Eon (Illustration) Entry: Arseniy Chebynkin


nice :slight_smile: i expect more colors for details division but its looks great …
i hope people like it
(sorry my engl)


THE BEST:applause:


These red touches are GRRRREAT!!Bravo!!:thumbsup: Good luck…well, I´m sure you´ll have good luck hehe:thumbsup:


Always has been and still is on my top three list. Absolutely beautiful and great work. Best of Luck!


Hey Arseniy,

Great final image! Your vision is unique! The use of colours, designs - just great! :thumbsup:
(Prosto zamechatelno, Arseniy! Pozdravleayu!)

Good luck, and hope to see more of your work in the future!


[color=deepskyblue]Thanks[/color]!!! :slight_smile: :smiley:


Why I can’t see you in the final entries? had yo usome troubles with final tiff or something?
come on, fight for yours, you have on eof the best works here!


arturro… ooops, I have absolutely forgotten about tiff…I shall go I shall shoot myself… :cry:


Ohh man, is there anyway they can allow you to still submitt the TIFF? This is such a great entry and deserves judging. Very dynamic with a great composition. I hope you are able to somehow submit that TIFF.


Yes! :slight_smile:
Thanks of Administration for the given opportunity to send the final image.
[font=Arial]I am immensely glad :slight_smile: :smiley: [/font]
[font=Verdana]arturro, Terro, Thanks Comrades! =), without your support, I would lose all chances…


yeah! I’ve seen it there, great you did it :slight_smile: now just good luck on final voting


Damn! Incredible:) Molodec, offigitelnaya rabota:) 5 stars! Keep them coming! Hope to see some updates:) Budu s udavolstviem nabludat’ za progressom:) Cheers!


Good work. Realno horoshaya rabota. :thumbsup: Osobehho horosha perspectiva.


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