Eon (Illustration) Entry: Bjorn Norberg


Wow! Someone was quite busy last night painting the landscape. Looks fantastic! Can’t think of anything to crit there.

As for the glass on the cockpit (again! :slight_smile: ) I think it looks better darker like you have it, but the hilights feel too diffuse and soft, which make it not look like glass. When I was working on the glass in my piece, it was SNoWs who commented to use sharper edges on the hilights because

…having a blurred reflection like it is now, suggests a porous surface

So I pass his sage advice on to you, because he was right on my entry and it makes sense for yours too.
Good luck!



That is so well executed, beautiful work on the ships texture and even more stunning for the landscape…totally amazing job!.



Nice work. Good job on the brush strokes. The landscape looks interesting as well with all the detail you added. I say keep the cabin windows the same color and value like the third to the last concept as it is more striking that way.


hey buddy! :bounce: amazing details on the craft & landscape! :eek: :eek: a few more tweaks … n weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!ur Airborne mate! :bounce:

looking forward to ur final piece! :eek:

thanx a lot ma friend for dropping by my thread! :bounce: :love:

good luck to u buddy! :thumbsup:

cheers! :beer:


That looks very good.Great work dude.


Added more detail to the craft and some roads on the ground. Just a few more details and I chould be done.
I want to add some noseart like ww2 bombers but it might not fit this craft with a retro pinupart? Have to consider that. Maby I have a try with the stone-logo described in the book instead.

Thanks a lot for all kind comments!
and Walrus, thanks for the help with cockpit (again). I think it works better this way.


I think so too. This is the best one yet!
I like the other changes as well, the decals (I don’t think it needs nose art) and the changes in the propellors, adn the roads and everything.

The only thing I can think to add is a little more hilight on teh top of the hull and the left wing to make them pop from the background a bit more… not a full rim light (because I’m not sure what would be shining that light) but maybe just cheating it brighter a bit. But that’s a real small nitpick, I’m only scrabbling for things 'cause you have a week left. For the most part, it looks pretty darned done! :slight_smile:



Awesome painting! One little thing, I’d like to see the Flaw look a little more glowy; it is the main lightsource of the chambers after all.


Congrats, Bjorn, you’ve just leap-frogged over most of my favourite Eon entries into the Top 3 - this is just STUNNING. You have captured the size and depth of the cylindrical environments perfectly. Top notch stuff!


Really really nice. It has a fantastic sense of separation and space. The lighting is tremendous. The cylinder feels huge! Love it.


Walrus: You have an eye for details! I´ve added a few highlights on top of the hull/left wing. Thanks!

ChuckWadey: Thanks for dropping by! I thought the singularity was like quicksilver and the light came from the tube surrounding it(not shown in my pic). But I could be wrong as I only read parts of the book.

PMD, MarkyG: Wow, big words! I really appreciate it comin from guys like you.

I have 2 screens showing different colors here and I need to sort that out before I can upload the final.


Hmmmm, I don’t remember much about a tube surrounding the singularity; but you could be right. I just nitpick because I think glowy would b3 rad.


After a few changes of subject I returned to my initial sketch of the tuberiding.

This is the scene when Lanier, Carrolson and the others tuberiding through the corridor looking for Patricia.


Hey Bjorn,

Wonderful job you have done here! :thumbsup:
Very beautiful illustration, and true to the story and spirit of EON!



Another great piece meets my eyes.

Wonderful work, Norberg. I especially like the light reflections on the metal. Excellent skills. :thumbsup:


Indeed great skills and absoltuly great image!!!
Congratz mate!!!Makes me wanna tuberide!Nice work on the background!


Great work Bjorn! I like youre color pallete and the detail in this is really appealing to me! Good luck with your entry!:thumbsup:


yo Bjorn! congratulations are in order ma friend! :scream::eek::bounce::applause: freaked out realistic man! colours … shading … compostion … style … U ROCK!:buttrock:

wishing u the very best of luck mate! :thumbsup:

cheers! :beer:


fresh image, your style is very unique, the brackground looks also great! thumps up! :thumbsup:


Great vehicle design my friend and awesome composition. Best of luck with the entry.