Eon (Illustration) Entry: Anton


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Latest Update: Final Image: Final Image


Begin progress. Patricia joined to dream.


Feeling about world of EON.


Research spaceshaft


Attempt to find home.


Hey Anton,

Very beautiful concept art! And I like very much the feel of the corridor on your image and your colour choices! :thumbsup:

I hope you will finish this!
Good luck!


Hi Anton

Very nice color and compositionIt is so comfortable to look at.

Good luck.


Patricia search a right way to home planet.


:eek: this is very magical! :eek: i really love the colours in ur work! plus the FX! :eek:

good work dude! best of luck for the final! :thumbsup:


Low resolution final image


Excellent work!!! )))


thanx for all of you’re reply!


cant believe i missed that. its a wonderful entry, congrats on your great final piece and best of luck on the jugements!


I like a lot the light of your composition. Good luck with the final results!:thumbsup:


This image is evoking beautiful feelings :slight_smile: . Like a fairy tale…

Well done, congratulations!


Just like Musi, simply beatiful and very nice fairy feeling indeed!!!Congratz on that final and good luck:beer:


amazing! :eek: congratulations on ur wonderful finish! :scream::bounce::applause:

yup yup … i wholeheartedly agree with Alexandra & Remko!! :stuck_out_tongue: very fairy tale like! :love: i love the colours very much! vibrant … captivating … awesome!

good luck my friend! :thumbsup:

god bless ya!


yet another image that I didnt spot during the challenge. What a shame for me. This one is also one of the best. Colors, characters, the whole scene. I also love seeing it in the final section, so best of luck with the judging!


I really like the colours used and an interesting image!

good work!

my entry:



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