Eon (Illustration) Entry: Blaz Porenta


yo yo my ninjarific friend! best of luck to you and cant wait to see whats going down on your end.


Hi Ninja, Nice to see you here again!!!Enjoy and Rock&Roll


OK, thats my first step describing the Death part. Its still not as close as I wanna make it, but its a first step :slight_smile: A short describtion of a pic should be a few posts higher. Thnx for any thoughts!


blaz that work on the mood is just awesome! absolutely great work, top notch! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
keep on rocking! :beer::buttrock:


This has a great emotional quality so far! Glad to see you here!


looks cool, I like the mood and the pov… maybe put the camera even lower, same height as the characters? usually more dramatic.

Maybe you can try to vary the color palete a bit, some hints of blue or grey coming from the sky and lighting some parts?

keep it up!


Nice comp you got there,good luck to you!


thnx buddies!

TheFirstAngel: thnx! Im trying to catch the right mood at the moment… not so much happy with the composition and other stuff, but Im glad that that thing is working for u.

NathanielWest: same as to Angel, thnx for comfirming that Im on the right track!

mv: great suggestions! on my next sketches there will be lower angle of the camera and there will be some more colors. Dont wanna create so monochromatic piece as its at the moment. Im also thinking of a landscape format… to get the whole environment in it, not just some buildings. thnx!

adib: thmx to u as well! Will try some more versions of the composition anyway, to find which one suits best.


landscape format can be great that’s sure, but I think you have a nice idea with this format too, but what it lacks to justify this format, is some subject in the upper half of the pic, I think. Maybe some elements suggesting a story, a crashing helicopter, I don’t know. Something happening more than just fire.


Really good viewpoint :arteest:


Great start
wish u Good luck :slight_smile:


It’s getting hot in here,…so take off all your cl…HA,ha…
Really nice start, great mood in the pic!
I agree with mv for the angle;could be more dramatic
Anyway great colors and looking forward for how you’ll work out death!!!


i agree with Remko! :bounce: hot hot hot! :eek:this concepts on fire man!
wohooooooooooooo! awesome! cant wait to c this is in detail! :stuck_out_tongue:

cheers dude n good luck for da challenge! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Sweet deal blaz! Good luck with your entry!:thumbsup:


man blaz~u nailed the mood right on,fantastic start mate,keep it coming:thumbsup:


wow! greate idea! im burning!! composition looks nice - colours - hot like hell :slight_smile:


Nice concept, Good luck Blaz:thumbsup:


hot stuff by word, keep it up mate, looks promissing! go go go Blaz! :bounce::bounce::bounce:


Damn, thats good! The Death, indeed.

I would almost say ‘stop drawing, you’re done’. Sometimes you nail it early. But you are still working, so I will add some suggestions. I love the suggestion of large ‘shards’ like giant teeth coming down on the humans. Maybe darken some of the vertical elements seen in the center and right, those bits of architecture. That will heighten the contrast to the fire elements. I also love the bits of fire seen at ground level. Its not just raining fire and death, its coming from the ground itself.

I would like to see more defined humans, not more detailed but perhaps darker, perhaps a few larger. Having the ragged edges is perfect–the fire is tearing at their very shape.

A great start!


… is going to be the " hotest" one.