Eon (Illustration) Entry: Blaz Porenta


hi guyz and gals! Long time no see, lots of work here. Today I finally found some spare time to use it on this project, so here is another sketch. I listened to ur suggestions and I think its much better than my first try. Thnx a lot! U r in great help :slight_smile:
Now lets go give some comments to u. cya!


As soon as I submitted a second sketch, I found some problems with the building… I know I have a lot more work on architecture, but I also might add some more destruction. So much for now.


Heh, cant stop once Im back in the game… here is another update, I widen the canvas size and did some more work on the buildings.


Blaz is back in action! great to have you back here.:thumbsup: How is thunderdome?:shrug:


hello beelow, my friend! Yea, Im back… and I hope I’ll succesfully finish the challenge… not like thunderdome, where I did it in last 30 minutes… unfortunately literally. But those guyz would probably kick my ass anyway :smiley:


It’s amazing what you’re doing with the circular brush in this piece. I keep trying to work something up that looks half as good and I keep falling back to using texture brushes.


I like the perspective view in the Portrait better than the Landscape, it makes me feel like I am looking up at what is coming and saying help me God.


Hey Blaz,I love what you`ve done here.I did like the last one for its own qualities but this one makes it stand out even more.



Gorgeous work so far, Blaz! Really like the extreme palette and contrast you’re going for. The wider canvas looks nice, but have you considerred moving that primary character a bit out of the center, maybe over to the left a bit more? Just an idea, maybe make the figure 1/3 of the way over from the left side… but no matterr what, looking really good!



Fantasic atmosphere. This looks like burning hell :slight_smile:


very nice atmospheric first pass. enlarging the canvas acually was a nice step too, no vriz yet, just keep on going :slight_smile: rock on! :beer::buttrock::wip:


Imposing…no less…the smell of inevitable death.

Kind of listening to

Marilyn Manson, ‘Astonishing Panorama of the end times’

…i just love dark theme…


Wow:eek:… looks like a scene straight out of a destruction movie… It looks absolutelly great…


its soo loose! yet soo pertty! :smiley: gogo!:applause:


sweet pic, dude, powerful stuff :thumbsup:



:thumbsup: Blaz dude u are rocking, fantastic colouring.


Blaz, it excellent beginning!:thumbsup:


I like it already, and waiting for deatail, so far amazing good.


I think the last update looks amazing! Very loose and atmospheric.


It looks so much better with the wide candvas,and the perspective is very dynamic and dramatic…i can allready see the chaos.Also very good pyrotehnic effects even at this level of detail!! can’t wait to see what you do next! :thumbsup::drool: