Eon (Illustration) Entry: Bjorn Norberg


This matte thing didn´t work out as planned :slight_smile:
so I´m just gonna paint a new entry. Still alexandria.


Here´s a 3D-render that I gave some rough colors to in PS. One week to go!


It shaping up very nicely Norberg, I love the detailand the metalic textures. It is a little bit fady though, could use a little brightness/contrast adjustment.


Long time no write in your thread,oops :slight_smile: It´s coming along great! hurry,dude!! :wink:


Some detail


Awesome job man, I like your style:thumbsup:


Thanks everyone for the support this far.
Unfortunatly I don´t have the time or inspiration to complete this challenge so I
will use these last days to view and comment your pictures instead.


hey buddy! love ur work man! :love: amazing depth and detail! :eek:

me was hopin u b there till d end :cry: hope things turn out well!

god bless ya dude! take care!


There is an extension in the contest dude. you have about 20 days! Nice new direction you are going with, I do hope that you can make the new deadline.:thumbsup:


Since the deadline has been extended I might as well give it a final try. This time I will keep it as simple as possible with just the tuberider against the curved corridor.


Now that your working on tuberider i dont need to. So i can learn from the master :smiley:


Very nice values, I like it very much…interesting design too! Keep it up! Good luck!


Nice concept,I like it.
Hope you can finnish.


defining the shapes


working on the vtol, detailing and defining the shapes


Is this a painting?

Looka like a very good 3d!

Waw! :love:



Looking really nice! I love the colors you’re using, and the tech on your VTOL looks convincing and just the right level of futuristic.

I think your cockpit window read a lot better when the windows were darker, as in the second-to-last post.

I can’t recall any more - was there even a NASA in the book? Or was everything just ISSCOM (and I have forgotten what that stood for too!)

Anyhow, good luck with it!



Falcor: Thanks alot, but go ahead and finnish your tuberider cos I will probably mess up this one.

Ginoshu, SonicX: Thanks guys!

musi: Some parts like the engines on the wings are untextured 3D-models that I painted over in PS.

Walrus: I will take your advice and make the cockpit darker.
The Nasa-logo… I must admit that I only read parts of the book so that was just a guess. I have some research to do in my swedish copy of the book. Hope the translation is accurat.
Thanks for your advice!


here´s the final composition, more or less. Maby some clouds and lakes etc. have to try that first.
Now I have plenty of time to add details to the vtol.


Wow! Pretty cool work! really nice solid shapes and 3d construction in this image. Great work, nice colors and composition. Nothing really to crit, sorry.