Eon (Illustration) Entry: Alwyn Talbot


Nice Sketches and even a bit better after some true advices.:slight_smile:

Beautifull color and right composition.



thanks ! :slight_smile:
been away all weekend, I’m dying to get back to work on it. updates today hopefully…


[QUOTE=Neubius]Alwyn Talbot is entered in the “Eon Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Concept Art: new composition
[Lovely graphic! Thanks–]


GregBear> hey thanks.
really enjoying the book !
…hope it’s not to obvious that i haven’t finished it yet !
(the shame!!)


Hey dude, Nice entry. waiting to see more progress!:thumbsup:


finally started working in to it a little. Angel dude, i need a tutorial !!! :slight_smile:


i’ll probably come back to the face, just enjoying making some progres !


:eek: the lighting in this concept rocks big time man! :eek:

very eye catching dude! :eek: awesome!

cheers! :beer: and good luck mate! :thumbsup:


thanks man! fininaly in to the painting, fun! :slight_smile:

Really having trouble with the face, i think im going to need some reference :confused:


need to put some serious time in, starting to work though i think…


I rely like your work, and if they decide to create comic, you are going to be frist they will call.


Wow! Excellent drama in those colors. You really bring some emotion in her. :thumbsup:


DaveClark> thanks man! That would be ace, i love doing comics !:slight_smile:

MartinNielsen> thanks!! really enjoying getting to the proper painting now, though i think i need to work on the proportions of her face… i think she looks to young.

update on the way…:slight_smile:


…little bit of progress…


Her left hand looks wierd…
I think its the shoulder that is too short. :shrug:


evilpitch > left hand - no worries, not really drawn it yet :slight_smile:
i think your right about the shoulder… i’ll sort it out, ta !


got a longs ways to go !!!


one point at the light you trow at patricia. usually, the only genre where you see personslit from ground are horrormovies. it makes ppl look scary, maybe try a quick attemp with a more frontal or minimal from above litten would give her face a smover, cuter apearance.
as for the rest of the rendering, awesome work, keep it up mate! keep on rocking!:beer::buttrock::wip:


TheFirstAngel> i did think it was a bit of gamble ! i was trying to give a sense of , well kind of forboding, but you reckon it’s to much yeah ? - i’ll move the light round to the side.

thanks man, really helpfull !


Good luck also this time! Very promising start, looking foward on more:)