Eon (Illustration) Entry: Alwyn Talbot


i think i’ll leave it alone before i break it!


nwiz25 > yay, thanks mate :slight_smile:
MartinNielsen > cheers really apreciate it!

there’s none of the original line work left in but still has a real comic feel to it :confused: is this a bad thing ?


making a few changes, adding some details…


more details in…


very nice work on the highlights and glows, but since you have still more than 2 weeks of time for a brush up here’s a few things i think that would be worth to work at.
-outer tube: any kind of gradient or fall off into vanishingpoint direction would help, all
contrasts have the same valies wich actually kills much of the foreground background feel - fog haze or illuminationwise any kind of contrast reduction would help the feel for distance
in general, a value tweak could help in that part of the background, i think a darker, or at least less contrasted background would help the whole composition, specially under the beam behind the spacships, a lower contrasted or darker background would let em take much more effect
patricia: screen left shoulder/upper arm needs a slight anatomical review, and could be solved eventually with simply adding a screenleft pualdron as well.
-mirsky’s face: eyes are off axis
these of course are just my own point of view - loved your piece from the beginning, you’re almost there mate :slight_smile: rock on ^^


excellent - this exactly the stuff i need :slight_smile:

cheers mate!


Angel : many thanks dude, i’ve had a good go at tidying it up would love to know if you think i’ve gone some way to fixing … thanks again man :slight_smile:


i think i’ve finished, going to leave it alone now …



nice! pretty movie poster like! I wouldn’t put the EON text so close to the edge, otherwise that’s quite good! Maybe too much highlights overall, but I like this one.


just a demo, checking an idea :slight_smile:


ranath > thanks man, you think that’s better ?

woundering if i should do the text below for real, puts it in to context quite nicely ithink…


Just some suggestions… design wise the text is all over the place and fighting for attention thus making it difficult to read.

Try this…
Take Mr. Bear’s name, make it a little smaller and place it on top of “EON” align it with the “E”

take the slogan “World within Worlds” and place it under “EON” and scale it to fit the width of the Word “EON”

This will give you a cleaner look if you want to keep your text.

just mho


love the colors :slight_smile:


SnoWs > thanks man. a graphic designer i ain’t ! - :slight_smile: really helpfull man, ill try it.

Ivy00 > thank you :smiley:


a little bit of tyding up and i think i’m done…


last few bits going in…


almost there, looking great! take care you dont overdo the glow and flarefx.

its a kick ass piece, cant wait to see ya bring it over the finishing line!


Aih, and another poster concept; Nice entry…it’s a little bit too bright (I’m having the same problem atm lol), but that can be fixed easily :slight_smile:


1stAngel & Suirebit > absolutely- i need to tone it down a bit , i seem to love putitng bloom on everyting ! :confused: cheers guys! working on it :slight_smile:


addressed the brightness issue a little, not sure if it’s still needs toning down some more. other wise i think i may leave it before i break it.
good luck y’all !