Eon (Illustration) Entry: Alwyn Talbot


i think im going to go for this as my composition,
still time to change my mind…


basic composition down, i still may change my mind about the whole thing


Ummmm… Really cool design, I like the “franco-belge” style of your scketch :thumbsup:
But I noticed some perspective and anatomy errors on the female charachter that make her look a little bit flat… so I think you lost the dynamic of your interesting background depth … Keep it up, I am waiting for your next post ! :thumbsup:


cheers man, looking at it again the beams out. oops!
not totally sure what’s up with the girl though, hmm maybe her shoulder ?
the guys hair should be infront of the beam too :confused:


Maybe this will help you :slight_smile: this is my suggestion to enhance depth an correct perspective. Waiting for your next post mate, keep it up :thumbsup:


Hey Alwyn, sweet looking line art! I also really like your character sketch that you posted on the first page. :thumbsup:

Matt :slight_smile:


great start, a few minor tweaks on te details and you got down a solid base for a kick ass piece!

hope that sheet is of help :slight_smile:
ready to take off, rock on! :beer::buttrock:


bouboul/angel > cheers fellas! done some tweaks and things… but may well start from scratch soon anyhow !

mmbenya > thanks, im trying to come up with another composition where i can use that pose but having trouble…


breathtaking! just breathtaking! :eek:

m lost for more words dude … :frowning:

cheers to u mate! n good luck as always! :thumbsup:


Fresh Style Mister!!! U rock :buttrock:


nweiz25 > wow! thanks man, i was having a real crissis of confidence about this one, but you’ve just put me back on track :slight_smile:

zweiDee > cheers dude! think im going to go with this idea now - but re work the composition, open it all up a bit more.

massive thanks guys!


looking good … best of luck.


thanks man, going to post some composition variations in a mo


Hey, nice comic book style there :thumbsup:


thanks :slight_smile: got to paint in to it alot more before i can drop the lines layer.

absolutely loving your entry man, superb!


Indeed really great comic&fresh style!!
Looking forward for how you’ll open it up(even as it already a nice compo i find) and the colors you are going to bring in!!!
Kind a movieposter feeling, keep m coming mate!!!


opening the whole thing up a bit, i think it works better … ?

the title is just a place holder for now … will come up with something cooler soon!

OKMER > cheers man :slight_smile:


Excellent mate!!love it!
Maybe just that the left upper part of the pic seems a bit too bright to me,whatta you think?


a little bit of progress…


OMKER > i think your on to something there, i’ll tone it down abit :slight_smile:
thanks dude.

btw, just checked your thread and nearly had a heart attack - superb mate!
( i LOVE detail!! )