Eon (Illustration) Entry: Blaz Porenta


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Knock knock… testing… works :slight_smile: So this time is 2d and 3d together? huh! best wishes to everyone and lots of luck!


Works, works :smiley: and yes a new choice to mix 2d and 3d guys. Sounds interesting…

Good luck to you :thumbsup:


Hi Blaz!
Good luck!


Woohoo the ninja has joined, good to see ur in again Blaz :slight_smile:
Good luck and have fun dude, looking forward to see what you come up with this time.


GLad to see you’ve joined, can’t wait to see your funky ideas on this one!!! :thumbsup:


good luck blaz,i’m sure this one will rock big time:thumbsup:


Best of luck to you!
Make us drop our jaw, like you always do, when you show us your newest work…
Most of all, “Have fun!”


Blaz is back…alright!


yay, was about time you show here up too ^^ rofl. best of luck mate and have much fun! let it rock! :buttrock::beer::scream:


sobs into her sleeve aw dang, the master hath joined, there go my chances. :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t wait to see what you come up with. subscribed


Sup Blaz, welcome back to the challenge! Good luck in thunderdome and cgchallenge!


welcome, good to see you participating :smiley:


Thnx buddies! I’ll start fully participating somewhere next week, coz of the illnes that got me at the moment.

Thnx to all for nice comments already and to TheFirstAngel and michael who informed me about the challenge :slight_smile:

Zephyri: hahaha… like I won any of the past challenges hahaha :smiley:


Hi Blaz, wellcome to the challenge :smiley:


Hey, Blaz, good to see you back again! Looking forward to see what you come up with!



Always a fan of your entries, Blaz - looking forward to seeing what you create for this Challenge.


good luck dude!! Hope you get lots of creativity! see ya on the road!


:thumbsup: :bounce: Good Luck Blaz

Always think your entries are fantastic, so good luck

Mr Freeman :applause:


thnx for all nice words ppl! :slight_smile: Nice to see lots of familiar faces in this challenge!

I quickly overviewed the describtion of EON and I think I alredy find a theme that I wanna paint it. I’ll go for the Death scene, and will try to catch the very next moment after fire blazes the whole city away. I guess it would look like after an atomic bomb is being dropped and u can still see fire wind going away from u, while u r standing in the ground zero. Lots of destruction, smoke and ashes, red sky, ppl and buildings which have been there r still standing at the same spot not knowing what hit them… although they r all dead.