Eon (Illustration) Entry: Blaz Porenta


Do u guyz think that those missle streaks should be replaced with fire streaks? Should I bring more glowing stuff in?

I think that the missile streak work just fine… there is enough fire already… great work


This one is almost done… I’ve been quite busy last couple of days so there wasnt much replying and updating. But here is my latest version of EON entry. Its near final and Im so happy that in two days all that will be over. Im near braking point for doing this image for such a long time.
Thnx also to Bryce for helping me with solving problems thru private channels. And ofcors thnx to all of u for still posting comments into my thread.
And here is a slightly bigger version for some clearer detailing.


as i said be4 on msn the word “kickass” isnt long enough to describe the power of your piece. love the stunning dynamic and heell of striking work you made here, time to upload it :smiley:


Agree with Sacha, totally kickass!!!


Hi Blaz,

I don´t know if you have changed the saturation / contrast in your last posts or if it´s the result of different compression, but I really think the colors in post #150 is more striking than in your last ones.
I allso liked the stairs in that post.

Anyway, this is the best I´ve seen from you which means this is really, really good!


Oh, my… This one has a very hight WOW-factor!

Great illustration, Blaz :love: ! It’s really scary and disturbingly beautiful!


Excellent work, Blaz. Wish you best of luck with the jury (doubt you’ll need it, considering the quality of this work, though!)


This is it, final image. I added some minor details here and there and Im ending this challenge. It was great and frustrating at the same time. But I’d really like to thank to all of u great ppl for following this thread, putting down really helpful comments and guiding me thru the process. Thank u very much!

A part of the story that inspired me to do this piece:

"…a brighter-than-dawn glow was creeping, now yellow, now purple, now green.

The whole world was being swept by a crown fire, with the flames leaping not from tree to tree, but from city to city, continent to continent.

People were no more substantial than pine needles."

And a bit bigger version for as always…


Strong image! The best I have seen from you yet! Good luck!:thumbsup:


Well done! This is an excellent piece, totally love the colors and the mood you catched here.


Ohoo dude! a great artist, and that´s all:thumbsup: Well-done, dude!


You did a great piece of art :applause: as always :thumbsup:

Good luck in the final vote :bounce:


woweeeee! :eek: :eek: awesome finish my friend! :scream::buttrock: congratulations are in order! :applause:

very ‘hot’ use of colours! :smiley: love it dude! :love:

good luck to u buddy! :thumbsup:


this is it, one more masterpiece :slight_smile: congrats on your solid kick ass finish mate and more than all tonsa thanks again for all your support and feedback on mine. best of luck, see ya round soon and keep on rocking my friend!:beer::buttrock:


:eek:Totally kickass image Ninja!!One of my fav’s.Congratz on finishing mate!Good luck to you:beer::bounce:


Really dramatic and apocalyptic style. So, final result is like i imagine it, eye cathing and perfect composition.

Good work !


Congrats on finishing this VERY GOOD WORK! Great use of color and the composition is so good!:beer:


Your piece has caught my attention very soon, and has held it until the last, even though the subject itself was far from pleasant.

I kept coming back hoping to see the ‘final’ step up, believe me, I cheered when I saw it.
Great emotion and technique both, stunning work!


I’d like to thank every each one of u for sticking with me thru all the process and for all kind words and good critiques that made this image better (I hope :)).

beelow: thnx buddy for helping me decided on some things over the MSN. U helped a lot and Im so thankful for this. Im not sure if this really is my very best image till now, but Im sure glad u think so :slight_smile:

artvandeley: thnx man! It means a lot to me that those words r coming from u!

GonzaloGolpe: thnx buddy!

Nomad: thnx man and I wish all the best to u too!

nwiz25: hey! thnx for being around all this time and giving my positive feedback. It kept me going on!

TheFirstAngel: hey my friend! U r one of those that helped me the most. Im glad we both made it thru the last couple of nights :smiley: Thnx a lot for being around! cya in next challenge!

OKMER: Im glad I hear that :slight_smile: and thnx for all those good wishes!

targus: thnx for all kind words! Im glad u like it and that we had the same vision where this piece should go to :slight_smile:

adib: thnx man! Im glad u think its good coz I had some moments I wanted to delete everything, hehe…

Thaldir: hey! Im so happy to hear that :slight_smile: It means a lot to me and I cheered as well when I uplouded it, hehe. It was a rough process but now its all done. Thnx for staying with this thread!


Blaz - Sorry I haven’t had time to comment on your final piece, but you’ve been at my thread, you know why! :wink: anyhow, great work! This is, for me, the most impressive painting in the Challenge… The colors, the light, the atmosphere, all ottally impressive. great work, my friend, glad to see another top-notch work from you. :slight_smile: