Eon (Illustration) Entry: Bjorn Norberg


a quick color/light test of alexandria.
EDIT: I see now that my PS is showing the colors way to dark. Need to fix that.


That looks really good man. All thats left is to detail it. The over all composition works great when looking at it at the thumbnail size. Can;t wait to see it with some detail.


Like your style and good lightning to, and I can see in your portfolio that you don’t lack talent. Lycka till och kanske vi ses på någon spårvagn :slight_smile:

Om du kör fast kan vi hjälpa, vi är nästan klara med vårt tävingsbidrag :wink:



great concepts of Alexandria keep em coming…more updates :slight_smile:


Hi Bjorn,

This is ----wow!..what an amazing atmosphere!..everyone squint your eyes! and feel the vastness of alexandria!!!..I really liked this latest update you made my friend…:slight_smile: continue!!


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i really like the scene i just hope you dont loose the atomosphere you had in your previous concept. its was quite lovely. keep it up.


pretty good stuff… i miss the detail in the modeling can add more sharp lines or something… i cant really paint stuff but i think if u make detail of the models more visible will be nice :applause:


This one will look really nice once the details are added, but I can’t help but think that a few people would really help to set the scale for the viewer. Good work so far though!


hey bjorn

concept looks great - really nice composition

keep going !


Thanks for taking the time to comment!
I will try to do this in a matte-style (gotta try it sometime).
Here I´m working on one of the closest building. I changed the perspective some and painted over the details I didn´t need. The original photo is to the left.
For now I´m keeping the colors as they are.


Thats a nice clean up…Will be interesting to see how you come up with the rest.


some more buildings


Hey Norberg, I really like this one, although (and I might be speaking to soon) I liked the cavernous feeling a little better in your colour / light test. Grand work!


Really nice buildings. I would revise the design of the structure in the distance a bit, it’s not that interesting right now. Do something wild and crazy that nobody has seen in the scifi world yet!!


Getting closer to the mood I´m after.

MarkyG: Hopefully there will be more depth in the image when all the elements are in place. thanks for dropping by.

Ranath: You´re absolutelyy right about the mega in the background. I really need to come up with something different.


Really like the way you’re working this out, we can start to feel the atmosphere you’re heading for.
MAybe some stuff in the foreground could give even some more depth.
Nice job man!


Hey Bjorn - (used your last name by mistake in my previous post!)

I was mainly referring to the central road element you added which covered up the canyon. I see you’ve since taken it out which gives a good feeling of verticality. Cool.


I like that sky, it is looking fantastic. I do think the buildings could use a little bit more character to them though. They’re looking a little cookie cutter at the moment. Maybe some texture to spice them up and differentiate, but not too much so that they still flow together?


Adding textures to the buildings to give them some age (thanks tofuangel) and broken windows etc. And some 3D.
Still alot to add.


I think this will be the final comp. Did some lighting in a lowres file.
Now it´s time to clean it up and add details. And maby some people running around.