Eon (Illustration) Entry: Bjorn Norberg


hell of a ride, wonderful work mate. congrats on your great final piece and best of luck on the finals. always great to rock along with you, keep it up and see ya round soon!


Drop off my last minute congrats on a fine image dude! I hope to see you next contest and good luck with your entry!:thumbsup:


Your final looks great ,congrats.


I wish I would participate in this thread more, but the final image is just perfect as it is, so I wouldnt have much more to add :slight_smile: Congratulations also on finishing it and I wish u all the best with the judging!


coooooooool!! :buttrock:congratulations buddy! ur in da winning group!! :scream: :bounce: :applause: lovely piece as always! very happy for ya mate! :love: :scream: looking forward to meeting u guys again! :love:

take care buddy! god bless ya!


Good work! :thumbsup:


Congratulations. :applause: Great work :thumbsup:


way to go man! excellent piece.

:slight_smile: killer!


Congrats to you too, Bjorn!hehe cool job!:thumbsup:


Hi Bjorn! Congratulations on your great work! Congratulations on winning! :thumbsup:


Hey buddy,1000 of congratz on your totaly great work and your so deserved prize mate!!!


Really great work! Congratilations!!! :buttrock: …defenitely one of my favorite!


Your final image is absolutely stunning. A perfect interpretation. You deserve a huge pat on the back.


Awesome! :scream: Transport design looks really good! :thumbsup:


Again, great image, Bjorn. Nice work on all the details, and congrats on your win. Good work all around! :slight_smile:



Congrats man on lovely concept, design and lighting! Superb.



Congratulations! I’m kicking myself for not following this thread from the start. Well done!


now that I see u won Im happy I didnt participate more here, I could just ruined it :smiley: U nailed that image! bravo!


Thanks alot for your gratulations and for all the help and encouragement through this challenge.
See ya all in the next challenge.


Good job Norberg!

I knew this tuberider was way better than mine. So all the glory for you :thumbsup:

I hope that my motivation for arts will come back someday. So seeya when it does. :wavey: