Eon (Illustration) Entry: Averell Ivan Leiking


Averell Ivan Leiking is entered in the “Eon Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Initial color pass or textured and lit model: coloring


13 days left… oh well, here is one of my concept art for the third chamber.


Well I’ve decided to create a scene for the 4th chamber.Here I have a concept for one of the air purification tower available in the 4th chamber


My final image is going to be base on this. will be adding a high rise train tracks/meglev which may be going across or around the island.


Welcome to the challenge maate, you’re gonna have to haul butt to finish this thing in time. Best of luck with the entry.


One thing I’d like to say (besides welcome and good luck, of course!).

The chambers have a very unique perspective, you won’t find an horizon like normal. The chambers hare hollowed into the asteroid, and the equivalent of gravity is given by the centrifugal (sp?) force, so that the landscape covers all the surface of the cylinder, caps excluded (think of how it would look if you glued a map on the inner surface of a soft drink can).

Looking forward to your next steps.


Thanks Terro and Thaldir,

Time…time…time…time…time… which I dont really have much (maybe for eveyone as well:) )… tooo busy with work. I may not be able to finish this by 15th of Jan, but I`ll see what I can come up with, with such limited amount of time.

Thanks fo the info. Thaldir,

I’ll try to add the feature as you’ve described (maybe how it would actually look like in a whirlpool). See if I can pull this off, I’f not maybe i’ll try something to show that this is actually in a chamber.

Thanks again guys!


not much detail for the island for now but made a small change in the scene. Hopefully will be able to finish with the details tomorrow night.


Here I’ve added a little bit of detail to the island…unfortunately, I was not able to finish it today.


Hey Averell,
You know we got some extra time - deadline is moved to the end of January!:bounce:
I would give the same advise as Thaldir did, plus this: the light source is a plasma tube that runs through the middle axes of the chamber from cap to cap. It gives a strange lighting condidtions where you don’t get sharp or dark shadows.

Welcome to the challenge, and good luck!



heya musi,
Certainly it’s a good news for everyone!

thanks for the info musi. I’ll keep that in mine :slight_smile:
best of luck to you as well



here ive started to color the island, am still playing around with the colors


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