great, Blaz - not helpful feedback but to do your best to find time to finish this. Good luck!



This rocks man! Great perspective and pallette! Sorry, nothing constructive, except just finish it up now and don’t think of other concepts-- why change the winning team?


Very nice. Love the comp and colours


Looks great! Waiting for more updates:)


Woot, an update. I was looking forward to this. We finally get some new detail in.

I love the way your building is starting to take shape, and the composition is also top notch.


Wow!; if i see that painting on a movie theater, ill run to see that movie, he he, very cool choice my friend!! cant wait to see it fully detailed


Looks great to me, Ilike the colors and the ambience.


Finally! A week off of work and school! Although I really like my job and college, I couldnt wait to free my schedule and come back to EON painting. Here is my next step, color scheme and some more detailing here and there. I did a lot of studying of different art masters and their aproach to work (Church, Dusso, etc… The Art of Star Wars 3 and some other great books). So I hope Im on the right track with my development. Replies to ur great comments r coming soon, thnx for watching!


hey man! wishing u and ur family a very merry christmas! :bounce: :love:

cheers! :beer:

> holy cow! ur concepts on fire dude! :buttrock: amazing combination of colours n all! the enormous structure blends very well! :eek: :eek: keep em comin mate! good luck! :thumbsup:


Really impressive image, nice colour composition and style.
Well done, man.

Keep on and have a good luck.


the sheer power in it gives me chills, absolutely awesome atmosphere and the angle rox. moving back to posterlayout actually works great, the sense of scale is just huge. keep on rocking mate, burning hot work by word :):beer::buttrock:


I think you’ve done an absolutely knock-out job with the color in this piece. Great work!


Hi Blaz, your image is looking great so far… just one thing, in the left corner of the city, if you warp a bit more it could help you in the composition perspective,also if i were you i would move a bit to the right the huge structure because the higlights are just in the geometric center of the composition making the hotspots to lost some focus… I didnt know how to explain good what i mean because of my bad english hehe but i made a diagram… just my opinion but hope it could help you… looking forward on your development… good luck


I did some changes in the sky, add more dark clouds and smoke (lots of fire and explosions make lots of smoke), and I also start painting first plan (figures). Its so great when u can spend all day on one painting :smiley:


great color palete.
the sensation of fire is incredible.

good luck!


Hey absolutely amazing work, it gets my vote 1st 2nd and 3rd :slight_smile:


I must say that I have many problems with colors… It just doesnt give the right impression. And also the tones in the pic dont give the right depth… So if anyone would have some advice on that, I would be mooooost thankful to him.